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on October 12, 2003
I cannot put the Bible down. I owned the first version and, yes the print was larger in the old version, which I can use as I get older. This Bible has practically everything you need in it from maps, Strong's Concordance, Greek/Hebrew translation of words, and word study. The awesome part is in the article series in the back of the Bible which talks about the problems w/in today's church, Healing of Our Nations (called to a reconciliation ministry to all nations), restoration, Messianic Believers, spiritual gifts, and how to bring another to Christ. As a Jewish believer, the relevancy in today's world with the Middle East, Judiasm, Israel, and the prophetic word from the O.T. is right on target. It is an awesome Bible!
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on March 28, 2005
Over the years I have used many Bibles, different formats, different translations. This Bible has been by far the most effective in learning exactly what the content of verses means. It has outstanding commentary by Jack Hayford. The word wealth entries absolutely opened my eyes into the words, their original meaning and how it could apply to my life today. This is my personal favorite part of this Bible. It really helped me understand context of verses so much better than ever before.

It has a excellent concordance, that is extensive and helpful in finding help in word studies or finding a particular verse. I found it more extensive than most Bibles, and rarely had to consult another concordance in searching for specific scriptures.

One of the more defining parts are the Kingdom Dynamics which teach spiritual concepts for our personal lives, and how to apply these to our daily living and growth in Christ.

At the end of most books is truth in action. It offers Keys, steps and guidelines that break things down in a very understandable format, easy to absorb and use for practical application.

This Bible has helped to transform my thinking in several areas, it not only opened up the scripture in a more defining and life changing way. It gave me practical down to earth tools, concepts and revelations to use in my daily life and walk before the Lord.

I think you will find it a great tool in opening up the word of God to your spirit. It becomes personal and transforming. Something we all surely need daily in this troubled and divisive world. Where as many translations still leave you wondering, what did that mean? I believe this one will leave you thinking wow.. I never knew that.. thats great!

To me the Bible is fuel for your spirit. You need it to refresh yourself daily and this Bible offers tools to make it even easier. Without reading the scripture often, and applying it, our spiritual life cannot survive. We will find ourselves weaker and more worn from the cares of life, and the temptations.

It brought a wealth of information and tools to my Bible study I have not found in any other. I hope you will get a copy and see what wonderful changes it can make in your own life.

This Bible makes you want to read more, learn more, and dig deeper into it to find the meanings and concepts that God has

left for us in his Inspired Word, a guidebook for the soul. That makes it even more valuable. I hope you give it a try.

Millie (from Millie's Devotions and INspirations)
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on September 18, 2010
I recently upgraded my kindle to the latest and greatest version and bought a new Android phone with the Kindle app on it, that way, I can access all of my books while on the go and all of them stay in sync with each other. Pretty cool! Anyway, I also began looking for a new Kindle Bible. I am so glad I found this one! It has exceeded my expectations in that all of the links for study notes are embedded into the Bible, so just click on a link while reading and it will take you straight to the note associated with the passage. After you are finished reading the study note, just hit back and you are right back where you left off.

With the new kindle being faster than the old one, it makes the experience of reading the Word extremely enjoyable, I also always felt that the leather bound version of this bible had too many notes for my taste and distracted me from the Word itself, that no longer happens to me with the kindle version, for some reason, it is now easier for me to ignore all of the notes and just read the Word when that is what I want to do. Please keep in mind that my comments on the leather bound version are not meant to suggest that I don't love this excellence resource, because I do. I am extremely thankful that I have it at my disposal when I want to study something in depth.

Long story short, if you are looking for a new Bible for your Kindle, even if you were not necessarily looking for one with study notes, I believe you will enjoy The Spirit Filled Life Bible for Kindle!
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VINE VOICEon January 30, 2003
I agree with the reviewer who said the old one is better. I considered buying the new one from a bookstore but the graphics turned me off: smaller type, jumbled, hard to follow. There were a couple of new things in this one that were attractive, but I also agree that the loss of the old articles more than outweighed the additions. Amazon was selling the older edition (1998) too---go for that one! (Try if no longer available on Amazon) But if you can't get the older one, then this is the next best thing.
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on March 4, 2004
This is the best Study Bible I've used in my 12 years of trying to understand God's word. The NKJV is alot easier to understand not to mention the added comments by Jack Hayford and team. I highly recomend this Bible for those who want to learn more from the Bible. Hope this helps someone to make a decision. Thank You. Terry Covington
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on February 25, 2011
I am new to kindle, and decided to try it because I'm tired of dragging around books. The idea of several hundred books stored in a portable device - sweet. And being able to take a library with me...
That being said, I decided to try the NKJV Spirit Filled Life Bible, which I love. The Bible itself is great. The formatting of it is largely good - many of the notes are "hidden" and to view them, just click on the icon. Very good. But why would they not index it? To get to a New Testament book I have to get out my book Bible, look up the exact wording of a book, eg, "The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy" and enter it in and I can get to 1 Tim that way. But there's no way to get to a particular verse, and that makes using this E-Version unwieldy and intensely irritating. They could have done better...period. I'd gladly pay another ten bucks for a fix to this albatross of an application. Let me be able to type in Matt 23:16 and go there instead of having to go to Matt 1:1 and then haveing to forward through every page until I get to where I want. Someone needs to get their head off their seat cushion and back on their shoulders and think about what they're doing, which they obviously didn't do with this effort. I'm not nearly as angry as I am disgusted.

