Customer Reviews: When the Duke Found Love (The Wylder Sisters)
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on December 26, 2012
I got this book for free through Goodreads First Reads

Lady Diana Wylder is the youngest and the last of the unwed sisters, she is also the most 'wildest' one with a few indiscretion in her past. In order to tame her and save her family from embarrassment, she is promised to Lord Crump, an older dull man that is really in need of someone to bare him a heir. But when she meets a stranger in a park then shares a kiss at him in the gala, her whole world turns upside down. The last thing the Duke of Sheffield expected was a passionate kiss from the mysterious unnamed woman from the park, but Lady Diana hits close to home. Sheffield has also been forced into marriage by the king after his severe indiscretions in France, when he is forced to marry Lady Enid, who has no interest in him but is in love with somebody else.

Let me just say that I have read a lot of mixed reviews on this book. A lot of them came from people who have read the first two. As someone who has not read the first or the second book, I really really enjoyed this one. Yes, at a point this book was kind of slow, but as I got more into it I realized I was reading more and more of it. I really liked Sheffield and at times I felt a little sorry for him and Lady Diana. Diana was stuck in an arranged marriage thanks to her mother and aunt. Meanwhile her late father was the one who had arranged the marriage of her other two sisters for whom it had turned into love. Lord Crump on the other hand was unresponsive and boring.

Lady Diana was a lively spirit who was stuck in one of the most unfortunate situation with a man who can put out her spark and Sheffield a womanizer who finally found a woman who challenges him. The attraction between the two was instant and I thought the two of them were adorable together. I also loved Sheffield's dog, Fantome, who was just an awesome bundle of love.

The storyline to me was interesting and different from my other mostrecent reads, and of course this being a historical romance I loved the time period. Once I really got into the book I was unable to put it down. I really did enjoy the main characters and what they had to offer even if Lady Diana frustrated me at times for her treatment of Sheffield, but their story was beautiful. The way Sheffield handled Lady Enid's situations was quiet touching as well, but I won't spoil it. This book does make me want to back track and read the first of the series that I heard was quiet good and since I liked Lady Charlotte in this book, I think I just might.
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on November 27, 2012
Willful Lady Diana, the youngest of the Wylder sisters, has dallied with a rake one too many times and now her family is in a rush to get her married to salvage her reputation. The dull and dour Lord Crump has agreed to wed her but Diana cannot forget her recent chance encounter with the Duke of Sheffield, a charming, dashing cousin of her brothers-in-law (his identity was unbeknownst to her at the time).

Sheffield upsets Diana's plans as she cannot get him out of her head. Meanwhile, Sheffield has his own issues as his cousin has found a "suitable" mate for him to marry in accordance with the King's wishes following his latest scandal.

I really enjoyed this final story of this series. Diana may be the most spirited of the sisters but she is also the one to feel the most obligated to her family. Crump was a pig but was providing the balm for her reputation and Diana's family was steamrolling her into moving forward with this union, even though it was obvious to them it was a poor match. Sheffield was determined that he could win her over but it was a tougher challenge. I really liked him and though she could be frustrating at times, I liked Diana, too. I got her commitment to family and her unwillingness to make them unhappy. The ruse involving Sheffield's betrothed made the story a bit more interesting, at least providing an acceptable means for Diana and Sheffield's interludes. There were also many hilarious moments involving Sheffield's beloved dog, providing comic relief during some tense moments. It was tough to watch Diana's transformation from an impulsive, fun-loving young woman to the stifled conformist demanded by Crump. While I struggled with what seemed to be the obtuseness of her family, I also understood the norms of the period that drove their insensitivity. It just made the romance between Diana and Sheffield that much more special and I loved their interludes.

This was a fitting end to the series, even though I'm reluctant to let these characters go. The Wylder sisters and their delectable men were a fun escape and I really enjoyed each of their stories.

