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on June 22, 2003
There have been 182 reviews so I'm sure a lot has been said. However, let me just say that if you're deciding between Red Rocks and Live in Chicago, Red Rocks has a rough, fresh, energy-packed feel with exellent versions of Nancies, Warehouse, Seek Up, Ants Marching, Watchtower, and Typical Situation, however, Chicago is many times more full, mind-blowing, and professional. While it doesn't have the same "freshness" as Red Rocks, it's simply amazing and does much, much more justice to Tim Reynolds, and come to think about it, all of the members of the Dave Matthews Band. Also, Red Rocks (1995) is much more weighted on Under the Table and Dreaming and some early versions of Crash songs, while Live in Chicago (1998) has a whole lot of Before These Crowded Streets with only two songs from Under the Table. This contributes to the different moods of the two CDs. When comparing the Red Rocks version of Lie in Our Graves to the Chicago version (the only song that appears on both albums with the exception of Watchtower), the Red Rocks version seems weak and immature, while the Chicago vesion is absolutely breathtaking. To wrap things up, both are fantasic CDs (it's DMB, after all), and you really should buy both, however if you want that unmistakable early DMB sound, go for Red Rocks, and if you want a more "evolved" and powerful DMB sound or if you want more Tim, then go for Live in Chicago. All right, that's what I have to say (I think), hope it helps somebody a little.
By the way, if you are interested in hearing two amazing accoustic guitarists playing absolute masterpieces of songs, then click yourself away from this and go to Live at Luther College; it's what started it all, for me. Okay, that's it, I'm done. Goodbye.
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on June 5, 2001
Who knew that live CDs could be this delicious? I don't think even Dave could've predicted what an impact he would make through his concerts. But Live at Red Rocks is a legendary performance that was the spark that started the fire for me. You cannot help but catch the fever of wanting to see DMB live after you listen to this CD. This is what people go crazy over. If you don't understand the DMB phenomenon, listen to this with it turned up all the way...listening to this CD live gives me chills. I feel like I am there.
The appeal of this CD lies in its personality. Dave and Crew are not your typical "sing off the CD" band. They add their own twists, their own quirks, and their own idiosyncracies. That is why people travel the country over to see them: no two performances are ever alike. I'd like to see Britney Spears and NSYNC compare to that.
Have you ever thought about becoming a DMB fan (if you're not, I know the numbers are slimming!)? Then get this live album. You will be convinced of the talent, creativity, and sheer bliss the band puts into every song. And then you will be hooked. Don't say I didn't warn you!
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on August 4, 1999
I really can't add much that hasn't already been said in the numerous 5-star reviews here. I have also seen Dave and Band live and they just blow me away!!! My "official" introduction to this band was hearing the beginning of the live version of "Seek Up" from this set at a friends house (before it got too far into it someone changed the CD!). I have since purchased all the Dave I can get my hands on! The live versions of "Seek UP", "Two Step", "Rhyme and Reason (One of my all time favorites)", "Typical Situation", and "Lie In Our Graves" are amazing. The only thing this set is missing is a live version of "#41" (which they did play at the show I saw!). Carter Beauford has left many drummer friends of mine drooling, and the rest of the band is equally amazing (especially some of the stuff Dave does on guitar while singing!). A Great introduction to a band that knows how to play live as well as a necessary addition to any DMB fan's collection!
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on July 26, 2001
If you're like me and can't get enough of the Dave Matthews Band, you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE this. In this recording of a live concert, classic DMB songs that you already know and love are enhanced thousands of times over. The energy behind these songs is unimaginable and you feel like you want to jump up out of your chair and just hop around like a raging idiot because you can't handle the excitement. LeRoi and Boyd simply tear it up with their long and styling solo's, and Dave....oh! Just by listening to him and how excited and emotional he gets when singing sends a chill down my spine. "Seek Up", "Typical Situation", "Tripping Billies", and "Dancing Nancies" are absolutely magical. Trust me, if you even remotely like DMB's music, you will LOVE this CD. Buy's worth it.
If you're not a fan of DMB, this CD will be like love heroin, and you're not going to want to take it out of your stereo for weeks, maybe months. Please please please give it a try, because the band is phenomenal, and the CD is the best I've ever heard.
