Customer Reviews: ESV Value Thinline Bible (TruTone, Midnight, Flame Design)
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on October 17, 2008
Other reviewers complained that there are no chapter links. I'm not sure if it is new, but the version I downloaded recently has both book and chapter links. At the main table of contents, there are links to all the books of the Bible in a single list. Once you select a book, the first page of each book has links to all the chapters in that book. It works really well that way. I can find any verse in three clicks. And the whole Bible is searchable. That along with the ESV translation means a great addition to any Kindle.
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on December 8, 2007
This is a review for the Kindle version! I love this version of the scriptures, so no complaint there. This is the full ESV version. Navigation is where I have the problem. Like another reviewer of a different version, I have some problems getting around. You can choose a book from the table of contents like you would choose a chapter in a regular book, then pick the chapter, but then you must page forward to get to the verse you want. This could be time consuming for long chapters. Also, verse #'s are the same size as the text so they can be a little hard to find. I have used MyBible on my treo for a couple years now and the navigation on it is much easier! Also, MyBible gives you the option to switch between other purchased versions with 1 click while staying at the same point. I will be carrying my Kindle to Sunday service and to Bible studies for at least a couple weeks unless I can't keep up while searching verses, then it would have to be back to the treo or hard copy, which I would hate because I love the Kindle screen and size so much better. I hope other publishers working on Kindle versions take the ease of navigation into consideration.
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on October 8, 2006
I'll start by saying the ESV version of the Bible is wonderful. This presentation of scripture is eloquent and flowing. I would recommend this version to just about anyone.

Now about the binding . . . I own two ESV bibles. I purchased the Heirloom Reference Edition about a year ago, and was beyond delighted when I received it. The Heirloom binding is thick and luxurious. The pages are also thick, egg-white in color, with very generous margins, and "large" print. It is one of the finest Bibles I own.

I wanted a second less expensive ESV Bible to purchase for outside-the-home use. Thus I purchased and began using the "Premium Bonded Leather" version on July 1, 2006 (three months ago). First of all, it does not feel like bonded leather at all. More like "leatherflex" (which I believe is textured paper, made to look like leather). More importantly, the binding performs like leatherflex. It does not bend; it creases. Yesterday after only 90+ days use, the spine SPLIT. I can identify about four additional places that will also split in a matter of weeks. Also, the edges are worn down. I have always wanted a worn-out Bible like Kay Arthur's or Beth Moore's, but not this soon. This Bible is in worse shape than the Bibles that I have used extensively for several years.

