Customer Reviews: How To Get Over Your Ex
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on January 21, 2013
When a local radio station promotes a leap year on air Valentines day proposal contest for a "lucky" female listener Georgia's life is turned upside down. Her boyfriend not only says no but goes to great lengths to explain why. On top of this Georgia signed a contract allowing the the station to follow he for a year to cover and fund wedding preparations. Together with
Zander, the executive who initiated the contest, Georgia embarks on a year long quest to meet her contractual obligations and hopefully find herself along the way. I really enjoyed this novel and the two main characters, though I wanted to shake some sense into each of them at various points. The premise was interesting since I'm sure almost everyone has seen a proposal on TV
and wondered what would happen if it was rejected.I read this pretty much in one sitting and would recommend this enjoyable book.
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on January 24, 2013
How To Get Over Your Ex is the first Kiss title that I picked up. I have read and enjoyed several of Nikki Logan's books, so I was eager to dive into this one. The premise of being rejected on live radio intrigued me, and I wondered how Georgia would handle such a publically humiliating incident. When she puts her head down and runs, I couldn't blame her. My gosh! How mortifying to learn how badly you've misread your relationship! While Georgia believed that she and her boyfriend Daniel were firmly on the path to marriage and contentment ever after, Daniel was just hanging out with her because it was convenient and because he didn't love her or expect her to push for a commitment. Ouch!

I loved Zander's reaction to the disaster he inadvertently allowed to happen. The radio producer is used to successful, high-rated programs, so when Georgia's Valentine's Day proposal is shot down like a lead balloon, he has to somehow salvage the promotion. He's got advertisers to think of. With London taking sides after the rejection, he must quickly make Georgia more sympathetic. How could she not realize that her relationship was so shallow? Having been burned by love himself, Zander does his best to retain Georgia's pride and keep his ratings. By proposing that she have a Year of Georgia, to discover who she really is, he entwines his life with hers for the next twelve months.

I loved the concept of having a year to discover who you really are. Georgia balks at the idea at first, not wanting anything else to do with her humiliating on-air segment. She thinks it's a waste to spend the sum allocated by Zander on classes and exploring who she really is. She knows who she is! As she starts taking classes and meeting new people, Georgia discovers how little she does know about herself. She thought that she was happy, but she was just settling for the easiest, most convenient option. She has put her dreams on the back burner in favor of work, and now that she is confronted with all of these different situations, she realizes how close she came to selling herself short. Life is full of risk, but she was always taken the safest route.

I enjoyed How to Get Over Your Ex so much because I liked Georgia and Zander so much. The story is more about discovering who you are and then accepting that even if you chase your dreams, things aren't always going to work out, but if you avoid taking chances, you will never have what truly makes you happy. Zander is dealing with an embarrassing relationship fiasco from his past which has kept him at arm's length with his relationships, so it was fun to see how Georgia, using her fresh perspective on life, continue to try to win him over, regardless of how often he rejects her advances. I thought this was a different read for a Harlequin, focusing more on Georgia gaining some needed confidence before she attempts to tackle her tangled emotions for Zander. I am looking forward to reading Daniel's side of things in Fiona Harper's The Guy To Be Seen With next month.

Grade: B+
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on January 26, 2013
How To Get Over Your Ex is an emotionally charged tale about finding love in the most unexpected places.

Georgia Stone is sure that her boyfriend of one year is ready to take their relationship to the next level, so she decides to propose to him on the air at the EROS radio station. Things don't go as planned however when he turns her down. Hurt and humiliated she storms out of the radio station and in to the waiting elevator to escape the knowing looks of the stations employees. While waiting for the elevator to close the station manager, Zander Rush, makes his way inside. Zander manages to help Georgia escape the building without running in to anyone else.

Zander knows exactly how Georgia feels. Fifteen years ago he was left at the alter by his ex. He hasn't let anyone get close to him since then. Realizing that Georgia still has a one year contract with EROS, Zander comes up with a plan to help Georgia reinvent herself. The plan is called The Year of Georgia. Georgia will go along with the plan only if Zander will accompany her to classes, in which he agrees.

As the two spend more time together taking classes they start to realize that they are attracted to one another. Fear of being hurt again is holding them back from acting on their attraction. If either of them hopes to move forward they must confront their past and let go of their fear in order to move on to a future together.

How To Get Over Your Ex is book number three in the new Harlequin Kiss line. It is also part of a duet, with the second book, The Guy To Be Seen With by Fiona Harper, coming out next month.

I enjoyed this light and breezy romance very much! I loved seeing Zander and Georgia both get a second chance at love. I am also looking forward to reading the next installment of the duet next month.