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on September 9, 2002
Dave Matthews is a very talented musician. His studio albums are awesome, but this CD lets the listener realize how they became big. "Live at Red Rocks" is the ultimate Dave CD. It has everyhting. The setlist is wonderful. This album lets you realize that this band is big beucase it started as a live band and put on one hell of a show. The songs they chose are wonderful.
Seek Up (10 of 10)- this is the perfect way to open the show. It is a 13:30 long epic that takes your breath away. IT starts off casually, and through their jamming porcess, it escelates into a climax unlike anyhting you have ever heard. Dave's yelling in the end (different from the version on Remember Two things) can give you chills. This is such a great song and such a great way to start the CD.
Proudest Monkey- (9 of 10)- this isn't one of my favorite Dave songs, but the live version is awesome. The music is cool, the whole band is so talented in this song. It is a good relaxing jam song to listen to.
Sattelite- (10 of 10)- This is the best version of "sattelite" out there. I love this song normally, so to hear it played so well live makes me feel like I'm there. I can close my eyes and seee them on stage. This is an awesome song.
Two Step (10 of 10)- Although bested by the version on "Listener Supported" this song is still awesome. Carter tears it up ont he drums. He is an amazing drummer with a lot of talent. The opening is awesome and it just takes off from there. The bad realyl shows their talents in this song.
Best of What's around- (10 of 10)- I really like this song live. It is so full of energy and excitment. I like the studio version of the song, but I only really liekd it after I heard it live. This is a realyl good version of the song.
Recently- (10 of 10)- This song is great. It's not too long like Dave has the tendency to do sometimes, but it is still great. The music is good and the lyrics are great. It is a fun song to listen to.
Lie in Our Graves (10 of 10)- This is probably the best version of this song. It is so full of energy. I enjoy listening to it a lot, and when I listen to the version on "Crash" after having listened to this version, I feel as if its lacking something. This is a great song.
Dancing Nancies (10 of 10)- By far one of the best songs on the CD, because in my opinion it is one of the best Dave songs. There is so much talent poured into this song, and Dave opens it with what almost seems like improv. I love it. It's such a great version of the song.
Warehouse- (10 of 10)- Like "Two Step" the version on "Listener Supported" is better but this version still rocks. I love the intor to this song, with Dave on the guitar and Boyd on the violin. Boyd is a truly talented violinist and deserves all the recognition he gets and this song proves it.
Tripping Billies (10 of 10)- This song, when it was performed was new to the DMB fans. So I can only imagine how crazy they were going when it was finished. This is such a great song, and to have listened to it before it was a hit has to be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. The song is so good, and the live version is even better.
Drive in Drive Out (9 of 10)- This song lacks something, but it is still great. Perhaps because there was no studio version yet, but it still rocks live. Dave nails it. it is a great song to listen to. I enjoy it very much.
Lover Lay Down (9 of 10)- This is a great song as well. It just doens't have the awesome power that any other song on the CD does. Dave has perfect vocals in the song and the band plays their hearts out, just like every other song on the CD. It is a good song.
Rhyme and Reason- (10 of 10)- This is the best live version of this song. It beats the version on "Listener Supported" by a mile. This is such a great song to listen to and it is packed with a lot of emotion and talent. The band rocks and Dave's vioce rivals the band's playing.
#36 (10 of 10)- I think I'm just a sucker for any Dave song that has a number for a title. They are all great becuase the musical talent displayed in them is beyond anyhting I have ever heard. #36 is no exception. It is such an enjoyable song to listen to and is by far the best version of it out there.
Ants Marching- (10 of 10)- This is a fun song to listen to. The band just jams to it. You can tell that they are having the time of their lives while playing this song. It is so fun to listen to them play becuase they are having fun. This song shows that so well.
Typical Situation (10 of 10)- I enjoy everyhting about this song. Any version of it is great, but this version is superior to all of them. The song is so sad and full of feeling. The live version is awesome. It is very enjoyable to listen to.
Watchtower (10 of 10)- Although it is the worst live version of this cover ("Live in Chicago" is the best, and "Listener supported is better than this one) Tim Reynolds still puts on a heck of a solo. The song is awesome, maybe becuase I like the hendrix version the dylan version and the dave version and think its the best song ever written. It is very fun to listen to and I can't imagine that the crowd wouldn't be going crazy as the band ended their set with this song.
In all, this is porbably the best CD I own. It shows the band's talent so well. It makes you feel like you are there, watching DAve on stage, and you feel like you're in heaven. In all, this is Dave's way of brining his listeners close to a star.
