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What is a Key Phrase?

Key Phrases are select phrases from books and movies. A key phrase can be a Capitalized Phrase or Statistically Improbable Phrase found inside a book in the Search Inside!™ Program; or it can be an actor, director, or plot keyword occurring in movies available on

Capitalized Phrases, or "CAPs", are people, places, events, or important topics mentioned frequently in a book. Statistically Improbable Phrases, or "SIPs", are the most distinctive phrases in a book. Just as CAPs and SIPs give you a quick glimpse into a book's contents, a movie's actors, directors, and plot keywords give you more information about that movie.

What is a Key Phrase Page?

The Key Phrase Page for a phrase shows you information, products, and other key phrases related to that phrase.

What are Related Phrases?

Two phrases are related when they both appear in the same books or movies. For example, if you are looking at a book on acting, you can click on 'Johnny Depp' to go to the key phrase page for 'Johnny Depp' ( On this page 'Tim Burton' is displayed as a related phrase because 'Johnny Depp' and 'Tim Burton' have worked together on movies. If you hover the mouse pointer over the phrase 'Tim Burton', a short description of this relationship will be displayed.

As another example, while browsing a book on investing, you can click on the key phrase 'Wall Street' to go to the key phrase page for 'Wall Street' ( On this page 'Merrill Lynch' is displayed as a related phrase. Hovering over 'Merrill Lynch', you can see that 'Wall Street' and 'Merrill Lynch' are related because they co-occur in books.

What sort of product information do you provide?

The key phrase page displays Featured products for the key phrase. The Featured Movies sections shows the plot summary, cast, and plot keywords for each featured movie. The Featured Books section displays an excerpt, a link to all occurrences for that phrase in the book, and other key phrases occurring in the book.

You can search for more movies and books related to a key phrase by clicking on the search link at the end of the featured movies or books section.

Have some ideas for improving the Key Phrase page?

We are always looking for interesting ways to derive relationships between and information about phrases. If you have feedback on how we can improve this feature, please send your feedback to and specify "Key Phrase Page" in the subject.