Install Cloud Player for PC and Mac

Cloud Player for PC and Mac is a free desktop application you can use to download, manage and play your Amazon MP3 Store purchases and Cloud Player music directly on your computer.

You can also use the Cloud Player app to access music already stored on your computer, to save Amazon MP3 music to iTunes and Windows Media Player, or to shop for new music from the Amazon MP3 Store.

System Requirements


  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8


  • OS X (10.6 to 10.9)

Note: You'll need to update your Mac operating system with the latest version or patch before installing the Cloud Player app.

To install the Cloud Player app:
  1. Go to the installation page.
  2. Click Download & Install.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

You may also be prompted to install the Cloud Player app from MP3 Store "Thanks" order confirmation pages, or when selecting multiple songs to download from Cloud Player for Web. Click Download & Install (it’s free) to start the installation process.

We recommend using Cloud Player for PC and Mac to download albums or multiple items to your computer. However, if you previously installed the Amazon MP3 Downloader, you can continue to use it. You'll see an option to "Use the Amazon MP3 Downloader" on any Cloud Player launch or installation prompts. Visit the Amazon MP3 Downloader installation page for additional information and troubleshooting.

Note: If you haven’t already installed the Amazon MP3 Downloader or Cloud Player for PC and Mac, you can still download single-track purchases directly from MP3 Store "Thanks" pages by selecting, "No Thanks, just download my MP3 purchase instead." You can also download songs one-by-one, as individual MP3 files, from Cloud Player for Web. Check the box next to a single song, click Download, and if prompted to save or open the file by your web browser, choose Save. Selecting Open will start your default media player but won't save the file to your computer.