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on February 9, 2013
The college I am taking classes through required this book. Why, I don't know. They must receive monetary incentive from the publisher. The concepts are arranged well enough, but I expect more straightforward depth from a text book. Often in an example the authors leave it to the student to work through the mechanics of a calculation, usually utilizing a technique that is new to the student. "We leave it as an exercise to prove that..." or "Can you think of a reason that f(x) is undefined <1?". That would be well and good if they eventually offered an explanation, but they don't. Also the authors seem to think it's trivial to make a leap from the simple to overly complex. Any student returning to Calculus after a few years break will find that jump frustrating.

The exercises at the end of each section have plenty of depth. So much so that there isn't always an odd numbered problem that is similar to the even numbered problems (nor an example in the section text for that matter). This leaves the student going to another source for to work through a problem. This is a text book, it should be the only source that I ever need.

The Student Solution Manual is riddled with missing exponents, and dropped coefficients. Plus it almost never provides enough steps to show the student how to work through the problem. And of course it only covers the odd numbered problems.
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on January 22, 2015
This book seems to be absolutely awesome if you are a smart young kid taking your AB and BC in High School. If you have been doing your math homework studiously for your entire life up to that point, then this book helps to take your reasoning up to another level. As many reviewers have already stated, it leaves out many intermediate steps in a solution or even in explaining the reasoning behind something. This keeps an attentive, sharp young mind focused and helps to push their limits. If you read more advanced works, a lot of times authors are talking at level 3, 4, or beyond on the "page," assuming that you are at their level. Therefore, this book is great preparatory material for young high achievers.

Unfortunately, this is also a drawback if you are an adult finally taking your Calc 2 and 3 classes. As a smart adult, ideas come easy for you. That's your advantage versus a kid. However, math is like working out. If you are out of shape, and/or your past preparation in High School and College was not the best, then this book will smack you hard. Most adults have many years separating their preparation. You forget some tricks. It can't be helped. It really isn't practical "restarting" your math sequence from Pre-Calc on up when you are 30, 40, etc. Simply having worked out examples in depth will trigger memories and techniques or show how "smart" people would solve the problem. Spending more time explaining the ideas behind what is being done will help an adult or self-learner gain confidence in what they are learning while reacquiring lost skills. If the verbiage becomes too much, then as an adult you have excellent skimming skills, but at least it is there if you need it. This book is enormous! I have calculus books that cover the same material in nearly half the size. So if you are skipping explanations and worked out solutions then why is the book so large? It is paradoxical.

I've written enough and there are some more pros/cons I could write, but my main point of view is the dichotomy between kid and adult students. I haven't seen too many reviewers state their perspective along these lines and so I thought it would be helpful!
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on May 14, 2015
if your course is using this book I suggest finding a different course. Examples don't match with even problems so unless you are very strong in math you will be lost. Why do these math books continue to show the work for the simple problems and then go to complex problems on the odd problems that don't give the answers or solutions, very frustrating. these are definitely not teach dyi books. Have a mix of both complex and simple problems. Give us a chance by using some complex problems in the odd problems. To all others who have this book good luck!

As far as the seller this book was shipped promptly and I had excellent service, just wish the product was better.
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on January 1, 2016
One of the arthurs' is a professor at my school (Minton) and it is not a bad book. It is huge, but helpful. Sometimes have to recheck my algebra when doing the samples, but it is a good book.Does give side notes to explain how they got an answer.
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on April 18, 2012
As someone with experience in Calculus before using this book I find this one to be incredibly difficult to learn from. The text constantly jumps from simpler forms of the equations to overly complex ones without bridging the gap in between. The concepts do not follow an easy to understand flow. The worst part I find is the problem answer book, this book does not show adequate work to explain how any answers were arrived at and turns out very confusing where they derive their answers from. Overall very lazy writing was put into this book and I would not suggest it as a teaching material.
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on August 29, 2015
The paperback seems heavier (over 5lbs) than the hardcover although Amazon says the hardcover is over 6lbs..either way they are both heavy. Also the yellow label on the cover on the front of the paperback book, which I cannot read on Amazon, upon arrival reads, "This International Student Edition is for use outside of the U.S." and on back "This book cannot be re-exported from the country to which it is sold by McGraw-Hill." This may create a problem if you purchased for use in the US and you want to sell it to your University bookstore after use. If that is your intention... check with store first. However, it appears the content is the same with the US version. The paperback is less expensive.
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on June 29, 2011
This book was very difficult to follow when studying on my own. The examples are short with not much explanation. I love calculus, but not this book.
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on September 4, 2013
This is the worst math textbook I have ever encountered. For example, my husband is a very smart man, and he has taken calculus once in high school and once in college. Since it had been a few years since his last calculus class, he tried to look through this book to refresh his memory before helping me with my calculus class; this book wasn't even detailed enough for him to do that! He agrees with me that this is the worst math textbook we've seen yet.

As for learning on my own, the book is worse than useless. I'm taking an online calculus class, and if it weren't for Khan Academy, I would have failed. The book frequently leaves out important steps, and doesn't fully explain things. The wording is very confusing. I don't know how this gets used for any college class; I can't imagine any math teacher looking through this and thinking it was a good pick.
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on October 30, 2013
If you have a strong calc foundation this book shouldn't lead you astray, I was forced to use this book in Calc2 even though the book I was using "Early Transcendental Functions" covers most if not all of what is in this book. You will see more practacle problems involving physics which you wont see in others like it.
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on November 17, 2012
Not a great book. I would recommend you go in the direction of Howard Anton. The explanations are better as well as examples. Mathematics, especially Calculus should be taught in good detail without confusing students. Learning math from a book is possible if the book offers explanations for their answers.
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