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on February 24, 2014
I love this volume. It's the old volume 2 and 3 of Supers combined (although it begins just after Usagi and Chibi Usa have been age-swapped and it cuts off just before the Outer Senshi show up at the circus). This time the pages are bigger, giving each panel more space than it used to have. I looked back at the original tankoban and the ink is actually lighter. It's like the original we got in the US was copied two or three times too many and then squished, to the point that a lot of details, like facial expressions, are invisible or close to it. But now you can see it all, and it adds a lot to the story! Chibi Usa especially suffered from a loss of her mouth, typically, because she had so many expressions that chibis often have, and it's nice to see that her mouth has returned! Some other changes have been made - noses, eyes and limbs and such. Background details are restored and some effects have been added with the update.

I really don't get some of the translation decisions. Why exactly did Rei swear her 'chastity' to Princess Serenity? I understand that she's not into men (and maybe romance in general), but what? On the other hand, they did do some good fixes. The Yeats' poem is in there correctly, and I know that grated some people. By and large, this translation does stick to the old one, but there are some that just don't work.

The translation notes aren't the same as past novels, but a couple are kind of useless, as has been the case in previous novels. More interesting notes might have explained some of the mythology being used or maybe used some of Takeuchi's notes for character creation. But whatever.

Also, while I still love this series and the art is still quite beautiful... this series does not have a lot of great art. My roommate and I figured it out: if all you're doing is glancing at it, it looks really pretty. But if you stare at it any longer, it all comes apart. Proportions are off, limbs are wonky and sometimes cut off or missing, Takeuchi likes the void background a lot and there are various other issues.

Other than that, I love that all these volumes have been re-published. I hope we get the newer publication of the manga that they have in Japan sometime.
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on April 1, 2013
It comes with 2 colorful pages in the beginning. The quality of printing is awesome. I have been a fan of Sailormoon since I was little and was dying to get a proper manga collection in English and yes these books didn't disappoint me. The translation is very good, especially the helping pages in explanation of extra terms (Japanese term/culture) used in the book so readers can understand more about characters' action and dialogue.

I can't wait to collect all of them. These books are way better than the old ones. Good job!
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on February 21, 2016
A wonderful volume to a wonderful series. It has amazing art, characters, & plot line. I recommend it fully to anyone who loves anything shoujo. Also to anyone coming over from the anime, it is more straight to the point then the 90's anime was. But it still has its own way of being amazing.
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on October 15, 2013
And now we come to my second favorite manga arc, after Stars. As I have mentioned already, I thought the manga got worse after the first arc. The second arc was good but my second least favorite, after the Infinity Arc which hit an all-time low for me. But with the Dream arc, the manga suddenly came back to life. Each and every page here is just brimming with energy. The anime was good too, but this was better because it's more focused and the Outer Soldiers return for the finale. My only complaint is the same one I have with every arc of the manga; it's over too soon. But while it lasts it's 100% awesome. In the next volume, I'll discuss why I prefer the manga despite the anime giving depth to some of the villains.
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on June 2, 2014
Always loved Sailor Moon since i was kid. Been waiting for new edition to come out. Love the new book cover, and how they set it into 12 sailor moon books, plus 4 other books. Much better than 'orginial' books.
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on December 12, 2015
Sailor Moon, V. 9 by Naoko Takeuchi
I loooooove The Dead Moon Circus. I love it. This is the best character arc ever. Not only do we get to see fantastic character development in our main five scouts, but we also get to see the return on the outer scouts—and their living situation is adorable! Hotaru’s physical and mental growth is quick, yet believable, and all their emotions surrounding her really punch you in the emotional gut.
This particular volume is also another GREAT example for all you who believe Mamoru always comes to save the day throughout the anime series…when he doesn’t. He is sick…in every panel. But for a good reason. An interesting reason. This also causes—in my little opinion—for Sailor Moon and her relationship to take a back seat, so that the others can come out on top during their sections. It truly is wonderful, because we’re reminded of their dreams, wants, and faults as people and as guardians.
Aside from the growth of these characters, I adore the mini guardians, especially when we see Sailor Mars’ ravens—Deimos and Phobos—turn into humans. We also see Artemis’ human form! Oh, gosh. I about die every time I see him. (Why can’t my cats do this???) Even then, Helios still has my heart.He’s one of my favorite characters throughout the entire manga, and his relationship with Chibiusa is super sweet. In general, I find him to be super sweet. He also makes Mamoru’s character rounder, giving him more purpose and a more dynamic outreach.
I cannot wait to continue on with this character arc.
Recommended to: Sailor Moon fans (who’ve read the first 8), but if you’re still on the line about checking this manga out, this particular volume includes a unique family dynamic, LGTB friendly characters, other dimensions, a Pegasus, animals who turn into humans, inner conscience in the form of mini people, circus-themed villains, and a group of dynamic female superheroes.
Favorite Quote: Your greatest enemy, before you defeat any physical foe, is your own weakness.
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on May 14, 2013
I noticed that a lot of people have mentioned that they dislike these re-released versions of the manga, but I absolutely love it especially if you can't afford to buy the older versions. I love the new covers, but I would recommend buying the box set instead. I was buying them individually before I realized that they were coming out with a box set.
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on June 24, 2013
I'm totally glad. It's completely impossible to have any manga of Sailor Moon and Sailor V in my country (for some strange and stupid reason) and I'm a big big fan, I'm happy to finally have this colection. The book is taller than I thought and has a few color pages.
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on May 6, 2013
Perfect condition, I usually get small nicks on the spine or a small bend in the cover (those drive me crazy) but this book came to me shiny, unharmed. A true hot of the press condition.
5 stars.
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on April 25, 2013
This is my first time reading the manga after having watched the dubbed anime when I was little girl, and recently the original online
so I definitely enjoyed comparing the changes made in the anime to the original manga with this volume!

Sailor Pluto is by far my favorite and this excellent cover really does her justice.
Each one of these volumes is absolutely gorgeous to look at. Glossy covers and beautiful cover pages inside really make them stand out
as some of the loveliest manga I've ever picked up.

The translations seem to be getting better but still definitely need some work and I also find it pretty unacceptable to come across
spelling errors considering someone was paid to do this.

The scenes toward the end with Hotaru were especially
great and a refreshing change compared to the anime.
I will say that I actually prefer the anime's treatment of the whole cast of Dead Moon characters.
They were very nicely developed in the show and here they are nothing but stereotypical villains without any character development.

All in all this was a wonderful volume and probably my second favorite so far. 5 stars for the story, 4 for the translation/spelling errors.

Buy it!
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