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VINE VOICEon February 28, 2012
Katie Malone has packed up her Vermont house and is headed West to Virgin River and her brother Conner. Now, with two hungry five-year-olds and a spate of rain coming down, her travel along the beautiful mountain road is stopped short by a flat tire. While Katie struggles to change the tire, she encounters four bikers on a road trip. Since she can't even loosen the tire's lug nuts and cell service is non-existent, she waves them down. The first biker, an enormous man, insists on changing the tire and enlists his buddies to help. While two of them place safety markers along the road, the fourth biker, Dylan helps with the tire. When Katie gets a look at Dylan, her senses go into overdrive. Dylan Childress is a hottie whose arresting face could grace any billboard. Katie thinks she recognizes him as a child film star.

Dylan loves biking and flying. With his partner Lang, and maintenance operator Stu, Dylan takes off from their charter air service in Montana to go on a bikers' holiday with Walt who insisted on accompanying the men on their annual road trip. They're headed to Virgin River and Riordan's cabins as their base of operations for this year's trip. It might well be their last, because with the downturn in the economy, the charter business is struggling.

Katie is ensconced in Mel's old cabin and son is introduced to the townspeople. She loves Virgin River but is concerned about what she'll do for work. She feels it's important to step out on her own.

Dylan finds Katie drop-dead perfect, but with a family history of failed relationships and selfishness, he knows he's not the man for her. Katie thinks otherwise, but she also needs to make decisions for herself, and caring for her twin boys is paramount on her list of priorities. Can these two people who feel so much for each other work out their differences?

Once again, the fabulous Robyn Carr has crafted a story to warm the hearts of her readers. Redwood Bend combines delightful characters with the fabulous Virgin River setting and old characters from previous stories to create a stunning romance. Is the road to happiness easy. Certainly not, but Dylan's and Katie's struggles are believable and poignant. I loved this story and was sad to see it end.

Ms Carr has a remarkable talent for letting the reader see into the workings of a small and delightful town. Virgin River has become very real to many of us who have read the entire series. While new characters develop, she reintroduces old one in supporting roles but still manages to keep the romance of the current couple front and center.
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on March 12, 2012
I have read all of the Virgin River books. I adored this series early on but sadly believe that Robyn Carr is now writing on autopilot. At its best, this series offered wonderfully drawn characters, a great sense of place, and interesting plots. Now, Robyn Carr simply drops a new male and female love interest into each new book and then rapidly wraps up their story. It's become a boring and overly simplistic formula. There's no attempt to further develop old characters who we have come to know and love. Will Vanessa and Paul finally have a child of their own? What does Mike Valenzuela actually do all day long? How is Tom Booth coping in the Army? Will Ellie and Noah ever finish rennovating their house? Instead of endlessly parachutting in new characters, Robyn Carr might try the harder work of letting her established cast of characters grow over time.
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on March 1, 2012
I have read every one of the Virgin River Books....and I had my date circled on the calender when this book came out. Maybe my expectations were too high, because I LOVE the Virgin River Series. I might be in the minority here....but I really loved the books in which there were multiple stories going on and we got to catch a glimpse of all of our favorites. This book focused on two characters and I must say....I did not really like either character. Sure we got a glimpse of Murial and Walt....and Jack is always around, but that was it. My biggest gripe is that we have had several books in which Robyn Carr focuses on Woman's issues and the character Mel giving good solid advise. WHY THEN did we have to watch our "Heroine" find herself pregnant??? Even worse...another woman hiding the pregnancy because she needed to "figure things out." PLEASE I beg of Robyn Carr....go back to the early books and let us fall back in love with the TOWN and the great people that make up the town. This book was a lot of dribble, boring dialogue, and characters that we really do not care about.
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on February 28, 2012
Redwood Bend is a solid entry in the Virgin River series. It is not the best in the series, but it has all the ingredients that make these books comforting, enjoyable and perfect to help you relax. When I started Redwood Bend I had gone through some hard days at work and this story was the perfect escape.

Redwood Bend revisits the story of Katie, Conner's sister. We first saw Conner and Kate in Hidden Summit. Katie makes the move to Virgin River with her young twin boys and stays at the magical A-Frame cabin in the clearing, the very same cabin that Mel stayed at back in book 1. We get some of Preacher's cooking, some of Jack's bartender jokes, lots of Conner and Leslie and a good amount of build-up and angst involving the focus couple - -Dylan and Katie.

Dylan is a former childhood and teenage TV and movie star. But former is they key, he lives a very different lifestyle but his past haunts him (after all he is a hero in a Virgin River book!). Katie is trying to move on in her life, get past losing her husband and raise her sons. Dylan and Katie's lives collide and the result is some great heat, a cute romance and some very touchy scenes.

So while this is not the best Virgin River book I have read, it is still entertaining, fun and moves the story arc along. Fans will enjoy definitely enjoy it. It can also be read as a standalone, Robyn Carr catches readers up with detailed recaps.

I do have a few complaints. I know the set up for these stories is simple and maybe that is the point for these comfort reads. But sometimes, it does get old: two individuals with difficult pasts, the road into Virgin River is fraught with danger so accidents and flat tires happen, Preacher cooks up good food for strangers, Jack is wise and knows a couple will hook up before they do, there more than likely is an unplanned pregnancy, groups of men enjoy fishing and hunting bonding trips, the wise family friend counsels the heroine on her choices and missteps, and no matter what curve balls are thrown the heroine she always always smiles.

