Customer Reviews: Pigs in the Parlor: A Practical Guide to Deliverance
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on October 18, 2001
The Son of God said "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free". This book has provided a very straight-forward explanation of demons and how they work. The reality of experiences the author shares have been very helpful to me and dozens of others in our church. I'm very thankful this book was introduced to me as it has helped me receive deliverance, and I've been able to help many others to deliverance from the bondage of the advesary.
Those who deny the kingdom of the advesary and/or it's existance WITHIN the lives of people are living proof of the subtilty that kingdom propogates. (1 Cor 2:14) Every Christian should read this book, get honest and humble before God. We ALL NEED DELIVERANCE.
Ever wonder where some of those evil thoughts in your head come from? They're not always from external attacks. Many are from the inside.
The information in this book will help anyone who has ever thought, "Well, this is just the way I am, I've tried to change but I just can't." Be not dismayed. By the power and authority of Jesus Christ, you can be delivered. Are you a procrastinator? Lazy? Worry Wart? Don't put it off any more...order the book and start down the road to spiritual recovery. Praise be to God who desires you to be free indeed.
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on March 17, 1999
This is a profound work for a mature person, for the inquisitive, for the wondering, for those who are involved with deliverance of addictive behavior.
This is one of the best books around to educate a spirit filled person on demonic activity. This compilation of interesting helps and hints is easy to read, is well laid out, is a superb sourcebook.
The person who will benefit is the one who has some spiritual insight and believes they are a soldier in a universal battle against the work of the dark ones.
A book you will reread. A book that you will use as a reference. A book that you will consider "One of the best books I ever read."
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on December 21, 2012
Excellent reference book. Beware though, only Pray where and for what God tells you to. Do not step out where you are not to be.
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on July 22, 2005
1. Is this an in depth presentation?

This book is divided into 23 short chapters, covering a broad range of topics. The essential elements of ground level (or personal) spiritual warfare are well presented. I would say that the book qualifies as a very good introduction.

2. To what extent does the author address current situations?

In Mark's version of the great commission (Mark 16:15-18) Jesus said "And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons..." (Mark 16:17). Jesus made it clear that the discipling of the nations would go hand in hand with personal deliverance. Jesus is coming back for a spotless bride and the deliverance ministry will be one of the things that prepares the bride. In chapter 4 the authors say the following:

Deliverance is an essential part of the preparation of the bride of Christ - getting rid of "spots" and "wrinkles". Since the church for which Christ is coming is to be "holy and without blemish" we must agree that unclean spirits must be purged from our lives.

They further go on to state (see Revelation 19:7) that this cleansing is the responsibility of the church.

So in answering whether the author address current situations, I would give a resounding "Yes". This topic will stay current until the bride has indeed made herself ready.

3. Was there any new information?

There was quite a bit of new information in this book. Here follows the chapters and the new information found in them:

* Demonic manifestations (Ch 10). The different ways that demons manifest is fascination. The manifestation of the demon of death as well as the demon of worldly dancing was new information to me. Demons manifesting as odours was also very interesting.

* Ministry to children (Ch 14). This whole chapter was new to me. This chapter are full of useful nuggets of wisdom and will come in very handy in the future.

* Practical suggestions for the deliverance minister (Ch 19). This chapter is also very useful when going into the deliverance ministry. I summarised the steps to take when doing deliverance and will definitely refer to it in the future.

* Schizophrenia (Ch 21). This chapter is as the author said, ground breaking and everything that I read here was new information.

4. What impact did the book have on me?

The greatest effect that this book had on me was to make me realise that it is our responsibility as Christians to become free. God has given us the necessary tools, authority and power to break free from every bondage that the enemy has laid upon us. We are the ones that need to make the decision whether we want to be free and to what extent.

The book has also given me a lot of new information that I can add to my ministry "toolbox". Some situations are just not understandable without understanding the operation of evil spirits and the principles of deliverance.

