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Manage Returns

We will notify you via e-mail if a buyer requests authorization to return an item to you. Each return request will include the buyer's reason for submitting the request. If a buyer's return request does not fit within the parameters of the return policies, we will tell you in the e-mail notification.

The e-mail notification is for informational purposes only. You should decide whether to authorize or decline the return request according to your posted return policies.

If a buyer cancels a pending return request, we will notify you via e-mail.

Before you issue a refund, consider the following:

  • After you authorize a return request, you can wait until you receive the item back from the buyer before you issue a refund.
    • If you prefer, you can allow the buyer to keep or discard the item even if you decide to issue a refund.
  • If the buyer returns the item to you damaged or in a condition that is different from the condition in which you sent it, you have the option to issue a partial refund.
    • If you decide to issue a partial refund, we recommend explaining this to the buyer in advance to help avoid misunderstanding or a possible A-to-z Guarantee claim.
  • If you described and listed the item accurately, but the buyer simply no longer wants it, you have the option to refund the item price but not to refund the shipping costs.

For more information about issuing refunds, see Refunding Orders.

See also: Returns, Refunds, and Cancellations

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