Access Your Video Library

We store all of the videos you purchase from Amazon Instant Video in Your Video Library.

To watch a video from Your Video Library on your computer:
  1. Go to Your Video Library Your Video Library ( full site).
  2. Sign into your account if prompted.
  3. Select the video you want to watch and start playback:
    • To start the video in your web browser, click Watch Now.
    • To resume a video you've already started, click Resume.
    • To display a list of download locations and available copies of the video, select a location and click Download Now.

Note: You can download videos in Your Video Library to Kindle Fire, TiVo, iPad, iPod, and iPod touch. Downloading gives you access to the video whenever your device is offline, or not connected to the Internet.

You can also access your purchases and active rentals on your Amazon Instant Video Compatible Devices Amazon Instant Video Compatible Devices ( full site) by selecting Your Video Library or Library from the Amazon Instant Video Home screen.

Tip: If you can't find a video in Your Video Library Your Video Library ( full site) check Your Digital Orders Your Digital Orders ( full site) to make sure the related order is complete. Also make sure you're signed in to the same Amazon account you used to purchase the video.