Finally the book has impressed upon me that we are in the last hour. I as a minister of Christ Jesus have the responsibility to do my utmost in this final stages of the conflict because the lives of many are at stake. I pray that God will grace me with conviction and power.
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on October 28, 2006
Even though Christians live virtually in spiritual warfare, it is easy to forget that fact in this world of taxes, school lunch money, dentist appointments and the plain old business of making a living. Pigs in the Parlor reminds us in no uncertain terms that we need to remain ever conscious of an ever present enemy. This book explains methods of ridding ourselves and others of uninvited satanic visitors in our lives and in our very souls. Doctrine may have caused blinders to exist on my eyes before reading this book, but not anymore. Having tried these methods, I have come to face the fact that, indeed, these are true and viable methods for sending the enemy packing! I would reccomend this book to anyone unsure of exactly what the supernatural world of evil is capable of.
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As a man of God, I have had first hand experience in the deliverance ministry. After reading this book, I must agree that it can help the person who believes their call is in this type of ministry. Do not believe that because you have read this book or other books on deliverance you are prepared to battle Satan and his devils. You must prepare yourself through prayer and fasting. Again I stress this, be sure this is where the Lord wants you to be. This is a very helpful book. Well written and well thought out. Has great insight to the reality of Satan and his devils but lets you know that he and his army is defeated in the name of Jesus. Also get the sequel to this book, Demons and Deliverance: In The Ministry Of Jesus, Frank Hammond.
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on June 3, 2014
The modern-day western church is so uneducated, impractical, ill-equipped, weak and wimpy today, to put it mildly. When I first read this book, I thought to myself, "No way. This is far fetched." But let me tell you all, the more you learn in this life, whether it be the Holy Spirit teaching through experience, or whether we learn from the wisdom of the elders who write books--those veterans who have been out there on the fertile field and battle field much longer than we who know what they are talking about, the more and more you continuously get blown away in astonishment with what you find. There really is a nicotine demon! No joke! There really are so many kinds of demons in people, and in christians folks! Fully operational demons! In christians and in church, despite what we have traditionally been taught. Demons use all kinds of people--mainly unsuspecting people. They do not get defeated by ignoring them or pretending or hoping that they are not there. Prayer and fasting folks, prayer and fasting. There are types that don't come out (Jesus taught us) but by prayer AND fasting. Not by prayer alone, and not by fasting alone--but together. Listen to your elders. Listen to this man, Frank Hammond. You can learn from him. And listen to the Holy Spirit too. We have alot we can learn from him too. There is head knowledge, an earthly wisdom, and then there is a spiritual knowledge, a discernment, a heavenly wisdom. We need them both. I highly recommend this book to the dedicated faithful christian who wants to equip himself or herself wearing the full armor of God. We are in a battle folks, whether we like it or not. Win or lose, I believe it is totally up to us. As it is written: "My people perish for lack of knowledge."
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on September 20, 2002
This is one of the best books on spiritual warfare that I have ever read. It is filled with plenty of scriptural references and first hand experiences by the author. You will not be able to put this one down. Very informative with real instruction and guidelines to help the individual who is interested in a deliverance ministry or in need of deliverance. This is a must-read for all serious minded ministers and prayer warriors who really desire to make a difference in the lives of God's people.
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on May 23, 2006
Please understand that when the Bible tells you about a demon being driven out and the house clean, if your spiritual life is not wholly maintained, many more can return. When a born again Christian filled with the Holy Ghost rebels and disobeys, they walk away from the seal of protection God puts around them and they are subject to everything including demonic possession. God does not and cannot force anyone to continue serving him, in walking away from god you are saying "God I don't want any parts of you anymore, I can handle myself and protect myself" you reject him and all that he is and spit on what he did for you. You immediately open the doors to demonic possession. Who has experienced it can tell it, and you cannot tell someone who said they experience anything a liar, unless you were there, who feels it knows it and we have to give th4e benefit of the doubt. Many people including myself are involved in deliverance ministries and seen people delivered of demons, and have had to fight and keep fighting warfare. Demons present themselves in different ways forms and from different angles or types of situations and circumstances according to that persons perceptions as they study that persons lifestyle, likes and dislikes so they can emulate certain aspects and trick them into possession, as well as some people just don't care what happens with their lives and the demons have a field day riding these people, getting jockey rides from humans (read the Final Quest).

Do not be so quick to dispute the fact that this book is telling the truth about warfare and who demons are and what demons do, and about the many ways they manifest, and how to drive them out. They are driven our according to what caused them to become attracted to the possibility of possessing the person, how they were maintained and sustained, who they are and how they manifest. According to how they came there, the possessed person has to really want to denounce the demon or it will be of no use they will continue to feel welcome by that person. Demons cannot be argued with or played with or they can turn around and attack you! I speak from experience. My very own brother is demon possessed for years now and my family and myself were forced to study the topic of demons and warfare not how the books tell us but according to the word and how these demons acted, they all have different agendas and characters, but they have to obey the word of the true and living God. They must go, leave the human body when commanded to do so by a blameless believer in the name of Jesus according to the word, we must be well prayed up and prepared at all times against the forces of darkness, or they will feel like they have the right to interview and question you, they detect the ways that man lives that are not right with God because they are their ways and they use it as a signal to attack you, there must be no conversing with them, they are not important and do not belong in a human body. In the Bible you are told of the power God has given us to cast out demons not to get to know or familiarize ourselves with them. The devil and his demons should flee from a holy and upright living man of God without question, and we must not make excuses for them, they must go!

I can understand the sarcasm of you all, but until an attempt is made to forcefully control you by a demon as I have, then you might never believe, if you have doubts ask God to reveal the truth to you. This happened in my sleep, it tried to forcefully enter my mind and I shook myself free, the 3rd time I sped of running to my mothers room, a grown woman, bawling in fear and only my mothers powerful prayers could keep it off. Even as I switched beds to my mother's bed it still attempted again and my mother and I heard the same growl of a lion even though she was not the one being attacked, God allowed her to hear it to realize I was not lying or imagining things. Be careful of your sarcasm regarding this book and say things you might regret. Ask the Lord in all things and he is willing always to reveal the truth to you!

No one is perfect and many of us have faults which represent strongholds the devil has on areas of our lives and we need deliverance, pride makes us not want to confront and admit these faults so these demons will ride us until we ask god to deliver us and he might do it himself or send the right person to you.

It could be with just a word that might cause you to realize that there was a stronghold, and as you repent God sets you free him. Are there strongholds in your life hindering your walk with Jesus Christ? Are you born again and living right? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior and waking in obedience??? No lies, fornication, adultery, etc???????
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on November 2, 2015
I have read many books about spiritual warfare but "Pigs in the Parlor: The Practical Guide to Deliverance" by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond stands above the rest. This landmark book is both practical and deep in its breadth. What I enjoyed most about this book is its candor and honesty about the reality of demons and the destruction they bring. The book does cover traditional topics like how demons enter, the different types of deliverance needed, the rite of deliverance, freedom from demons and the hierarchy of demons. It also treads on the area of psychological conditions like schizophrenia, Both authors have input. Mrs. Hammond's sections are written in a personal narrative that hits to the heart of the suffering of the victims. I would highly recommend this book to those who want a different perspective about demonic oppression and deliverance.
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