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Animals & Animal Products

Examples of Permitted Listings

Reminder: all listings and products must comply with all laws and regulations.

  • Live shellfish and crustaceans
  • Live plants, insects and worms used for agricultural purposes, bait, or pet food
  • Products made to resemble prohibited animal parts or products, but which are not made from those animals, if the listing includes a clear title and description that the item is not "genuine"; for example, "faux" tortoise shell is permitted if the listing states the item is fake or artificial
  • Animal parts or products that are not otherwise restricted, such as:
    • Shark teeth jewelry

Examples of Prohibited Listings

  • Most live creatures, such as: pets, livestock or marine mammals
  • Illegal wildlife products
  • Insects or other creatures designated as "plant pests"
  • Parts or products, including fur and feathers, from federally endangered or threatened species, such as:
    • Cheetahs
    • Jaguars
    • Leopards
    • Mountain zebras and Hartmann mountain zebras
    • Sable antelopes
    • Tigers
  • Parts or products from bear or mountain lion, such as:
    • Bear bile
  • Parts or products from cat or dog
  • Products made from the skin of snakes, crocodiles, or seals 
  • Parts or products from whale or dolphin
  • Products prohibited for sale under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918
  • Products containing ivory from animals
  • Vaccines (including human and animal vaccines), such as:
    • Rabies
    • West Nile Virus
    • Distemper
    • Puppy CPV
    • Lyme Disease
  • Products that contain parts or ingredients derived from sharks, whales, dolphins, or porpoises (with the exception of teeth, which are permitted), such as:
    • Joint pain supplements containing shark cartilage
    • Shark fin products
    • Shark liver oil
    • Whale meat
  • Products that contain foie gras may not be shipped to addresses within the State of California

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