About Gold Box Deals

Gold Box deals are featured in the Today's Deals link at the top of most Amazon.com pages.

Customers with an Amazon account will see all Gold Box features. New customers will see Gold Box Quick Picks a few days after their first purchase.

Gold Box deals include the following:

Deal of the Day
A single item or small set of closely related items discounted for one day only.
Our Best Deals
A selection of discounted items and ongoing promotions from across Amazon.com.
Lightning Deals
A single item paired with a limited quantity of extra savings coupons, available for the time period stated or until all coupons are used.
Quick Picks
Products selected every day especially for you, paired with limited-time coupons that offer additional savings.

Note: You can purchase items featured in different Gold Box sections on the same day. For example, you could purchase a Deal of the Day item, a Quick Pick item, and an item featured in Our Best Deals. In some cases, it will not be possible to purchase two different Lightning Deal items or a combination of a Lightning Deal item and a Quick Pick item in the same order and receive coupon savings for all the items. We recommend that you purchase Lightning Deal items and Quick Pick items in separate orders to make sure that you'll receive the coupon savings for each item.