If you are interested in this version, I would recommend purchasing the Heirloom Edition. Granted, it is quite a bit more expensive; however, a Bible is a lifetime purchase, and the Heirloom comes with a lifetime guarantee.
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on August 20, 2010
I am a person with diminished vision, having had nine surgical interventions in my eyes. For that reason I have difficulty reading the standard print, (10 Point print), of my old Bible. In fact, I have to use a magnifying glass to do so. So I decided to order a Giant Print ESV Bible, with 15 Pt. print size, which Amazon offered on a Pre-Order basis. Two days later they advised me by email that the Bible ordered was no longer available. That left me in some desperation, as I needed an urgent solution to my problem. The only alternative I could find is this Large Print ESV Bible. I was hesitant to order it because it has a 12.75 Pt. print size, which in reality is only 50% greater than that of my old Bible. But I finally decided to take a chance with regard to it's adequacy for me and ordered it. I also specified expedited shipping because I live in Colombia, South America. The Amazon estimate of earliest delivery time was 10 Days. I was delighted when it arrived, delivered to my front door in 11 Days! Also the Customs Authority here did NOT demand payment of Duty and Value Added Tax, which was an extra bonus. The Bible, it's Box and the packaging were all in perfect condition. Opening the Bible I found, with much joy and satisfaction, that I could read the texts easily and comfortably with my normal reading glasses. So, my anxieties regarding the print size were exaggerated. The Bible itself is of high quality and finely crafted. The paper of the pages is thin, very white and of traditional bible quality. When reading the texts, I am not conscious of any bleed-through of the print. The type face is excellent, uniform, fine and of great precision. The page layout is spacious and uncluttered, which makes it a pleasure to read. The binding is sewn and the Bible lies flat when opened. The Leather cover is of excellent quality, flexible and good to the touch. I can recommend this Bible to anyone, but particularly to those who may hesitate to buy it because of the print size. I am a first time buyer and congratulate and thank Amazon for the efficiency and quality of their service.
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on June 3, 2006
Like many I have become a fan of the ESV translation. While Crossway has had some binding problems this seems to be a common trend with many Bible publishers today. Glued bindings alone do not seem to hold up over time. Some glued bindings are obviously better than others but I am of the opinion that all bindings should be sewn and glued if possible for a sturdy overall product. The Crossway calfskin editions are simply wonderful! The cordovan calfskin found here on the thinline and also on the cordovan Classic Reference Edition are something to behold. This cordovan calfskin is like no other Bible cover I have seen or held. The owner will be quite pleased with the Bible. Nice 9.5 point type (unless your eyes are aging). I gave this Bible a 4 out of 5 only because like most Crossway Bibles it is also glued bound. I have to admit that the Crossway thinline editions tend to be sturdy when compared to some of their other glued Bibles. The Classic Reference calfskin editions (black and cordovan) along with the Heirloom Deluxe Reference ESV in black calfskin all have sewn bindings which is a plus. The ESV is one of the best translations currently available and the Crossway calfskin editions are some of the finest on the market. This is the way to go if you want to purchase a better quality ESV. Calfskin editions available here on Amazon are ISBN#'s 1581343507, 1581347065, 1581347057, 1581347006, 1581345984. God Bless.
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on April 28, 2003
I have been very impressed with the English Standard Version since its publication in 2001. Of the multitude of English translations of Scripture available, it may well be the best combination of accuracy, readability, and literary quality. Up until now, the one major disappointment, as many other reviewers have noted, has been the rather poor quality of publications in which it was available.
WIth this new edition of the Classic Reference Bible, it appears that Crossway has finally achieved the goal of providing a high quality ESV Bible. While the text, references, footnotes, maps, and concordance are identical to the already published Classic Reference Bible, there are, in my opinion, three unique improvements in this edition that commend it to anyone who loves and prefers this wonderful translation:
(1) The print type is larger, a 10.5 size (vs 9.5 in the original Classic Reference), which makes it easier to read. This is especially true with regards to the references and footnotes, which were practically illegible to my 40+ year old eyes.
(2) The wider margins allow notetaking, a real plus.
(3) While I don't claim to be a binding expert, it does appear that the binding used (at least on the genuine leather edition) is of a higher quality than on the original edition, which is a much needed improvement.
In summary, I would commend this edition of the ESV without qualification, unlike the earlier editions.
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on February 24, 2008
Crossway put this out very quickly in response to Kindle user's asking for it so they are to be commended in that respect. I will second the previous reviewer's issues with navigation, it is difficult to navigate with. I did a short test and timed myself with a paper-based Bible and the ESV on the Kindle. It took me about 5-6 seconds to look up most verses with the paper-based Bible and about 20-25 seconds on the Kindle. Nerdy, I know, but it is a good way to reference this Bible. This is more of a Kindle hardware/software issue though and not necessarily anything to fault Crossway's ESV Bible though.

I think the key to fixing this issue involves a combination of Bible publishers and Kindle software designers help. You need to be able to have the ability to search only within the book currently being read so that when I run a search it will not attempt to search all books (which is slower than searching a single book). The ability to jump immediately to the pages that contain the text I searched for rather than having to select the result from the "search results preview screen" would be good as well. Also, the Bible publishers need to have the commonly searchable names for the books of the Bible in the text so that when I search for Lam 1 I will get Lamentations 1 without having to type in Lamentations, which can take a while to type in. I know this is just partial-text searching, but that doesn't seem to function properly with the current Kindle software release (1.0 121380292 still, I haven't received 1.0.4). It also might be good for the Kindle to have the ability to search through "hidden" text. Maybe a tag could be wrapped around text that you'd like to search for but would not display while reading, this way I could search for "Psa 119:129" and I could jump directly there because this verse would have "Psa Psalm 119:129" in meta-text that is searchable but is not displayed.

I know we're only talking a few seconds to navigate, but when you are doing any kind of in-depth Bible study or if you have a pastor/preacher/teacher that likes to jump around the Bible a lot, this is actually pretty important. [...].

