Customer Reviews: Why You're Dumb, Sick and Broke...And How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich!
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As I began to read this book, I recalled Voltaire's suggestion that we cherish those who seek the truth...but beware of those who find it. Few will quarrel with Randy Gage's faith in becoming - and then remaining -- "smart, healthy & rich" but many will disagree with his opinions which he presents as facts (e.g. the late Pope "leaves behind a legacy of poverty, ignorance, and despair" and with his suggestions which come across as fiats (e.g. those whose purpose is to "serve God" ought to be in a straightjacket"). Somewhere well-buried within this book is a very important insight which complements Voltaire's: Too often, too many of us are unwilling and/or unable to think independently (e.g. to challenge the assumptions and premises of so-called "conventional wisdom"), and then, to take principled and effective action, guided and informed by what our independent thinking reveals.

All of us make bad decisions at one time or another. Obviously, Gage asserts, it is "dumb" to repeat them. For example, to become addicted to health-threatening behavior as well as to spend far in excess of income while maxing out credit cards. Various bad decisions can significantly reduce one's quality of life, standard of living, and career. How easy it is to be controlled by what James O'Toole has aptly characterized as "the ideology of comfort and the tyranny of custom." Presumably helping people to avoid or escape from such control is one of the reasons why he wrote this book. It is a worthy objective.

Frankly, I would have added another star to the rating were it not for Gage's frequent use of confrontational ("shock") rhetoric which, in my opinion, creates distractions throughout the flow of his narrative. Of course, making the right decisions cannot guarantee that one will become "smart, healthy & rich!" but that will certainly improve the odds. According to Gage, the fundamental challenge is to replace a "fear of success" mindset with a faith in what can be accomplished, and then make whatever changes may be necessary in one's values, attitudes, and behavior to achieve the desired objectives. It is that easy...and, yes, that difficult...but possible.
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VINE VOICEon November 2, 2006
I have been an e-zine subscriber and customer of Randy's for many years. He is authentic, outspoken and not afraid to speak the truth even if his views are unpopular. Until I met Randy I was a bleeding heart liberal who tried to save every down and out human that crossed paths with me. No matter how much love, support and financial aid I gave none of these people ever improved their situations. All they did was attract more back "luck" and begged for more money. If I wasn't able to help they'd turn on me and equate me with the devil. After reading Randy's books I began to work on my own prosperity consciousness and I stopped giving handouts to those who didn't really want help. I make more money now and I support animal rescue and adoption groups. Read anything that Randy writes and think about what he says objectively. You will learn a great deal and if you take it to heart you will prosper.
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on January 29, 2007
There is a reason Joe Vitale gives Randy pages in his book The Attractor Factor. Randy's message is right on the point of Joe's book.

Some people are offended by his writing style, others do not accept his message of accountability. No surprise since the majority of Americans are in the herd.

If there is something inside of you that says "all the dots are not connecting for me" or if you are in a pattern of negativity and/or lack, Randy's book will help you. Reading it solves nothing, but if you develop a plan of action and then take action there will be change.

If you continue to hold others accountable for what is happening in your life, then your life will be what they make it.

Steve Pohlit
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on January 21, 2012
I've never reviewed a book on Amazon before, but this book's current reviews are misleading.

I bought this book partly because it was well-reviewed by a large number sources; after reading the actual book, I wonder which book these people actually read.

Gage starts out strong with an interesting personal anecdote of getting mugged and his analysis of how he brought this on himself. After those five pages, the book fizzles out into dull generalizations followed by overly-poetic musings on Puccini operas and sunsets.

I get the feeling that very little of this author's financial advice is drawn from real-life experience and much of it is re-hashed from other wealth-advice books. He speaks about having "made millions" in Real Estate, but speaks about it with the vocabulary of a novice in the two pages he devotes to this vehicle. One sees this especially in his way of believing that the value of the property will always increase, that you'll always make money from renters, and that flipping houses and selling them for a profit is a great idea (this book was published in 2006!).

With this lack of substance is paired a peppering of scattered unsavory remarks about how Pope John Paul II worked to keep his followers "dumb, sick, and broke" and how the media programs audiences to believe that poor people are happiest. I don't think any of the outlandish ideas expressed in this book really fit: all seem out-of-place and pushed in just to try and give a marketing stir (as he admits on page 155).

The back of the dust-jacket calls this book "Shocking. Controversial. Brilliant." Really, it is none of the above, I am honestly sad to say that this was a waste of time, but a brilliantly-marketed book that had me hooked until I realized the content did not match the marketing.

If you are really "dumb, sick, and broke", save your money and DO NOT waste money on this book.
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There's a reason this book has so many 5-star reviews here on Amazon, and the reason is:

It's great!

Gage invites readers to exercise their perogative to use CRITICAL THINKING (which is no small feat), and he also encourages readers

to QUESTION everything they THINK/KNOW/BELIEVE (this includes anything they read in his book).

