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on January 5, 2013
I look forward to visits to Harmony, TX; this time around we become involved in the life of two very lonely people, Emily Tomlinson and Tannon Parker; years ago "before the accident" they were friends, two shy introverted people who grew up as neighbors and found they liked each other. But Emily was attacked while waiting for Tannon, and she never came back to school, in addition her parents were killed while riding with Tannon's parents when a drunk driver hit the car. Emily parents were killed, Tannon's father was in a wheelchair and his mother became unstable. Years later Emily is the head librarian and Tannon runs the trucking company started by his father. They both live alone and are not inolved with anyone. Emily is afraid of being out after dark unlss she's with someone. Tannon is a cold man whose only interest is working. When Tannon asks Emily to visit his mother because she mentions Emily's mother often, they start to revisit their old relationship.

Rick Matheson needs more clients and more money, he has returned to Harmony to open a law office but business is not good. Leaving his office one evening by the rear steps he realizes that one step is missing and so is the rail he needs to grab to break his fall. Rafe is injured and taken to the hospital, when the police arrive they learn that the step was cut. Someone wants to harm Rick. Rick is angry and will not allow anyone to help. Martha Q hires him to housesit when she leaves town for a few weeks. That will give Rick the benefit of an alarm system but that may be the least of his problems. A woman who says shes a cousin of Martha Q, asks for a room at the B&B. Rick is immediately taken with Trace Adam but she has to time for him, until someone attempts to harm him again.

I liked this book, in addition to the lead stories, we visit with Beau, Booker, Martha Q, Alex and other characters. The story between Emily and Tannon was so special, they are both so lonely and hurt. I loved the gentle romance between them. Definitely another winner.
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on January 3, 2013
This is the latest story in the Harmony series. It can be read as a stand alone but it is enhanced by knowing the backstories of some of the towns people-and that is what I like. If you have read the previous stories, you will enjoy the update in this book of the lives of old friends. This book follows the stories of a couple of main characters as the they find love. There is a little bit of a mystery, mostly it's a vehicle to bring one of the characters to Harmony and into the story. There is no graphic sex in this book. This author specializes in lonely people finding the one with whom they belong. This is just a nice story with several well written storylines, about nice people finding happiness.
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on December 31, 2012
I found the wait for this Harmony sequel to be very trying, but it was well worth it. Jodi Thomas just keeps turning out wonderful, charming characters that move in and become part of your family. Although a Harmony book without Reagan Truman and Noah McAllen was a little disappointing, other familiar characters kept the story line all in the family. As long as there is another story on the horizon, I'll keep looking forward to the continuing saga of life in Harmony, Texas.
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on January 5, 2013
I love Harmony. the stories and the town. When I get a new Book I go back and read the ones that came before so I can have the full experience. Ms Thomas is a great writer. I love all of her contemporary novels. Now I have not read any of her westerns so for me her stories are wonderful

I pre ordered this book and have her next one on hold too
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on August 5, 2015
3.5 stars

This story was for me very sweet. The primary story that I took from it...Emily and Tannon's was of past tragedy and perhaps a brighter future. I am a big fan of a damaged character getting a happy ending.

The mystery of the lawyer that someone wants dead was a bit off for me. But visiting Harmony is never dull. And there are so many characters. I will say I missed hearing about Noah and Rea. Looking forward to visiting again.
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on January 14, 2013
Reviewed by:Jen
Book provided by: Publisher
Review originally posted at Romancing the Book

Having read this whole series, I'll admit that I was a little let down by this one. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the book but that little spark was missing... and her name is Reagan. Reagan is a mainstay in this series and yet she's just a passing name in this installment.

So this book actually has two love stories interwoven through it's pages. The first is the story of Emily and Tannon. These two were the best of friends in high school. But a series of events pulled them apart... and now they've met again 15 years later and there is this spark between them. Then there is Rick. He's a local lawyer and someone is trying to kill him. Trace appears and has decided she's going to be Rick's protector... but who is going to protect her heart?

I actually liked all four characters. I definitely could relate to Emily the most since she's on the shy side and afraid to put herself out there and fall in love. But Tannon had the patience of a saint to win Emily's heart. Their romance was sweet and a nice contrast to Rick and Trace.

Rick is a member of one of the leading families in Harmony and his life is now being threatened. Rick's story really ties this book into the series since members of his family have been featured in prior books. While his romance with Trace works, for me it was mostly filler and the source of tension and suspense for the novel. I kept finding myself wanting to get back to Emily and Tannon.

And let's talk about the mystery surrounding Rick's... well, stalker. I actually liked the mystery up until the reveal. I think a little more could've been done and perhaps a better reason given for the bad guy's actions.

Chance of a Lifetime is a solid book and can stand alone, although with most series books, you do get a little more out of it if you've read prior books. I am looking forward to revisiting Harmony again.
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on January 3, 2013
Favorite Quote: "The prize wasn't to live a perfect life but only to survive the times between the perfect moments that come along..."

In Chance of a Lifetime, we are once again submerged into the captivating and extraordinary lives of the residents who call the fictional town of Harmony, TX. home. Dreams, hope, and second chances are all given voice in this installment as we encounter love from the past, the present, and the future.

Emily Tomlinson, the town librarian, is the survivor of a brutal attack. She unconsciously blames her former best friend, Tanner Parker, for not being there when she needed him most. Tanner, a loner, has only his business and the caring for his ill mother to fill his life but he finds himself remembering his friendship with Emily and begins to slowly work his way back into her life; hoping that the feelings they had for one another in the past are only buried and not completely gone.