In summary, I would recommend this version. It might be nice to see cross-references or some of the other ESV editions that Crossway publishes (Literary Study Bible!) in the future but I'm sure these will come as the Kindle catches on.
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on June 12, 2010
I was looking for a decent, non-paperback ESV Bible and this was one of the least expensive and I liked the color and design of the the cover (Trutone, Midnight, Flame). When I got it in the mail I was pretty pleased. It looks and feels nice and I am surprised it is only 11 bucks on Amazon. The pages are easy to read and the typeset looks very clean, simple, and modern. There is even a nice concordance in the back which might be useful for some people. It doesn't have red-lettering but that's why it's so cheap I guess. Also, the size of the Bible is not as compact as some of the pocket Bibles out there, but that's the tradeoff for having easily readable print. As I said, the Trutone cover is nice, but of course won't be as durable as genuine leather. For the money, this Bible has a pretty good value, I like it a lot.
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on April 13, 2007
I have been waiting for an ESV that had enough room for copious notes. The "Journalling Bible" was not it (the type was too small and thus the space for notes on each verse was limited). The "Deluxe Reference Bible" came close, but had margins that were just a bit miserly.

The "ESV Single Column Reference Bible" is an excellent bible for study. The ESV translation is one of the best, and the page arrangement of this version is ideal for taking notes (and there is some room for adding to the cross-references, if one desires to do so).

The TruTone cover is a nice artificial calfskin; it is so supple and soft that you will feel decadent. Two buddies who borrowed or handled mine actually commented that they wished they could afford such a nice Bible. I didn't get it to induce covetousness, but it is nice to know that SOMETHING I own might be droolworthy.

This is a fine Bible, but not perfect.

The "Single Column Reference Bible" is just two strokes off par. These have been mentioned by others, but I think deserve acknowledgment:

First and foremost, the pages are indeed thin. One particular example of this is that the bleed-through of printing from the back of each page actually is as dark as the (gray) paragraph marks on the page one is reading. I have had Bibles that had thinner pages, and one can adapt to them. Still, I am approaching the age at which I appreciate any eyesight help that I can get.

In addition, the type is a bit harder to read than that of the "Deluxe Reference Bible," being both smaller and less heavy.

Had this Bible used the paper of the "Deluxe Reference Bible," I think I would have little to criticize (except, of course, the unwieldly thickness it would then possess).

As it is, I find myself using this Bible quite often for casual verse look-up, and generally carry it to church and bible study. The note-taking space seems to be most important to me in those venues. For most reading and at-home study, I still prefer the "ESV Deluxe Reference Bible."

If you really want a Bible with room to make plenty of lengthy notes, the Single Column Reference Bible will probably be satisfactory. However if you can get by with modest note-taking space, or if bleed-through from other pages really reduces readability for you, then you would probably prefer the "Deluxe Reference" over the "Single-Column Reference."

By the way, for any Bible (including this one) that has enough bleed-through to be annoying, you might find it useful to keep a couple of sheets of black paper tucked inside the Bible. If you put one of these behind the page you are reading, the print from the backside is much less noticeable (although the whole page will sort of look gray).
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VINE VOICEon August 25, 2004
When I opened the package from Amazon I was literally stunned by the outstanding quality of this Bible. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would! The Cordovan Calfskin Leather binding is truly marvelous. The color is somewhere between burgundy and brown. The genuine calfskin leather is thick yet soft and pliable. The inside of the cover is lined with genuine calfskin leather (most Bibles are lined with paper). The edges of the leather cover are actually SEWN for greater strength and longevity (most Bibles are glued). The binding is perfect in every way. I can find no flaws at all - and I am a stickler!

The print is small but extremely clear and readable. Although there are no references, there is a concise concordance and a section of full color maps, as well as a family register. The paper is thin, but high quality with no bleed-through.

The translation is the best to date. More accurate than the NIV, more consistent than the NASB, more readable than the KJV or NKJV. Certainly the most scholarly translation on the market right now. Endorsed by John Piper, R. C. Sproul, and Albert Mohler, Jr.

Even the box for this Bible is classy. Made to last a lifetime, I give this edition the highest endorsement I possibly can. Well worth the investment!
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