I highly recommend How To Get Over Your Ex to all romance lovers who are looking for their next great read!

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on May 3, 2013
it wasn't horrible, but i didn't care for it. she came across as young and uninteresting and his participation wasn't believable- actually there wasn't much about him that i found believable. i should admit that when i'm in the mood for a romance i usually go for an old fashioned regency, but i stumbled across another book in this series i really enjoyed so i bought this one hoping it would be good too. this made me remember why i don't usually read this stuff.
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on January 22, 2013
How To Get Over You Ex is a very cute story, I didn't find it overly romantic as the cover suggested, I felt it was more focused on the self discovery aspect. Georgia planned on proposing to her boyfriend on Valentine's Day live at the radio show, but it backfired her when the guy rejected. I felt so bad for her, proposing someone on air is hard enough, and then getting rejected in front of everyone is truly horrible, but the best part about Georgia was that she was a realistic person, she didn't went into depression or denial, she bounced back to her life, and moved on.

Georgia has signed a one year contract with the radio station, if she would have gotten engaged, the radio people wold have paid for all her wedding expenses and such, but now that the case is reversed, they plan on recording her one year journey after The Rejection. It felt weird to me that they provided her with so much money just so she could try things that were out of her league like joining a belly dancing class or even training to be a spy, all of that felt quite unreal. In today's world I would have expected a reality TV show to do those things so that people can see what was happening, and be entertained by it, but I don't know if the radio listeners would be that interested in seeing how Georgia was handling things. I don't get that part, but it's okay, it's only a work of fiction.

Zander is the manager of the radio station, and in-charge of Goergia's case. He goes with her to all her classes or vacations, and records everything for the after-one-year radio show. I loved the beginning of the story where there was actual tension, and chemistry between the couple, but after a while everything was toned down a little, that's why I said that I never got a romantic feeling from this book, it was very simple and ordinary. Zander is one of those people who work constantly, and have a very closed up personality, he doesn't have many close friends, so it was very interesting to watch Georgia break his barriers, and make him trust in love again.

All in all, How To Get Over Your Ex is a very delightful read, it was a little light on romance for my taste, but I wouldn't call it a bad book. It is a fairly well written novel with realistic characters, and if you're looking for a change, grab a copy of this book for an afternoon read.

A Copy was provided by the Publisher and Netgalley for an honest review. (Thank You!)
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on February 10, 2013
Georgia Stone proposes marriage to her boyfriend of one year LIVE on a radio station. What she doesn't anticipate is him saying NO. (Can you imagine that? LIVE on air with a no...??) She's devastated, of course. She quickly exists the building through the elevator where she meets Zander Rush.

He helps her by helping her escape out of the building, unnoticed and humiliated.

What Georgia is unaware of is Zander is actually the one that had the idea of proposing LIVE on air through a Valentine's day radio promotion.

She signed a contract so the contract is binding. This contract says Georgia and husband is supposed to come back in a year to give radio listeners an update on their live together. 50,000 dollars was to go to her and husband for a honeymoon.

Since there will be no wedding or honeymoon, Zander comes up with another idea of using the money for Georgia to have a year all to herself. For her to do everything she's ever wanted to do but couldn't afford.

Zander has to attend the same classes and vacations as Georgia for him to document The Year of Georgia for the listeners. He's there through everything. They do everything from cooking classes to salsa dancing.

I thought it was brilliant for the female to be proposing marriage to the boyfriend and LIVE on a radio station. I liked that storyline. It was different than others I've read.

This book was just okay for me.

I thought Georgia was kinda annoying. In some parts, she was verging on stalker-ish to me.

I also didn't like the title of this book. I don't think it fit the book.

Just a 3 star for me. **Shrugs**
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on January 29, 2014
And like all her books this is an interesting read. You can read the synopsis, I only give my impression. Nilki Logan's writing is excellent and as always this story too grabbed me in the first paragraph.
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on February 15, 2013
How does one get over an ex? By crying themselves to sleep? By stuffing their faces with chocolate? HOW TO GET OVER YOUR EX is one of the first titles from Harlequin's new KISS line of cute contemporary romances. Think Sophie Kinsella, Marian Keyes, Jane Green, except shorter and quicker (but maybe not quite as swoony). The moment I heard about this new line, I knew that I was going to have to bite the bullet and try one. I am always hesitant to admit it, but contemporary cutesy romance remains one of my favorite genres. HOW TO GET OVER YOUR EX reminds me so fondly of some of my favorites.

