Reading Enhancements

With your Kindle, you can learn more about the books that you are reading, translate the text in your Kindle book, zoom in on images, and view book or periodical recommendations. Kindle devices that include Special Offers display special offers and sponsored screensavers when you're not reading.

Look Up Words in the Dictionary

While reading, you can look up dictionary definitions on your Kindle.

  1. While reading, place the cursor in front of the word you want defined. If the word is in the dictionary, an extract of its definition will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  2. To see a complete definition of the word, select Full Definition with the 5-way controller. You will now be placed in the dictionary and can use Previous Page and Next Page buttons to view other word definitions.
  3. Press the Back button to return to your reading.

Navigate Graphic Novels and Comics

Kindle supports graphic novels and comics that contain enhanced Kindle Format 8 content features such as Kindle Panel View, Kindle Text Pop-Up, and zooming in on and panning across images and tables.

Navigate the panels or text pop-ups:

  1. Press the Next Page or Previous Page button.
  2. Press the Back button to exit the book.