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on January 30, 2013
Eschatology/prophecy speaker and author Grant Jeffrey, in his final book titled "One Nation Under Attack" outlines what he affirms will be a coming economic collapse for the United States of America. Unless one has been living under the proverbial rock the past several years, it is quite evident America is in a financial crisis. Massive deficit spending combined with a weak economy and growing tension around the world has created an economic environment unseen since the Great Depression. Extended high unemployment, the rise of China as an economic power along with the inability of the United States government to get its fiscal house in order are just a few things that continually make front page news.

Jeffrey spends the majority of his book outlining in great detail the true debacle that is our current economic situation. Most Americans are completely unaware the true extent of the national debt as Congress and the White House has become quite adept over the years at "fuzzy math" to use a phrase from former President George W. Bush. Deficit spending has become a drug to which our government is addicted and Jeffrey makes this blazingly clear in his book.

One Nation Under Attack is a well-researched book and it is obvious Jeffrey is familiar with issues of economics and investments. Unlike many other books of this subject matter that are merely a partisan attack on the current administration, Jeffrey simply provides the economic facts to include what typically happens using history as a guidepost for nations that embrace the economic path our country is currently on. Just as the watchman on the wall of days gone by, Jeffrey is sounding the alarm. While it seems as if the leaders of our country are ignoring the results of their poor economic decisions, Jeffrey efforts through his book to make the American people aware of what will likely happen in the coming years unless drastic changes are made.

If I have any criticism about One Nation Under Attack it would be a disagreement with Grant Jeffrey's eschatological framework, namely his dispensational approach to scripture. With that said, he does not spend a great deal of time engaging in a pre-tribulational rapture discussion of eschatology; conversely, he merely mentions what he believes will be the timeline of final world events as he closes out his book. Overall, this book is a reminder of our country's drift away from the founding fathers adherence to God and Scripture as the guiding principles for our country. He concludes this excellent book with the salient reminder from 2 Kings 20:1: "Set thine house in order." Unless America makes that effort, and it will take extraordinary measures to do so, there will be vast consequences that will go far beyond the economic issues outlined in Jeffrey's book.
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on January 16, 2013
The book is a great overview of the plans and design to dismantle the US as we know it. Though Grant Jeffrey died last year in May, updates to the book make it appear quite current. Good read and a must read for those who have read the end of the story (His-story) in their very own Bible.
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on January 22, 2013
Grant Jeffrey was one of the most respected Bible prophecy experts in the world, and I was saddened by his death. In his last book, "One Nation, Under Attack," he delivers a most compelling and timely message that every Christian - and really every American - needs to reed. Not everyone who reads it will like it. Not everyone who reads it will believe it - or want to believe it. But I feel the author was "spot on" in his message. If you love your country, and if you want to know how to prepare for how the ongoing weakening of the United States, you must read this book!
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on April 8, 2013
The concepts in this book are what so many Christians have been thinking about for years. The difference between our thoughts and this book are that once you actually see what you fear in writing, it becomes more of a reality for our future than just a theory.
The author is very well educated in our nation's history and it struck me funny at first that it was from someone who was from Canada. While we border this country, this is proof that we are being watched by others around the world very closely and they are just waiting for us to fall. In fact, they are so confident of this upcoming doom for us that they are planning for it for more than our own president has ever shown interest in.
There are several attacks on Obama but this is nothing new for many Christians because no matter how much he states he is of the Christian faith, his actions definitely do not represent his love for Christ and his neighbor (at least not the neighbors in this country). The book does not focus on our current president alone, the author shows how many years of presidency have proven the Bible true to be leading to this point and gives interesting views of how we should pray about that.
I don't believe praying for a recovery for our nation is as vital as praying for us as Christians to be able to handle what is in our future with the love of God in our hearts and spirits. Our nation is on the path of destruction; that is inevitable but how will we deal with it that brings glory to God? That's an individual choice we have to take up with our Heavenly Father.
While I was angry at some of our history when it was placed right in my face, I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it to anybody who is curious about the United States' role in biblical prophecy. We have ALWAYS been a part of God's plan.
I received this book free in exchange of my honest review from Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishing Group.
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on February 21, 2013
Dr. Grant went home to be with his Lord in 2012 and this book was his final writing effort. Well written and interesting, the book proposes that the end of the "American Empire" is at hand. Well, at least by the end of 2014 at the latest. The collapse is unavoidable.

Dr. Grant believes in premillennialism and his writings reflect that eschatological view. The presupposition underlying the writing is that the antichrist must arise from the old Roman Empire and establish himself as the world dictator. Since America is not mentioned in the Scriptures, she must decline. If you believe in premillennialism, then this book is for you. If your end times bent lies elsewhere, you will walk away frustrated.