After a Londoner finds herself scorned on radio after her proposal to her boyfriend ends in a big fat no, she settles for another plan - a year of reinvention, expenses paid for by the radio station. Dancing lessons, cooking classes, an adventure abroad, considering your past choices and beliefs... Yeah, one of those kind of years. But of course, this being a romantic comedy, she finds herself falling hard for the producer of the radio show where she ruined her life, despite her belief that a man as perfect as him would never fall for a girl like her - or that their relationship would be anything besides a big fat mistake.

Now, I have personally never proposed to a man on live radio only to be rejected and find myself the source for many a joke in London. But I think that I would react in much the same way as our heroine Georgia. Even if she was a bit...weird I guess is the word when it came to deciding to spring the question on her boyfriend, who had made it clear that he wasn't interested in that kind of thing with her. Even after she was supposed to have moved on, what does she do? She goes right back to see him one last time, and this was the point where I was like, "Girl, are you serious?"

She was supposed to be getting over her ex, but she walked back. I think that this is a downside of what I've seen with the Harlequin KISS line - the titles and covers are all generic. Neither the title nor cover fit this book. THE YEAR OF GEORGIA would have been much more apt in my opinion.

But that was one of the few negatives I had with this one (also, the predictability, but this is contemporary romance). I loved Zander, our love interest, and his struggle to come to terms with how he feels about this awkward girl who has fallen into his life. And the progression of their friendship and eventual romance was heartwarming and cute (if a bit formulaic). This story was charming, quick, and adorable, giving me about an hour and a half of delicious reading before I swooned and turned off my Kindle.

With this being my first sample into the KISS line, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. But this story did need a few tweaks. It was short, but for a story taking place over the course of a year, I didn't see much in the way of depth or development. Likewise, I wish this had had a less generic title and cover - something that meant more to the story instead of having continuity with the line. I almost overlooked this one with its rather bland title.

If you are in the market for a cute romance set in London, or if you're looking for a follow up to a Sophie Kinsella book, then give Nikki Logan a try. I can't wait to try more from her and from the KISS line!

VERDICT: Although it suffers from the problem of being formulaic and short, HOW TO GET OVER YOUR EX is cute, charming, and deliciously romantic.
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on February 4, 2013
How To Get Over your Ex was the perfect book to take me out of my reading slump and at the same time remind me why I read so much Chick Lits back in the day and why I loved it s much. I know many people think chick lit books all have the same old story and happy ending but you know what? if it keeps me engaged, entertained, and happy then why not? The saying "if it isn't broken, then why fix it?" suits this situation.

The story begins straightaway with the main protagonist proposing to her boyfriend of one year... on LIVE RADIO, and guess what? He rejects her on LIVE RADIO. Georgia is so embarrassed she runs off to the elevator but someone goes in with her, and instead of ogling and giving her pitiful looks, he actually shields her from other people's pathetic need to indulge in people's embarrassment. He hustles her out of the parking lot so she won't face the people in the reception and gets in his porsche and drives away. Now why couldn't she have a caring man like that? one who wouldn't have embarrassed her on live radio or at least rejected her in private? the man turns out to be Zander, the boss of EROS radio. He is the person behind this valentine's promotion of "giving a little push to the one you love". And I was so glad that we see a lot more of him after this encounter

Georgia's life turns upside down. Somehow all of London has heard of her story, even tracked her boyfriend, and started taking sides. Another problem is that her boyfriend works in the same place where she does and somehow she ended up left friendless because they all sided with him. Now, because Georgia signed a contract for an all expense paid wedding, and since there is no wedding Zander created a "The year of Georgia" where she could do whatever she wanted with fifty thousand pounds for one year. This is when Georgia and Zander start getting close together. I loved how their relationship progressed and how each of them needed this year to get over an event rom their past to move on. The activities Georgia did were fun and I loved their initial denial towards each other and how closed off and misunderstood Zander was. I especially loved how Georgia was a scientist with a good job and enough money to be independent.

How To Get Over Your Ex was such a relaxing and entertaining read. I think Nikki Logan is a great writer and she has restored my love for Chick Lits. I wished it was longer but its only around 200 pages. It kept me from my studies and reminded me that the chick lit genre is a non-YAgenre that I need to start reading from more often.
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on February 2, 2013
This one didn't work for me. The story sounded cute and fun but it ran out of steam pretty quickly. There is a lot of telling rather than showing and there was absolutely no chemistry between H/h. The dialogue was uninteresting and while the plot had potential, it got boring very quickly. Finally, there just wasn't much romance in this story and without identifying (or empathizing w/) the H/h, there was very little motivation to get you to the HEA.
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