(I received an ARC from NetGalley)
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on November 27, 2012
Lady Diana is the youngest of her three sisters and it has come time for her to marry, especially since she has had a few indiscretions already but since her sisters are duchesses she is hanging on to her respectability. Through some persuasion from her sisters and mother, she agrees to a marriage to a man she doesn't know. After all, the arranged marriages for her sisters worked out wonderfully so it can happen again, right? Wrong. Her intended is a dreadful bore and not suited for her at all. And to complicate matters, she runs into the most dashing man at the park...a man that sparks her interest and he is just as intrigued by her. The Duke of Sheffield is no stranger to gossip himself and needs to marry a respectable young lady quickly to avoid the kings wrath and he finds himself engaged to a passable lady. Unfortunately she is in love with another and all of Sheffield's thoughts are consumed with Diana. Will Diana and Sheffield do what is proper of them or will the do one last daring, risky endeavor for true love?

Overall not a bad conclusion to a fun, yet somewhat predictable, series. I enjoyed Diana and her zest for life but I did feel she bent to the rules her mother and sisters wanted her to follow rather quickly. I thought there might have been more conflict with her but there was not anything major. Sheffield was a joy to read. Yes he has rakish tendencies but underneath he has a heart of gold. I liked his manner with dealing with his fiance and I thought his dog added a wonderful sense of humor. Paired with Diana's love for her cat, the animals are a great secondary act. The attention to details through fashion and the surroundings was great and something I always appreciate and enjoy. The love blooms fast between Sheffield and Diana but they find it hard to find some time alone but I appreciated how truthful they were with everything. So while nothing major happens, which is a nice change of pace sometimes, this is a nice comfort read with love, laughter and family. 3 1/2 stars

*review copy*
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on January 8, 2013
I haven't finished reading this yet, but was pleasantly surprised that it was not horrible. I purchased it for something easy/light to read while waiting for doctor appointments and chemo treatment. Easy to pick up and put down and not lose the story line.
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on August 20, 2014
Lady Diana is the youngest Wilder sister. She did not have an arranged marriage as her sisters did. So when she went to London she was kind of wild. A few innocent indescresions but nothing too bad. Her sisters help her, but then her mother finds Lord Crump (a sorrier man has never been found). He will marry Lady Diana, as he needs an heir. Although he never though he would. Lady Diana doesn't really want to marry him but will do her duty. She meets the Duke of Sheffield in the park when Lord Crump has gone off to see a lord he needed to speak to.The Duke's dog finds Diana and she is enchanted with him. Also with the the Duke. They don't know each other's names but they are interested. After the Duke's indiscretion in Paris, the King is not pleased and wants the Duke to marry a lady of impeccable heritage. He picks Lady Enid. She doesn't like the Duke. She loves another but her father doesn't approve and she tells the Duke she will never marry him. Of course, the Duke doesn't want to marry her either. He does, however, arrange for Lady Enid to meet with the preacher she loves, Dr. Rollins. and provides a living for them. But they find out that Enid is pregnant way before they were supposed to wed and so the Duke arranges for them to elope and get married on the way to Calais. Everyone is shocked about this and treat the Duke with sympathy. He isn't devestated. But when Diana announces she will marry Crump he doesn't understand. Then Crump has told them that the king has selected him to do something or other in the country and he wants to take Diana with him. They were to be married in 3 days. The family is stunned, but Diana is willing. Then the night before the wedding, at dinner, Crump has a fit of sneezing. He asks about cats and of course, Diana's pet Fig, is a cat. He warns that he will not have the cat in his presence nor in Diana's. He will kill the cat if she brings him. Diana is furious, she goes off with her sister Charlotte but has no words for Lord Crump. The Duke arranges to meet Diana in the garden where he tells her he loves her and want to elope with her. She tells him she loves him too and yes will marry him. They plan to go to Oakwood his country seat but the rains come and they are forced to stop at the Green Turtle Inn. There, the Duke asks the innkeeper to get a minister or reverend ASAP. The reverend arrives and marries the Duke and Diana. March and Charlotte show up, but also in one of the rooms is Diana's mother and the Duke's cousin (the Duke of Brecon, what he is known as). They inform Diana and the Duke that they will be wed also. A thoroughly entertaining book. I'm going to get the other stories by this author as I truly enjoy her writing.
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on November 27, 2012
This installment in Isabella Bradford's Wylder sisters series is as much fun as the ones that come before it. Diana Wylder is torn between her notion of what she should do and what she wants to do. Her mother pushes a marriage with an objectionable, extremely severe Lord Crump because he seems like the type to "tame" Diana's wildness. However, her attraction to the Duke of Sheffield, handily cousin to the husbands of her sisters, works to encourage her wild side. Sheffield, with his ugly little dog Fantome, is appealing as a man can be and, of course, Diana really wants to follow her heart. But sadly she feels like she must obey her parents' dictates. After a rather comical elopement, somewhat complicated by the dog and cat, all ends well. Bradford is able to create clever scenes and lovely characters. One cannot help but love both Sheffield and Diana, both vibrant and somewhat out of the ordinary. Bradford can be counted on for a light and fun read.
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on December 6, 2012
I was very disapointed in this book. The first two books were very good and I looked forward to the youngest Wylder's sister's story. However, this book went on forever with very little relationship development between Diana and Sheffield. Diana was to be the most wilful of the three sisters but Bradford turned her into a mousey meek women that just was not easy to read about. That said if you have read the first two books you will want to finish with this one.
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on March 8, 2014
I usually don't like stories that involve cheating or love triangles - but this was so different that I could easily overlook the "cheating" - if you could even call it cheating. I guess technically both Diana and Sheffield were betrothed to others. But it never felt that way.