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on September 6, 2001
Without a doubt the best dave CD. The band hits an unreal groove right from the beginning and hammers it through all the way to the end. What's better, a lot of the songs are given extra layers and twists that not only make them more enjoyable and complex, but create some of the most original versions you'll ever have heard. Seek Up is an great opener. It's an epic. Two Step has about a 2 1/2 minute intro combining acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and violin. Recently is one of the better versions with rare intros and outros, Dancing Nancies evolves into a great groove, and Lie in Our Graves has some nice sax action. The second CD has great songs as well, tight version of Tripping Billies, good Lover Lay Down, #36 has Carter pounding the drums for over two minutes before the song even begins. Ants has a nice little intro, Typical Situation is a sweet acoustic version. Finally, All Along the Watchtower. NICE. For those of you tired of hearing the sax and violin solos in the middle of every watchtower, worry no more. Reynolds goes buckwild with the electric and it's an awesome closer. My Advice--Buy it. Hope this review gave you a good overall picture of Red Rocks. Buy Now.
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on October 24, 1999
I am ashamed to admit that I have just really discovered DMB in depth. I bought Under The Table and Dreaming when it was first released and never really gave it a chance to grow on me. I liked it but kind of threw it aside until recently. WHAT A FOOL I'VE BEEN!!!! Just recently, with the release of Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds, did I realize how much I enjoyed him. I am completely in love with that cd and wanted to hear Dave live with the rest of the band, so I went out and got Live at Red Rocks. I am completely amazed. I like it just as much as the Tim Reynolds album. Needless to say Under the Table and Dreaming has found its way into my stereo again and I also just got Crowded Streets, which too is awesome. Crash is definetly next. It's refreshing to hear such a talented band play such original music in this time of Korn and Limp Bizkit infested radio. I enjoy the way Dave sings more than anyone else in the 90s, with the exception of Ed Vedder. If you like DMB at all, go buy this album and DM/TR, and you will be happy for months to come.
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on November 22, 1999
of all of the cds in my collection, live at red rocks has the most wear and tear. seek up is a great start to the cd with a 3 1/2 minute jam session that makes you want to hear more.the last three songs of the first cd epitomize a live dmb show. red rocks also showcases the indiviual talents of the band members. dancing nancies shows what boyd can do, lover lay down showcases leroi's talents, and the intro to #36 by carter is phenomenal. the tim reynolds solos scattered throughout round out the album.and of course, the vocals are great throughout. red rocks is the closest to going to a concert without actually going.the best cd i own.
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on March 20, 2007
Even a live recording of the Dave Matthews Band is an ideal way to be exposed to their immense talent for the first time. This is an early recording of the group, a live performance during the summer of 1995 but further proof of how great they sounded as a live act from the beginning years. Most of the material contained here are songs from their major debut, Under the Table and Dreaming, but they do include songs that were brand new and being tested at the time, and that would eventually turn up on 1996's Crash like "Two Step," "Dive In, Drive Out," and "Proudest Monkey." There are also songs the band recorded very early on before they had a major recording contract like this show's opener in "Seek Up," one of the band's best tracks and this thirteen-minute version is a spectacular performance with smooth horns, throbbing bass lines, and Tinsley's humming violin solo that leads into Matthews' agonizing vocal. "The Best of What's Around," is like rock being fused with jazz, and "Dancing Nancies," is intense, explosive, and relentless in the way the band jams out with a climatic ending. Plus there's "Lie in Our Graves," "Ants Marching," and concluding with a tribute to the late Jimi Hendrix with an amazing version of "All Along the Watchtower." The whole set list is awesome considering how early a recording this is for the band. Another thing that makes this release so unique is how the Dave Matthews Band brought back the whole concept of recording and releasing live albums for the commerical market, and reminding music lovers how we once loved the idea of having a live concert in our living room.
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on November 27, 1999
This was the first Dave cd I bought, but once I started listening to it, I couldn't get it out of my head. Dave and all of the members in the spectacular band are constantly showing me how awesome they play and blend together. This cd has gotten so much use, its case is already broken in 3 places! Seek Up has an incredible opening sequence that kept me wondering when he was actually going to sing (but kept me on my toes). Satellite and Tripping Billies are classics. Many of the songs I had'nt heard before became my favorites. If you don't have this cd, I strongly suggest you buy it. It's definitely worth the money!
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