About Parental Controls

Amazon Instant Video parental controls give you the ability to set restrictions for the video content that can be purchased or viewed on your connected devices.

You can set and manage parental controls for your connected devices from your Amazon Instant Video Settings.

Note: To use Amazon Instant Video parental controls and purchase restrictions, you need to set a 5-digit Amazon Instant Video PIN for your account. To learn more, go to Set Your Amazon Instant Video PIN and Set Parental Controls

Here's a breakdown of available parental control settings for Amazon Instant Video:

Purchase Restrictions

You can use the PIN on Purchase control under "Purchase Restrictions" to block the purchase of Amazon Instant Video movies and TV shows on your registered devices.

When you enable PIN on Purchase, you must enter your 5-digit Amazon Instant Video PIN to authorize video purchases and rentals, including Amazon Instant Video titles you purchase on the Amazon website.

Important: PIN on purchase does not apply for Fire phone, Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV, or Fire TV Stick, which have parental control settings directly on the device to restrict purchasing.

Purchase restrictions also do not apply for the Amazon App for Android phones--you must be signed in to your account before you can complete any purchases through the app.

Viewing Restrictions

Viewing restrictions give you the option to block playback of videos from certain ratings categories. You can choose which ratings categories you'd like to restrict, and on which of your registered devices you'd like these restrictions to apply.

When you have viewing restrictions set, a "lock" symbol appears on videos with ratings in your restricted categories. If you try to start watching one of these titles, you're prompted to enter your Amazon Instant Video PIN before playback can begin.

Ratings Categories

Amazon Instant Video uses the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings classification system and the TV Guidelines Organization TV Parental Guidelines as the basis for our parental controls ratings categories.

For detailed information about these ratings guidelines, go to MPAA or TV Guidelines Organization.

We've combined TV and movie ratings into levels with recommended audiences (General, Family, Teen, and Mature) to help you set viewing restrictions on your device(s).

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