About Downloading Videos to Your TiVo DVR

You can download Amazon Instant Video titles to your TiVo DVR.

If your TiVo DVR is powered on and connected to the Internet, videos appear in your Now Playing List within 15 minutes after you buy or rent a video. A blue dot next to the title of your video indicates it is still downloading. With a fast broadband connection (5 Mbps), a movie can download in about an hour and a 1-hour TV episode can download in about 30 minutes. On a slower broadband connection (less than 1 Mbps), a movie can take up to 5 hours to download. When you purchase a TV season, the first two episodes download to your TiVo. You can download the remaining episodes from Your Video Library.

TiVo uses progressive download to allow you to start watching a video before it has fully downloaded. Amazon Instant Video also allows you to order videos online from Amazon.com and remotely send the download to your TiVo DVR. Amazon Instant Video stores your purchased videos in Your Video Library for re-download so your videos don't have to take up space on your TiVo DVR. Movies you rent on or send to your TiVo DVR are not available for re-download if you delete the video on your TiVo DVR.

Due to licensing restrictions certain new release movies are unavailable for re-download for an unspecified period of time starting 90 days after their release date. While these movies can be viewed as often as you like during this window, they cannot be re-downloaded. More information about licensing and download restrictions is available in Amazon Instant Video Terms of Use.

You can purchase and download HD movie rentals and HD TV shows directly from your compatible TiVo DVR. Your HD videos are delivered in 1080i resolution. You can also purchase HD TV shows on Amazon.com. HD files are large and download times vary based on your Internet connection.