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Casual Watches:
Designed for everyday wear, a casual watch complements your level of comfort and style. These timepieces are ideal for pairing with your typical weekend or dress casual work attire and have limited embellishments. Common band materials include fabric, plastic, synthetic leather and rubber.
Luxury Watches:
Luxury watches offer a level of precision and prestige that is coveted in the watch industry. They combine high-end materials, quality movements and signature brand details. These watches often become heirloom pieces and are typically defined by brand.
Dress Watches:
For a more sophisticated style, dress watches offer a higher level of class than your typical, everyday watch. Dress watches utilize materials including metal, genuine leather and ceramic and offer a sleek presentation that delivers a polished look.
Sport Watches:
Utilizing durable materials built for an active lifestyle, sport watches combine style and functionality into an accessory that is unique to your sport of choice. These watches often include special features like water resistance, chronographs, lap counters, heart-rate monitors and compasses.
Fashion Watches:
Derived from the latest trends, fashion watches stand out and align with seasonal colors, styles and themes. These timepieces are fashion accessories that boast stylish materials.