Dr. Grant is consistent in his application of this end time's worldview throughout the book. Since America is now the sole superpower in the world, something must happen to reduce her to a more humble, non-participant as the end unfolds. Current financial crisis's regarding banking, housing, debt and international positioning, all are fit in nicely to the presupposition.

The book is full of mostly plausible explanations of why the events unfolding in our world are happening and how they work to destroy America. There are some issues that are a stretch, but overall the book is believable. The book does wander somewhat into conspiracy theory land with a secret group of wealthy individuals in the Common Market, but they are necessary to complete the story according to end time's worldview.

The solutions offered to the American Empire collapse are not what I expected. If America is going to be ravaged with poverty and reduced to a petty sideline player in world events, then simply buying some silver coins does not quite seem quite enough. Other solutions included selling my house and renting, not paying off my mortgage so I can use hyper-inflated dollars to pay off my loan, checking to make sure by bank is safe, and trying to get off of the internet grid. While these may or may not be wise decisions, in the face of the end of our country, they simply did not seem deep enough to me.
Overall, the book is a quick read and full of interesting data. Dr. Grant may be right or he may be wrong, but that really is not the point of the read. The point is that changes are coming and a wise man sees them and makes changes in preparation for them. If you liked end time books, you will love this one. If not, save yourself some frustration.

Multnomah publishers graciously sends me books if I will write a review - a match that is very much appreciated and helps to ease the drain on the pocketbook, so thank you!

Dr. Jeff Klick
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on April 4, 2013
A secret group of international financiers controlling the world's economy...China's strangle hold on America's already thinly stretched military weakened beyond the point of vulnerability...a charismatic world leader who comes on the scene at the most opportune moment...all of this sounds like the makings of a great political thriller. It's not fiction.

We hear about the "fiscal cliff" and keep up with the budget battles in the halls of Congress, but we are not being told the whole truth. The economic woes go much deeper than an unbalanced budget, the soaring deficit, or the declining dollar. According to the author's research the above statements are taking place now or will be soon enough. The United States of America, the greatest nation to ever exist, is being systematically and methodically stripped of its economic autonomy for the purpose of assimilating it into the global community.

This book has opened my eyes to the stark reality of imminent economic armageddon. The author didn't leave the reader without hope, but offers a few, simple protections that can be taken now. No one will be able to avoid what is coming, but everyone can prepare if they so choose to heed the warnings. Read this book with an open mind. What seems incredible and unbelievable is not fiction. It is an unavoidable certainty that is hurtling toward us.
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on January 10, 2013
This book is very informative and does explain a lot of what is happening in our nation of the United States today. For any who have not read works by Grant R. Jeffrey, you should greatly consider it. He was one of the most informative teachers of Prophecy concerning today and end times....
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on March 29, 2013
Every person who loves the U.S. should read & heed the warnings in this book. Grant Jeffrey explains what is going on behind the scenes politically & how it is being done. A must read for every true Christian. The author completed it 2 mos. before his death from heart complcations.
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on April 15, 2013
"One Nation Under Attack" by Grant R. Jeffrey [...]offers powerful insight into the end of times prophecy as it applies to America. Some of the thoughts the author provided in this text may seem outside the boundaries of possible. However, this book will make you think and ponder the role of America in light of current American culture decline. You are able to see the real likelihood of America being stripped of its power and place in the global political power arena. This is a book, I am sure, that the government of the United States does not wish for the American people to read.

Grant Jeffrey is a prophetic voice that will be greatly missed. In his final work, he nota only gives insight into the financial collapse of one of the greatest countries in the world but also provides tools for its citizens to implement now so that we are not completely blindsided by future events. Our freedoms as Americans are slowly being eroded away by a liberal socialist minded government. America has adopted the ways of the Roman Empire, which will eventually destroy her. This book is a must read for all American. Whether you believer Grant Jeffrey's prophetic warnings or not, this book will, at the very least, have you asking questions that you never considered to ask.


"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."
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on March 12, 2013
Grant Jeffrey did a really through job in his research. His footnotes proves it. I really appreciated the job Grant did in his writing and informing the public how serious the position our country is in now of failing and falling off the "top" --being a great country once but now it is difficult to see the greatness she once was. Grant felt the need to warn the readers to be prepared for disaster. Yet there is always hope that if the people would bow down, call upon the Lord, who knows but that the Lord would intervene. Everyone should have this book in their library!
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