Rath Matheson, a small time lawyer, is struggling to make his business a success. When a series of accidents leaves him seriously injured, Rath begins to wonder if being a lawyer is worth his life. Rath's luck changes when Trace Adams arrives in town. Claiming to be the niece of Martha Q and needing a place to stay, Rath finds his body under her fierce protection as she begins to investigate his "accidents." As Rath and Trace spend more time together, Rath begins to wonder who will protect his heart from breaking when she leaves.

Jodi Thomas's Harmony series is like receiving letters from home. Brimming with gossip, news of family, and well wishes; you find yourself waiting with anticipation for the next letter to arrive. A smoothly written romantic contemporary that digs deep beneath the facade of a small town and reveals the love, laughter, pain, and heartbreak that resides within. Romance, friendship, and secrets all intertwine and revolve around one another as old and new friends try to find the strength to live and love in the best way they know how. As the story unfolds we are shown the strength of the human heart and it's capacity to love, learn, and forgive. While the main character of the series, Regan, does not play a role in this installment, other characters who we have come to love are prevalent and we even meet some new residents who show the same capacity to hold our attention and hearts.

Mystery, suspense, and surprising revelations builds a solid storyline in this installment, creating an intriguing read that fills you with strong emotions as you watch those you have come to love fight through the pitfalls of life. Both storylines build slowly and allow us and the players involved to deal with and heal past issues that have frozen them emotionally. Ms. Thomas continues to create multi dimensional characters, expanding and evolving their lives and the world they live in. Not one of them is perfect though each one is a vibrant personality that takes command and dominates the scenes they are in. Ms. Thomas has such a wonderful gift for creating memorable and witty characters. She writes with such intimacy that we are instantly drawn back into their lives as if we never left. These are folks you can find anywhere. They are your friends and loved ones. I like we aren't promised a happily ever after. The story always leaves off with the promise of more to come and that works because no ones lives are ever over at the words, " The End."

I enjoyed seeing glimpses of various town residents from past stories. Ronnie is still growing and seems to have shattered the bonds that tied her to her mother, Dallas. We learn she has a secret and I look forward to learning more about it. I can only hope it involves who I think it does. Bigg, his brother Bran, and Bigg's roommate are continuing to grow into their own and expanding beyond what the town expects of them. Bits and pieces of all the town residents make their way into the story, which rounds it out beautifully and left me satisfied. Martha Q, one of my favorite characters in the book, is still around and butting into everyone's business, though she, like Regan, takes a firm seat in the back of the car for this ride.

I only had one problem with this particular installment and that involved Rath's story. I found the reasoning of the villain behind his accidents to be frivolous after the seriousness of the plot. It was disappointing. That is the reason I gave a B+ instead of my usual A for this series.

This series continues to enchant and delight me and I recommend it to everyone who wants a small town contemporary series with realistic characters, charming romances, strong friendships, and interesting lives that will have you waiting anxiously each new visit. Even though this could be read as a stand alone, I recommend reading the first in the series, Welcome To Harmony. This is a continuation and is written as such.

Overall Rating: B+
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on December 31, 2012
Take the "Chance of a Lifetime" and return to the fictional small-town world of Harmony, Texas. Author Jodi Thomas once again captivates with in-depth characterizations and a compelling story line filled with romance, humor, and mystery. One thing that you are guaranteed with a Jodi Thomas read is "more"--more detail, more surprises, and more addictive storytelling which makes you long for the next book. In "Chance of a Lifetime", long-ago dreams and new hopes must overcome unknown threats before hearts can truly heal and find the happiness they seek. Emily Tomlinson survived a brutal attack in her teens, but her memory of what happened is muddled, and she only knows that her best friend, Tannon Parker, was not there when she needed him most. Their friendship was forever changed by the events of that night, but Tannon still cherishes Emily and wishes things were different. Emily leads a very quiet and isolated life, enjoying the order and routine of her life as the town librarian. On the nights she works late, Tannon is always there at closing time to walk her to her car. If only she would let him back into her heart, a heart he knows is just as lonely as his own. Local lawyer Rick Matheson hasn't established much of practice in Harmony, yet he has managed to make someone mad enough to want to put an end to his law career for good. Too many close calls must be more than accidents, and he survives serious injury just to be injured again. A beautiful U.S. Marshal named Trace Adams arrives in Harmony, and she sticks close to Rick in order to protect him while she investigates the case. The question is, as he falls head-over-heels for her, who will protect his heart? Two troubled couples--one who must overcome the past, and one who must survive the present. Love has long been there for Emily and Tannon, and it begins to grow for Rick and Trace, but will love be enough to keep their hearts and lives safe? Small-town friendships run deep, but small-town secrets dwell deeper. Everyone is connected in some way or another, and even kinfolk have hidden motivations. Still, all in all, life in a close-knit small town has its irresistible charms, and author Jodi Thomas will make you want to visit Harmony, Texas again and again.

Review Copy Gratis The Berkley Publishing Group
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on March 25, 2015
Chance Of A Lifetime by Jodi Thomas continues the tales of Harmony,a small town with layers of secrets. I enjoyed the tale of Emily and Tanner very much. Trace and Rick's story was good also. Romance fans, and lovers of good fiction will like this the most.
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on January 1, 2013
I have been eagerly awaiting the latest installment of this Harmony series. Reading the book and revisting Harmony, Texas was as comfortable as my house slippers. Once, again, Mrs. Thomas' story telling was brilliant and the plot engaging. My only complaint is that my favorite characters ( Reagan, Noah, Tyler, & Kate) were barely mentioned in the story and not a part of this installment at all. But, with that being said, this was a good read.
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