I absolutely adored Sheffield - he was so charming and funny. He stole the spotlight in this book. I loved Fantome - he was just precious!

I will be honest - I was not thrilled with Charlotte in this book - yes her marriage was arranged and yes she found love with March - but come on - she saw how unhappy her sister was with Crump and just kept pushing her to him. I would think that she would want her sister to have a love match too. Not just do her duty and tell her she will come to love him. It just seemed unbelievable to me.

I enjoyed all the books in this series and would highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys humorous, steamy historical romance.
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on December 1, 2012
WHEN THE DUKE FOUND LOVE by Isabella Bradford is another exciting Regency historical romance. Book #3 in the "Wylder Sisters"series,but can be read as a stand alone, although, I would recommend reading all three of these engaging and entertaining stories. See, "When You Wish Upon A Duke" and "When The Duchess Said Yes". What a wonderful and exciting conclusion to this amazing,fast paced story of three country siblings and their intended cousin Dukes. Lady Diana,is the youngest Wylder sibling and her father died before he could arrange her marriage like he did her other siblings. But she soon finds herself where her family wishes her to marriage the very dull Lord Crump. Enter the dashing,sexy,rakish Duke of Sheffield. One kiss and that is all it takes for the willful younger Wylder to come up with an idea. Sheffied, is the youngest cousin to the other Wylder's spouses and has been away from England,with a rakish reputation. Follow Lady Diana and the Duke of Sheffield on another merry chase as they find true love,and happiness. Filled with witty banter, passion,desire,a secret or two which will be revealed,romance and love. "When The Duke Found Love" is entertaining,funny,emotional,heartfelt,and you will be surprised by the Wylder sister's mother and the Duke's uncle. Laugh out loud at times,a little emotional at others. The best of the three. Little lady Diana is not so little after all especially when love comes knocking on the door,nor is Sheffield so rakish. A must read! Received for an honest review from the publisher and Net Galley. For more information visit Ballantine Books,Random House Publishing and My Book Addiction and More.
REVIEWED BY: AprilR, My Book Addiction and More/My Book Addiction Reviews
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on November 27, 2012
In 1764 London, Lady Diana Wylder remains the only one of three sisters unmarried (see When You Wish Upon A Duke and When The Duchess Said Yes). Diana prefers to remain in single status, but duty calls when her mother arranges for her to marry older and austere Lord Crump.

She wants to end their engagement as he is extremely prim and proper while she has a lust for life. When Diana meets George Atherton the Duke of Sheffield and his matchmaking dog Fantome AKA Monsieur le Gros, she knows he is the one to bring love and passion into her dull but respectable life. As they fall in love, her caring family continues with plans for Diana to wed dull Crump.

The final spirited Wylder sisters scandalous Georgian romance is an entertaining historical starring a fascinating triangle supported by her family. Although the stereotyped grim and rigid Crump proves no competition, fans will enjoy this entry as Diana, her Duke and his dog share the passion of love.

Harriet Klausner
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