Our Friend Rufus


For years, Rufus was a fixture at Amazon.com, dating back to the early days in the company's history. He belonged to Amazon's former editor-in-chief and principal engineer, and he accompanied them to the office every day. He's been affectionately called "Amazon's shortest volunteer worker."

During his tenure, Rufus could be found strolling our hallways, sitting in on meetings (he loved a meeting), or catching a few z's in his crate. He was a master of the hallway tennis ball chase, and had everyone snookered into giving him too many treats.

His life was a great one. When Amazon customers found out there was an Amazon dog, they sent Rufus presents. (He was particularly delighted to receive an offering from friends in Guam.) His celebrity status never turned his head, though. His proudest accomplishment: starting up the dog-friendly culture at Amazon.com. Employees who bring their four-legged friends to work today have Rufus to thank.

Beloved by many, Rufus passed away peacefully on May 27, 2009.

Rufus's Recommended Reading

Vital Statistics


Date of Birth: September 24, 1994
Place of Birth: Vacaville, California
Academic Honors: Graduate, Perfect Paws Kindergarten, San Francisco
Turn-ons:Walks on the beach; kitties; his best dog friend, Crew; stealing other dogs' toys at the park
Turn-offs: Thunder, fireworks, earthquakes