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Listening to Music on Kindle Fire

The Music tab on the Home page of your Kindle Fire lets you play and download music stored in Your Music Library and shop for music in the Digital Music Store.

Note: Prime Music isn't supported on Kindle Fire 1st Generation. For a list of compatible devices that support Prime Music, go to About Prime Music.

Getting Started with Music on Your Kindle Fire

To purchase, stream, and download music on your Kindle Fire, your device must be connected via Wi-Fi and registered to your account.

Tap Music from the Home screen to play or download the music already on your Your Music Library, or to purchase music from the Digital Music Store. Tap Library to see Your Music Library and the music stored locally on the Kindle Fire Device, or Store to visit the Digital Music Store.

Setting Parental Controls

To turn on parental controls for Digital Music purchases on your Kindle Fire:

  1. Tap the Quick Settings icon
  2. Tap More
  3. Tap Parental Controls
  4. Switch Enable Parental Controls to the ON position
  5. Set a Parental Controls Password

Shopping for Music

From the Music Library, tap Store to visit the Digital Music Store. You can browse for music in the Digital Music Store using the Featured, Bestsellers, New Releases and Genres categories.

Once you've found the song or album you'd like to purchase, tap the orange price button, then tap Buy or Get. Your purchase will complete and automatically charge your 1-Click payment method.

Your music is stored in Your Music Library after purchase, and you can either tap Go to your library to stream or download your music, or tap Continue Shopping to return to the Digital Music Store. If you've chosen to download purchases directly to your device, the music will be added to the download queue and you'll be given options to view the download queue or continue shopping.

Setting up your 1-Click payment setting

To purchase music from the Digital Music Store on Kindle Fire, you must have an Amazon account with a valid 1-Click payment setting. To set up your 1-Click payment setting:

  1. Visit the Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings page in Kindle Payment Settings.
  2. Select Edit to choose your default 1-Click payment method or enter a new payment method and select Continue.
  3. Choose a billing address from your address book or enter a new billing address.

Note: Digital Music purchases are only available to U.S. customers.

Using gift cards or promotional codes for MP3 purchases

To purchase music using an gift card or promotional code, you must first enter your code into Your Account before placing your order.

  1. Tap Music from the Home screen.
  2. Tap the Menu icon and select Settings.
  3. Tap Enter a claim code and enter your gift card or promotional code.

Any gift card balance available on your account will be applied to your purchase when it is completed. Some or all of your promotional balance may be restricted to particular stores within and may not be used for MP3s. To confirm that your gift card or promotional code was applied, please check your order confirmation e-mail or your order details in Your Digital Items.

Importing Music to Your Music Library

You can add your compatible music files to your Kindle Fire by importing your music collection, including music purchased through iTunes, to Your Music Library using the Amazon Music Importer on the computer where your music collection is stored.

Your Music Library Free customers can select up to 250 songs to import for free, or upgrade to Your Music Library Premium to import 250,000 songs.

  1. Launch Your Music Library.
  2. Click Import your music. If you haven't already done so, you'll be prompted to download the Amazon Music Importer, a free helper application that finds your music files and playlists, including those purchased through iTunes, and imports them to Your Music Library. Click Import your music to start importing your compatible music files.
  3. Once you’ve successfully loaded your music to your Your Music Library, it will appear in the Cloud tab within your Music content library on your Kindle Fire.

For more information about importing music to Your Music Library, visit our Help pages.

Playing Music

To listen to music on your Kindle Fire, tap any song title or press and hold any playlist, artist, album, or song to add it to the "Now Playing" queue.

Once your Now Playing queue finishes playing, it will automatically be cleared. We recommend that you create a playlist to save and arrange a list of selected music for playback.

Note: To view, play, or download your music in your Your Music Library, you must be signed in to your Amazon account and your Kindle Fire must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Finding your music

To search for music while in your Library, tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen and enter the name of the artist, album, or song in the search field. Results will be returned for artists, albums, and songs in your collection that match the search term.

You can explore your music by playlists, artists, albums, and songs within the Cloud and Device tabs. The Cloud tab includes all music in your Your Music Library and the Device tab displays all music you’ve downloaded to your Kindle Fire. The music within the Device tab can be accessed without a Wi-Fi connection. Use the Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Songs tabs to browse different categories of music within the selected library. Active tabs are highlighted in orange.

Using playback controls

When you tap a song to play it, you'll see an album art view of the song. From here, you can adjust the volume, use the previous, play/pause and next buttons, enable and disable shuffle using the shuffle button in the lower left and repeat a song or the entire Now Playing queue using the repeat button in the lower right.

Creating and Managing Playlists

To create a playlist, tap Library, Playlists, and select Create new playlist. Give your playlist a name, then tap Save. You can press the orange plus button to add songs to your playlist, or search your device for music using the search bar. When you've finished selecting songs, tap Done.

To edit a playlist, select the playlist and tap Edit to see a list of all songs on the playlist. You can rearrange songs in the playlist by pressing and dragging the drag and drop button to the left of each song. You can remove music from your playlist by using the minus button to the right of each song.

To delete a playlist, press and hold a playlist and select Delete Playlist. This will not remove these songs from your library. To delete songs from your Kindle Fire, press and hold any album or song and select the delete option. To delete music from Amazon Cloud Player, visit Your Music Library ( from a web browser on a computer.

More Music Library Options

Press and hold the song, album, or artist title to see a list of options:

  • Download album/song/artist: Download music to your Kindle Fire. The music will appear within the Device tab and can be accessed without a Wi-Fi connection. This option will not appear if you have already downloaded the item.
  • Add album/song to Now Playing: Add music to the Now Playing queue.
  • Add album/song to playlist: Select a playlist on the device or create a new one.
  • View artist: Displays all songs from this artist stored your Your Music Library.
  • Shop artist in store: Searches the Digital Music Store for the artist to show you additional songs or albums you can purchase.
  • Remove album/song from device: Removes an album or song you’ve downloaded to your Kindle Fire and frees up storage space. This option only available from the Device tab.

Similar menus are available by pressing and holding the name of a playlist or artist within the Cloud or Device tabs.

General settings

To access more Music Settings on your Kindle Fire, tap the Menu icon at the bottom of the screen. Select Settings to see these options:

  • Enter a claim code: Enter a Gift Card or promotional code to be used on your Digital Music purchases. Be sure to redeem your code before placing your order if you'd like to apply the credit to your purchase.
  • Clear cache: Clear your cached songs, album art, and Now Playing queue. This will require Kindle Fire to re-download information about your music in Your Music Library, which can take some time for large music libraries.
  • Enable equalizer modes: Select your audio playback mode from a list of available options.
  • Automatic Downloads: This will download any new Digital Music purchases saved to Your Music Library, including purchases made from other devices.
  • Refresh cloud library: Your Your Music Library is updated automatically every 10 minutes while you're browsing your music. Tap this option to manually update your Your Music Library. This can resolve intermittent problems you're experiencing within the Music app on Kindle Fire.

Downloading Music from Your Music Library

To download music from Your Music Library to your Kindle Fire, long-press the song, album, playlist, or artist collection you'd like to download and tap the download option. After your music has downloaded, it can be found under the Device tab and enjoyed without a Wi-Fi connection.

Deleting Downloaded Music

Music can be deleted from your Kindle Fire by pressing and holding the title from the Device tab and selecting Remove Album/Song from device. Tap Yes to confirm you'd like to delete the song or album from your device.

Music stored in Your Music Library cannot be deleted through the device. To delete music stored in your Your Music Library, visit For more information, visit the Kindle Fire troubleshooting page.