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on February 22, 2014
I was looking a for a book that contained questions that I would expect on an interview and supposed answers that would "wow" an interviewer. This book is for new college or high-school graduates looking for a job--or for someone who is returning to the job market after being away for awhile. This book is not for the high-end career seekers who will face behavioral and business strategy questions in an interview.
The book provides well-known and general advice and what to do on an interview: dress professionally, arrive early, firm handshake, maintain eye contact, follow-up, etc. What about the down and dirty details of what to say for your pitch? For certain types of questions? What to include in the follow-up email?
I really wanted to "Knock 'em Dead" but with this book, readers will learn how to put on their boxing gloves--that's about it.
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on August 16, 2014
Are you hunting for sales job interview questions and answers?

Get ready then, because I have good news for you. Meaning, if you're in a rush, and tight on time, then all you really need is the first chapter (it's named "The Five Secrets Behind Every Hiring Decision"). Get your mind wrapped around that, and the rest of the interview mystery all jumps into place. Really!

But look, even if you have to read that chapter twice [like I did] to finally get into sync with Yate's thoughts, it's WELL worth the time. His insider info on hiring manager thought process on "suitability", problems solving, and the other principles you'll learn about, give the framework you MUST know to properly arrange your experiences and tackle sales interview questions.

That was the biggest key for me (and that was just chapter 1, which in my mind is MORE THAN worth the price of the book right there!). It opened up the focus and clarity I needed on how to sell my skills & successes in ways that the hiring manager needed to hear to put me onto the "hire" list.

The second biggest Ah-Ha revelation hit me in chapter 4. Cracking the telepohnic interview questions [and all the anxiety wrapped up in it] has been CRITICAL for me, because those screener calls always used to completely panic me since I had no body language to read, only a voice to try to decode what was really being asked!

Confession I'll make here is that the turning point was this little two page section, "Conversation Is A Two Way Street" ...which sounds SUPER-obvious now... but really opened my mind and leveled the playing field. Agreed, once you get it, you've got it forever, but when I hit that part of the book, I reread it at least four times to push it all the way into my brain. It was a HUGE relief to get this new perspective into my approach.

Sales interview questions over the phone? SURE! Bring 'em on! ...and I get better with every call, since the each one lets me further hammers home Yate's principles.

Many thanks to Mr. Yate for uncovering a huge list of business secrets on interviewing, page after page in this book!
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on December 12, 2012
I bought and absorbed Knock 'em Dead over a dozen years ago and found it to be excellent guide for interviewing success back then, and a timeless resource over the years. Now later in my career and wanting to focus in on interviewing skills, I purchased the Kindle edition of Knock 'em Dead Job Interview and found it to be the refresher course that I was looking for.

The start of the book does a very nice job of setting the stage by helping the reader get inside the head of the interviewer, and understand secrets to interview success. It then takes the reader through the interview stages, starting with the phone interview with the familiar presentation of common (and not so common) interview questions with smart ideas and examples on how to attack them. Much of the book will be familiar to readers of previous editions of the Knock 'em Dead books, however this one provides more details on the interview topics and presents the material in a new way.

I find the book very readable and am now more confidently prepared for future interviews inside or outside my company.
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on January 22, 2015
I found this book while looking for answers to my unemployment dilemma. In the past 6 years, I have had 5 different jobs for varying reasons (being riffed, resigning due to distance from home or for ethical purposes, or for better opportunities). Nothing seemed to be working in terms of landing a career (not just a day-job). We were struggling financially and things needed to turn around. That’s when I found this “Knock ‘em Dead” book and I absolutely loved it. While I had a lot of experience in the job interview category, I was having trouble turning that into the job offer that I so desperately needed. Once I read this book, I realized that a number of the things in the book that they tell you not to do I was putting out there on interviews. I really took their advice to heart and practiced my interviewing skills. With the ideas in my conscious mind about what how I needed to sell myself, I landed the very next job interview I went on. Now I have a great job that I am truly happy with, and I was even able to negotiate some amazing benefits on top of that. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I didn’t commit to working on myself with the help of this book. I’m not saying that it’s easy, but anything worth doing is worth doing right. Thank you for the amazing advice!
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on December 6, 2013
The knock 'em Dead series were recommended to me by several head hunters. After reading the book I was better prepared for my interviews and less stressed; definitively a game changer. I highly recommend this book and the series from Martin Yate.
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on February 7, 2013
I have read three of Martin's book. They are excellent! If you are serious and focused about being successful on your career and job search, you need to read these books. I am glad that someone referred me to these books some years back and I hope you find them useful too. Thank You Martin!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 15, 2015
As an industry marketing professional, I’ve been contending with a saturated job market in Portland, Oregon due to the high levels of educated competition. In order to find a leg up I downloaded this guide in hopes that it could help me further refine my interviewing skills. After incorporating the knowledge provided and learning all of the details it offers I finally feel confident enough to perform optimally in the interviews I apply for.

One of the primary aspects of this guide I thoroughly enjoyed was the way it discussed the interview process from both sides of the desk, providing a view of any potential employer that I didn’t prior possess. I was provided such unique knowledge as how interview on the telephone and strategies for interacting with an untrained interviewer. Perhaps my favorite information was the answer to questions that interviewers ask. These answers were so astute and capable that I committed many to a memorization priority. This section alone was well worth the money I paid. Finally, the author even provides all of the most valuable do’s and dont’s of a professional exit; something that will help many people rectify their flawed actions during this portion of the interview. I know it did for me.

Now that my courage has been renewed and I have a new-found set of interviewing skills, there is sure to be a much higher percentage chance of me procuring a job conducive to my skill set. I thank this book for much of that knowledge. I know it will remain in my library for some time to come because I’ll be going back to read the indispensable facts it bestows for some time to come.
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on January 9, 2015
There are lots of resources available to people on the job market. But many of them stick to focusing on applying for jobs – how to search for a good job, how to make your resume stand out, etc. It’s rare to find advice on preparing for an interview and negotiating the terms of your employment.

I was impressed by how much advice was given in this book and how many aspects of the interview preparation and process were given. From appearance to body language to maintaining your composure when the interviewer gets a little too personal, every scenario seemed to be covered. The author offered so many tips that never would have occurred to me.

This is an excellent tool to keep on hand throughout a job hunt, and even as a refresher when you’re trying to make yourself invaluable to your employer or if you’re up for a promotion. This book reminds us to maintain a sense of professionalism that seems lost on so many applicants. I am confident that I will stand out from the crowd in my future applications and interviews.
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on December 18, 2013
This book was recommended to me by a friend. I read it in 2 days and I learned so much. This is very valuable to anyone out there looking for a job and learn about the interview process. I am also reading the other Knock em Dead books.
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on January 7, 2015
I bought this and gave it to a friend of mine that was having a bit of bad luck on job interviews. After reading this book and applying the principles he learned from it, he is now happily employed. The Knock em Dead Job Interview book had some great sections that really applied to him and it was a great addition. He thanked me and said that he owed it to the book because he had been out on several calls and never got a second interview but right after the book he was called back to interview and was hired the next day!
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