Now I hesitate to even consider buying one of these products unless I see that it is specifically labeled "indexed."
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on June 25, 2011
Love the hardcopy of the Spirit Filled Life Bible, had mine 15+ years. Hate the Kindle version. When my new Kindle arrived yesterday I saw this and downloaded it immediately. Since there were only three negative Kindle comments, I thought perhaps maybe folks didn't understand how to use it, and being a technoid myself I could figure it out. NOPE!!!!! You CANNOT search for a bible book, let alone search for a chapter or verse or even a word. So if the Pastor says please turn in your bibles to Matthew 24, it is not going to happen with this download. You have to page through many many many many (did I say many enough times) pages of table of contents. I finally gave up in Ruth scrolling through all the tables of contents, so I don't even know if there is a New Testament Table of Contents. Yes, I said pages of table of Contents. First you get a list of the OT books, then you get a list of OT books with each chapter number, I stopped paging forward at Ruth 4. I have no idea if they even have a Table of Contents for the NT, I got tired hitting page forward.

When you use the Search feature the message the Kindle gives you is as follows: "YOUR SEARCH CANNOT BE COMPLETED AS THIS ITEM HAS NOT YET BEEN INDEXED. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER." I love the last note, it sounds like a phone company recording when you get a bad #, please try again later, like searching again will make it happen. The book is not indexed. Folks this is a wonderful bible, just not a Kindle version. Don't spend your $10 here. Spend a bit more and get one that is indexed, or buy the hardcopy, it is an awesome bible, just NOT the Kindle version.

By the way one of the reviewers said the notes and Word Wealth and Hebrew and Greek notes are only visable when you select them. NOT SO on the Kindle, they are right there with the bible text, so if you only want to see the bible text, that is not going to happen. Sometimes the notes take up the entire Kindle screen, and you have to page forward 2x before even getting back to the main text.

Amazon, the commentary should be italicized, so it is separate from the main text and with an option to turn it on or off for display. Also the bible should be indexed by book title, ie Genesis, Revelation, Matthew, Psalms...etc... and chapter title with in the books (1,2,34,56 etc....), and verse. Also a word look up.
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on January 11, 2003
The original Spirit-filled Life Bible was a triumph - filled with great information and practical articles that helped ground believers in their walk. I owned several and recommended them to my friends. I was looking forward to the next edition, hoping that the editors would find some innovative way to improve on a great beginning. They didn't.
While the new version sports a new look, new graphics, new contributors and new articles, the flaws outweigh the gains.
The good news is the commentary, word studies, and book notes duplicate the first edition. Some of the articles of the original make a second appearance - like the excellent article on understanding the end times. The center column cross-references and notes are very useful along with the maps at the end of the bible. These things continue to make the SFLB a useful and balanced teaching tool for believers.
The flaws are the graphics (they muddy up the "look" of the SFLB) and the new articles.
Graphics are always subjective, but the new ones are busy and cause the pages to look crowded with different colored half-tone boxes, tiny margins and too many type styles.
Where the revision really suffers is in the new articles. Pat Robertson's outstanding 15-page essay "Spirit Answers to Hard Questions" was dropped. In its place are offerings on world evangelism, healing nations, understanding Messanic Jewish Ministry, and How to lead a Person to the Savior. Of these, the last one is the only one with practical value - after all, few of us will be conducting world evangelism, nation healing, or outreaches to Messianic Jewry. These themes admittedly have real value to the Body of Christ - but is the limited space available in the Spirit-filled Life Bible the best place for them? Are believers really getting the best bang for their buck? Not in my opinion.
The articles feel more like Spirit-filled political correctness than discipleship and that takes its toll on the new edition. No longer is it the hard hitting, one-volume, discipleship manual for Charismatics that the first edition was. Sorry to say this, but I'm sending mine back.
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on March 5, 2011
This is a great study bible so far, i LOVE it! my favorite so far are the "word wealth" sections that give you the translation of words from the original hebrew/greek text; it really is teaching me so much! you will not regret buying this bible!
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on December 27, 2010
Love this version of the bible. However, I just bought the Kindle version (I have the Kindle 3) and it does not "index". Thus, I cannot type in a search for a specific verse. Very Bad for a bible. Can anyone help?
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