Rent Kindle Textbooks

Some textbooks are available as rentals. You can extend your rental period or purchase a rental book.

When you rent Kindle textbooks, you pay only for the amount of time you use your book. By renting Kindle Textbooks, you can save up to 80% off the list price of the book. The book is available on devices and free reading apps, which can be accessed from your computer. Kindle textbooks save your notes and annotations even after the rental period is over.

Note: Some textbooks are only available for a fixed rental length.

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Rent a Kindle Textbook

Visit the Kindle Store to find textbooks you can rent. When you rent a Kindle Textbook, you pay only for the amount of time you need it.

Before you rent your book, make sure your 1-Click payment method is set up. Eligible rental books display a Rent this book message.

Search for your textbook in the Textbooks Store or from the Kindle Store search bar.

  1. Browse the Kindle Store for titles with a Rent this book message.
  2. When you've made your selection, click Rent this book.
  3. Use the calendar to choose your rental period.
  4. Click Rent now with 1-Click to rent your book.
  5. From Manage Your Kindle, you can deliver and send your textbook to your device and reading apps.

Note: To receive a full refund for your textbook, you must return your book within 7 days of your order. We do not provide partial refunds for unused rental time.

When your rental period ends, your rental book won't be accessible.

You can access any notes and highlights you've made in your rental even after your rental period has ended.

Download a Textbook Free Trial

Free trials are available for eligible textbooks in the Kindle Store, and allow you to download the complete book to read and review for a limited time (typically three to seven days).

Free trials are currently supported on Kindle Fire, iPad, and Android tablets. Once you have started a free trial for a textbook, you can transfer or download it to any of your supported devices for the duration of the trial. Any notes you make in free trial books will be preserved beyond the free trial and will remain available to you at Notes and highlights will also be available in the book if you subsequently purchase or rent the book.
To download a textbook that is eligible for a free trial, click Start free trial now on the Kindle textbook's detail page.

Note: You can download up to 10 free trials in a two-month period; however, you cannot download more than one free trial for the same book.

Extend the Rental or Purchase the Textbook

At any point during your rental, you're able to extend your rental period or purchase the textbook.

Note: You can re-rent a book after your rental has expired but it will be treated as a new rental period.

Visit Manage Your Kindle.
  • To extend your rental period, select your rental book and click Extend Rental.
  • To purchase your rental, select your rental book and select Purchase.
When you purchase your book, you pay only the difference between retail price and what you've already paid in rental fees.