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Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging is an initiative designed to alleviate "wrap rage" by featuring products in recyclable boxes that are easy to open and contain fewer excess materials.

Benefits of frustration-free packaging to customers

The key benefit to your customers is a great shopping experience, which starts on and ends with your product arriving safely at their homes. Frustration-free packaging products are tested by Amazon according to the industry standard ISTA-3A for single parcel shipment, which simulates shipping and delivery conditions through a series of drop and vibration tests.

In addition, frustration-free packaging is:

  • Recyclable and does not include excess packaging materials, such as hard plastic clamshell casings, plastic bindings, and wire ties.
  • Designed to be opened without a box cutter or knife, while protecting products just as well as traditional packaging. Products can be shipped in their own boxes, without an additional shipping box.

Benefits of frustration-free packaging to manufacturers

You will benefit directly by expanding your reach to a growing segment of Amazon customers who look for frustration-free packaging.

Once your packaging is approved, you will have the option to print or affix the Frustration-Free Packaging logo on your package. This may help lower the chances of your product getting damaged during shipping, and the logo is visible proof to shipping carriers and customers that the package has passed industry testing and Amazon certification. In addition, you will:

  • Enjoy the benefits of additional merchandising and promotions or placements for participating products. Visit the Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging home page.
  • Potentially lower costs by reducing packaging materials, transportation, labor, and waste in your supply chain.
  • Receive certification for free. Amazon does not charge anything for the certification evaluation; you only need to provide samples of the products that you want reviewed.
  • Receive an initial evaluation within a few days. The entire process typically takes no more than a couple of weeks.
  • Complete a simple workflow for the products that you want reviewed for certification.

To certify a product, review the Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging process.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions. For more help, see our complete FAQ.

Don’t customers want the same product that they have seen on physical retail shelves?
Frustration-free packaging does not alter the product, only the packaging. We display supplemental photos on the Frustration-Free Packaging detail pages to show customers how the product will arrive.

Will my brand image suffer by not using high-impact color packaging?
In online retail the website detail page is the primary avenue for brand exposure. On the package, brand marketing happens primarily inside the frustration-free packaging box, rather than on the outside, since the outside of the box should look like a shipping box.

Will my customer reviews for an existing product be transferred to the Frustration-Free Packaging product on
Frustration-Free Packaging products share the same reviews as the traditional versions. In many cases, the Frustration-Free Packaging and traditional packaging version also share the same product detail page, and customers can select either version.

Does Frustration-Free Packaging always mean the package is redesigned?
If your product already meets FFP criteria, you can submit the packaging to the lab for certification. If it is certified, it will be marketed as a certified Frustration-Free product on

Will Amazon create the new package design?
Our certification lab reviews potential frustration-free packaging designs and provides basic feedback, but we consider manufacturers to be experts on designing the appropriate package for their products. You can review our FFP Packaging Design Library for packaging design ideas. There you will also find names of third party packaging companies that have helped other manufacturers develop Frustration-Free Packaging and can also be a good resource for you. Please note that you are not required to work with these companies, they are provided to you simply as a resource to help you get started.

Does a Frustration-Free Packaging product require a unique UPC?
Yes. Manufacturers must create a new product identifier, which will help to track your product through the certification process and distinguish your Frustation-Free Packaging version from the traditional retail packaging version.

What is involved in the certification process?
The certification lab checks for compliance with our Frustration-Free Packaging specifications and performs transit testing on the package in accordance with ISTA 3A test standards, which includes a random vibration and drop test.

How long does the certification process take?
The certification lab typically provides feedback within 3 business days for image submissions and within 10 business days for physical samples.

Are plastics allowed in the packaging?
We recommend avoiding the use of plastics to the extent possible; however, plastic poly bags are frequently required to protect products from abrasion. In general, we allow non-recyclable materials only when there are no other alternatives to adequately protect the product. When in doubt, please contact us.

Are twist ties allowed in the packaging?
Twist ties are allowed only to hold cables together.

Is the Frustration-Free Packaging logo required on my package?
We recommend that all Frustration-Free Packaging products use the logo, but it is not required. The logo is visible proof to shipping carriers and customers that the package has passed industry testing and Amazon certification.

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