The value of critical thinking is that is gets us to question our long-held beliefs,

and, possibly, to change our ways for better results in every area of life.

If you are feeling "stuck" (Dumb, Sick, or Broke), do yourself a favor, and read Gage's no-nonsense,

pull-no-punches book, which is one super REALITY CHECK!

Great motivational reading!
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VINE VOICEon December 8, 2006
I am quite familiar with Randy's explanation of prosperity having read several of his books. In addition I am an active and voracious reader and user of New Thought principles, so the information here is not entirely new but gets major points for being presented in a way that would relate to the average person.

I am able to relate to Randy's real life experiences as examples as they are presented without much hoopla or theories. The ideas contained in the book will be nothing new for those who have read the likes of Charles Filmore, Ernest Holmes, John Randolph Price, Catherine Ponder and the likes.

The book gets major points from me for brining to light ideas about God/Allah/Buddha or any other term you like to call Infinite Power/Mind, but from another perspective. For example Randy mentions that God does not grant requests but simply has already provided every thing we could possible need or desire, all we need to do is tap into that substance and prosperity consciousness within us that is part of our true nature.

Some points had me scratching my head or questioning my values and approach to life but thats a good thing. I have always been into the Libertarian values, but Randy validate those fews and also even challenged them. There is a great chapter on living with values, philosophy, and purpose, and breaks each one down to the bone in terms of meaning and how to apply to life.

While this information is great and defintely useful I like how Randy says you should never take his view or anyone elses at face value but test things out for yourself.

The religious chapter will defintely get some people on edge and that again is good. Nothing too new here either if you read Conversations with God, but again Randy gets straight to the point and holds nothing back. I LOVE IT!

Its a great addition to a library or to anyone wanting to make some changes in their life for the better.
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on July 16, 2013
another dumb book only for obese people who ate too much junk food, who have to say affirmations, and who watch too much tv, etc.....yawn

or maybe for the type who smokes pot and does nothing all day?

But this one book comes with a twist of it's own:

what makes this book PARTICULARLY stupid, is the title: 'why you are dumb and sick'. So, someone is sick and that's their fault? Oh yes, and they are even dumb....

oh, and wait. This book tells you how to be healthy AND rich! Wow man! Amazing!

Seriously, it's a shame that dumb schmucks like Randy Gage can publish a book and sell it too. I only feel dumb for having read it, and it's one of the worst I have. For a good one, I suggest you check out Felix Dennis and his '88 steps' book. Unless you want to be dumb too, 'cause the only one getting rich is the dumb schmuck who wrote this dumb, stupid book.
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on November 1, 2006
If after you read this book you dont get off your duff and become productive, then you simply are NEVER going to release victimhood. Randy has placed all the necessary seeds for allowing people to realize their own potential. Now just add water and GROW...This book is phenominal and should be required reading to all those struggling with Who They Are and Why. This book gave me insight to myself that I was never of before. I am now Conscious and loving it...Thanks Randy!!!
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on November 16, 2006
Randy Gage has been called many things and spending time in his book should make you realize the extraordinary life this man leads. He is funny, bright and articulate. A man that didn't finish High School.His book title is evident of his in-your-face style of communication. His whole purpose is to make people THINK. And to encourage people to take back their life and not give their life over to the federal government or their church or their job. Take responsibilty for your life and live it to the fullest of your abilities. If you change your attitude about life you change your life.

Randy Gage is as vicious as an attack dog to fight the good fight to expose the evils found within what Randy calls the datasphere. People are being bombarded with thousands of negative messages everyday from the media, the T.V. newspapers, magazines and even church and government leaders As you read through the book Randy at times may make you uncomfortable.And the more uncomfortable he makes you feel with a particular subject the more you may need to analyze your responses to what he is saying. If he hits a hot button it may be an area that you need to spend some time reflecting on what is being said.

I give this book 5 Stars and say that if you don't read this book several times over then you deserve to stay
Dumb, Sick and Broke.
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on February 1, 2013
I have had an on/off relationship with Randy Gage's work for a few years. At first he struck me as know, the MLM guy. He popped up on my radar a few times a year and I would give his message another go. As I have aged, his ideas make more sense to me.

I suppose to, to use Randy’s parlance, I had too much of a victim mindset to appreciate his message. I recall him suggesting watching one of his videos per day. I tried that and started to better grasp his overall message. I started to get the bigger picture and see my role in my life’s creation more clearly. It was then that I purchased the book.

All I can say is that it is an amazing manifesto on personal responsibility. The ideas put forth, once pondered, are critical to success in any area and at any level. This IS NOT a book to read in one sitting and move on. This is a book to be digested and contemplated over time. To fully realize the potential of this book, one must invest in some honest introspection.
Once you do that, things will appear a bit different. You will notice the ways you are sabotaging your own growth and development, taking the status-duo as the “gospel.”

This book made a huge impact on my self-reflection. Very similar to As Man Thinketh by James Allen. I put those two on a similar plane.
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