Customer Reviews: Sensation and Perception, 8th Edition
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on June 20, 2011
This was one of the easiest psychology books to understand for me and read with a bit of interest. That being said, I'm a human biology & psychology major, yet was dreading this class because I had a previous sensation class with a disorganized professor who did not use a standard textbook as this, nor did he go over the basic principles as this book did so when reading this text I was learning a lot of new things. Anyway, on to the book.......

I feel that the author tries to write the text in as plain "English" as possible so that even someone picking up a psychology text for the first time would be able to understand the material and stay engaged. As another reviewer has said, I'm not sure why people are complaining about the highly technical language.... there is bound to be some - sensation and perception tie in closely with psychology AND biology, so yes, there will be some technical terms in the book, but they are all defined/explained clearly and simply. The text is also filled with many examples that help the reader fully understand the concepts presented, and I think that 95% of the examples are great examples. To attest to the ease of learning with this book, even I read some material I had never gone through before in my previous biology/psychology courses... for these 4 to 5 chapters, I was learning the material for the very first time and I still thought that it was easy to understand thanks to the way in which the author had written the text.

This is not a boring dry textbook at all. It's one of the most interesting intro texts that I have on a psychology topic. The author speaks in first person sometimes to talk about his students and what they did/said/thought that pertains to the subject matter being read, and I really like that - it adds a slight personal touch so that you know the text was written by a person, and it lets you know that you may not be the only one who thinks a certain way (his students have the same/similar notions as well).

Lastly, I do have to agree with a previous reviewer that it was annoying when some of the diagrams/pictures were on the next page from where you were reading so you'd have to stop reading and flip the page, but it really wasn't that bad. As for the bolded terms, yes, they were printed in a blue color that was sometimes hard to distinguish between the black text, but all you have to do is read in decent lighting to fully see the bold terms, and if not then you should still be able to see that it's bolded. I don't really see why people are complaining over these small issues and making them seem big - in my opinion they are not so prominent that they detract from the quality and clarity of the text, but if others felt that it did then I respect their opinions.

To end - this is a great text book. I would recommend this for professors to use for their sensation/perception classes, and if you're a student who has to read this text, I believe that most of you will find it fairly simple and like it. If you're reading this text just for the pure knowledge of it and are new to psychology texts, I believe this will be easy enough to understand and keep you engaged to want to read more. 5 stars!

*****As a last note, please learn how to use Amazon Reviews - it makes NO sense to rate anything purchased here 1 or so stars because the seller sold you a copy that wasn't as described, the shipping was late, something was missing, etc. etc. RATE THE SELLER 1 STAR, NOT THE PRODUCT!!! You just make yourself look dim-witted for not knowing how to use Amazon Reviews to review the QUALITY of the PRODUCT, and you make the quality of the product SEEM lower when it may not really be.
If it weren't for these reviewers who don't know how to use Amazon Reviews, this book would be rated higher.
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on September 12, 2010
As a psychology major wanting to focus on the counselling aspects, a sensation and perception course was definitely not high on my 'want to take' list. But, not only was the class entertaining and informative, but this text was pretty darn good. It wasn't nearly as dry as my usual psychology text book, and it was highly informative, going into depth and giving examples to tie everything together. If you are a psychology professor, I would highly recommend this text for your class. It made me, someone not interested in the topic at all, not only love the class but continue to use the knowledge that I gained in real world settings.
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on September 1, 2009
The book is complely sound, however a bit over priced for much of the same material found in the old edition.

The previous reviewer complains about a Amazon marketplace seller in the book review and gives the book a one star review. How do people review the book based on the seller review unknowingly? The book isn't a one star, but because of your rant it now looks as if the book is rated horribly when the only problem was your own incompetence.
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on July 17, 2010
The writing is concise and the book is updated so often because of all of the new research coming out on sensation and perception. Lots of recent research is included in this text, which is cool. If you're into looking at diagrams/pictures while learning, everything is in color and aesthetically pleasing to look at. I wouldn't agree with the previous reviewer that the language is too technical. Yes, it would probably help to have an intro to psychology course or some knowledge of science behind you, but the author defines and explains his concepts very well, in my opinion. I didn't use the CD that came with it, but my professor did in her lectures which had relevant demonstrations that I thought were interesting.
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on January 23, 2012
THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND UP FRONT! The Kindle version does not have page numbers, so if you are a student, like me, who is intending to use this book for a course and needs to read certain pages, this book will definitely not work for you. I was extremely discouraged when I purchased this on rental only to discover I could never keep track of where my classmates were reading.

Aside from that, the content is good and Goldstein does a stand-up job writing about the intricacies of sensation and perception. I definitely recommend the text, just not the Kindle format!
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on November 25, 2012
This disc is amazing to use if you are in Sensation and Perception and rented or bought a book without the cd. It solidified my grade by a whole letter I would wager. You learn the theories and process better because the cd offers videos and pictures and diagrams that assist those like me who learn on more of a visual level.
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on January 15, 2014
I only wish I could include pictures of the shape this book came in. I paid for a "good" used book. This book is in terrible condition! Every single word on every single page is highlighted. The binding of this book is completely shot, thankfully someone took the time to tape it up before sending it my way. I cannot believe the condition this book is in. In other words, find another seller to rent this book from.
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on July 2, 2013
This book covers in-depth how the brain actually interprets various signals from different senses right down to the biological level. There are some very interesting facts. I don't want to spoil too much but one of the most interesting things I read was about how complicated perception really is. Some processing actually occurs before it even gets to the brain. Also the processing itself is not a single chain of signals but different areas have different effects on each other. The brain functions almost like an object-oriented program where different parts of the brain can have different effects on other different parts of the brain. Some really neat stuff.
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on July 30, 2013
This is excelent book in the field - psychology of perception

Good explained, planty of interesting and contemporary examples.
Material good explained and organized.

Plenty of information in phisiology, psychology and biology connection

Highly recomend
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on April 26, 2016
I got this item for a class I was taking in college. It was exactly what I needed and in pretty good condition. It is an interesting read and although I might have had to get it for school I am really glad I did.
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