Another complaint, at the beginning of the story I was not sure which male character was going to be the hero of the story and who was doing the talking - -Walt or Dylan. Maybe it was because I had a review copy and this was later fixed.

But the predictability of these books plays into the comfort. We may know the set-up, we may know the resolution, but there is something so realistic about the struggles the couples in this series go through. The setting is perfect, the characters are often close to perfect, but the road to the relationship is not perfect. Of course we know the couple will get there and that is what makes reading these books as comforting as hot chocolate on a cold and stormy night.

I do recommend this book for fans of the series, fans of lite make-over stories, fans of small town romance and fans of contemporary romance. And I look forward to the next Virgin River story which will be out in just a few months!
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on May 25, 2015
Dylan, an ex-teen heart throb/ motorcyclist/ pilot, who grew up in Hollywood and was later relocated to Montana by his actress nana, Adele. He and his biker friends met Katie and twins on the road to Virgin River with a flat tire. This chance meeting developed into a one month fling and an unexpected pregnancy. Dylan, has commitment- phobia, due to his wild, Hollywood childhood, unstable family life, and rough bad boy teen years, that throws Katie for a loop, although he tells her this upfront, at the onset of the fling. Dylan says,"I'm no good for you." Yet when she finds out she's pregnant, remembering their conversations, she decides not to tell him, yet expects him to call more often and come back to her, which he finally does. Dylan was able to rescue his floundering flying charter business and still get the girl and twins, after a bear encounter/ mauling. I had an issue with the proposed killing of the mama bear, when again the humans encroached on her habitat.... so unfair and wrong ... Not even the option to use tranquilizers and move her and her cubs to a new locale, but kill her. That's very drastic!!
The novel is well written and edited with Jack, Preacher, and the old gang present. The characters are well developed, and the climatic plot spellbinding to the end. Kudos, Ms. Carr!!
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on March 9, 2012
First problem, for me Dylan and Katie got together way to easy. Then the story was so typical; guy doesn't want to commit because he has "issues", then there is the invariable accidentally pregnancy, then the guy "sees the error of his ways" and tries to get girl back. I just didn't care much about this couple. Every thing was just so predictable, even down to the fight with the brother Connor and Dylan.

Second problem, I love Virgin River and I usually feel a part of the town when I read one of the series books, I did not feel that with this book. I like to re-visit the people of the town; I like to know what is currently going on in their lives. We hardly heard about any of the townspeople throughout the entire book. That is a big disappointment for me.

My advice, check it out of the library and do not waste your money on this one.
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on March 20, 2012
I was really liking this book. Characters, particularly the male lead, was not the typical VR alpha male former military (not that I have anything against military) of the other books. The female lead was more or less a meld of Vanni and I forget her name--the stripper who married the preacher. Typical strong single mother, doesn't need a man, but meets one whom she can't resist. Man, however, wasn't paying attention in high school biology, because he is convinced that he is missing the commitment gene. All this considered, however, I'm good with the story at this point. And so far, no Mel to give internal exams or complain to anyone who will listen about Jack (who, in my mind, is up for sainthood for putting up with her). However, the good old standby--unintended pregnancy--rears it's familiar and ugly head. Guy is, naturally, long gone, assumed to never return. This is where the hackles on my neck really start to go wild--female goes to Mel, decides she can do the parent thing on her own, and doesn't need the guy. She just can't tell him *sniff, sniff* because he doesn't want kids and he never called or anything. Naturally the guy realizes the error of his ways, comes back begging her forgiveness, gets beaten up by the brother, saves kid from getting eaten by a bear, and all live happily ever after.

I will give Katie (female lead) credit for telling the guy before she is great with child or the kid is born and develops a severe speech impediment (see previous VR book). And he has a reasonably normal reaction, which she seems to be slightly understanding about.

The thing that most disappoints me with this book, and the series in general is--WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THIS TOWN?? My question is--what is it with unplanned pregnancy in this place?? IS there something about California pollution that destroys latex? I haven't stopped to count but, out of approximately 17 books, at least half have unplanned pregnancies in them, both from the main characters and side characters. And the ones who DO want to get pregnant can't! How perverse is Mother Nature that she tortures these unfortunate people thus?
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on March 4, 2012
I will never get tired of going back to Virgin River. I just love this series. I love going back and revisiting all the characters from previous books. Nobody does that as well as Robyn Carr. This story had all the elements of a good romance and the heroine (Katie) is so loveable. Just loved her sassy mouth. There were a couple of scenes that had me laughing out loud with tears -- especially when Dylan took the twins to a public restroom for the first time.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 27, 2014
Katie meets a biker and her life changes. I don't see how anyone could be bored in Virgin River. I have read this series for quite some time and as soon as I see a new book I get it. I have loved all of them. The town is filled with different personalities with different pasts and different futures except for HEA. And Virgin River is about HEA. Great reads, I love them all. Terrific series and I wish it would just go on forever. Highly recommend the whole series. Can be read as stand alone books or in order. Either way, an enjoyable read.
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on July 21, 2015
A friend introduced me to Robyn Carr and I have been hooked ever since. At her suggestion, I started with the Grace Valley series and liking them so much, continued on and just finished the Virgin River series and am now on the Thunder Point series! Love her interesting characters and beautiful locations and twists and turns. Fun reading!
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