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on December 16, 2010
Like many a cheap turkey, I used the ulta-cheap dust masks when chopping leaves, sanding, or what have you. They sort of worked, caused my glasses to fog in 2.4 seconds, and afterwards I'd hack up dust and gunk a bit. After one particularly vile session of hacking and coughing, I thought that perhaps my lungs might be worth spending another $1.10 per mask.

Wow. The difference between these and the charlie-cheapos is huge. I wore one of these while leaves with the leaf blower until my clothes were brown with dust. It was about 3 hours of work, and as I say by the end I was just brown and covered with dust. Normally I'd spend the rest of the day wheezing and hacking and spitting, but with this mask I didn't cough once. Not once. No wheezing, no hacking, no nothing.

The valve makes it much easier to breathe and greatly reduces the fogging of your glasses. I have a massive head (98 percentile my son's pediatrician told me after realizing that perhaps there's a genetic component to my kid's big melon) and I didn't feel the straps are too tight. They are snug, but you need that for a good seal around your mouth and nose.

This is a great product. Buy it. Your lungs and sinuses will thank you.
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on December 10, 2013
I bought these masks to use on our trip to China. I had read about the terrible air pollution in the big Chinese cities and my wife is very sensitive to this, so I was looking for something to help her. These worked very well. Not only did they perform well and allow my wife to enjoy her vacation, but they are easy to take on and off. Also, they stood up well to being squashed in a suitcase.

My wife used them in Beijing to filter air pollution and in Tibet to filter the incense that is used in the Buddist temples. For both uses they worked well. Again, she is very sensitive to bad air and she was fine while wearing these. I would highly recommend them.
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on October 1, 2007
This respirator did a good job of reducing construction dust (tear-out, sawing, etc.). It didn't fog up my safety glasses like similar products and I didn't get dust in my nose and throat.
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on July 18, 2007
This respirator is better because of the one-way ventilation valve in the front, which keeps your exhalations from coming out and fogging up your glasses. Also, the elastic is much more durable than the really cheap masks.
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on September 15, 2007
I use the 3M 1860 N95 respirator for mowing the lawn, and it is great. I'm allergic to the grass, as well as other debris from the lawn mower. Without a respirator (or even WITH one that doesn't filter as well) I have trouble breathing afterward. This is just the product for me.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 28, 2010
3M 8210 N95 Particulate Disposable Respirator - the "N95" means that if the mask is properly fitted, it will filter out particles down to .3 microns 95 percent of the time. That's great for particulate matter but not sufficient against flu bugs - yet quite helpful.

The types of viruses that cause respiratory illnesses measure between .1 to .2 microns. That means that while this mask will probably stop most of the flu viruses from getting through, it is not dense enough to stop them all. That is why the product description mentions dust and particulate matter but makes no claim or mention of viruses.

Masks with a high enough efficiency rating to stop viruses are incredibly uncomfortable. I've never worn one but consider that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises health-care workers working with SARS patients to wear the N95 mask - same rating as this one. Even the CDC does not expect people to function at work wearing masks with super high efficiency ratings. Therefore I'm not getting a superior rated mask because they are immediately uncomfortable and I might not be able to function wearing one. Health-care workers will be wearing masks rated N95.

The N95 masks are also valued because viruses often travel on bigger molecules such as molecules that contain mucus. N95 will stop all of those.

I would suggest this box of 30 as a good emergency supply and perhaps a better deal:3M 8000 Particle Respirator N95, 30-Pack.
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on August 17, 2009
I purchased the respirator for general use around the house. Recently I used one of the masks while trimming a tall privet hedge. The hedge is usually loaded with pollen,dust,etc.. The mask kept out the dust and the vent prevented my glasses from fogging. This is a good general use mask for average jobs around the home.
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on September 7, 2009
During construction demolition it's important to protect your lungs from inhaling dust. I do a lot of demo and found the 3M 8511 Particle Sanding Respirator to be the best dust mask for the job. The straps remain firmly attached and the one way valve helps with exhalation and to keep glasses from fogging up. Once you pinch the metal nose clip you achieve a solid seal that keeps dust out. If you're working in extremely dusty conditions be sure to change masks once a day. Watch the Amazon site and pick up on deals of 3 or 4 10 packs of these masks. They are very affordable.

I've tried the Moldex - 2300 N95 Respirator and had about 20% of the straps snap off as I tried to pull it over my head for the first time. Don't waste your money with the Moldex respirators.

9-22-09 Just reordered another 30 masks that will make a total of 80. Still very satisfied and wouldn't order any other brand.
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on April 22, 2014
In terms of fit, dust leakage around the side of the mask, and durability this is a better quality filter mask than the ones I have used in the past.

The construction of this mask is a bit different from others of this general type. Most masks of this type have little depth. This mask is thick and has two part construction in depth. The surface of the mask is rigid on the outside. The interior of the mask is softly compliant. The springy exterior of the mask keeps the straps from pulling out, keeps the valve where it needs to be and holds the mask shape. The interior of the mask is soft, follows the curves of your face and wicks away sweat. The compliant, soft surface of the interior is perhaps the most important feature of the design both in terms of the fit and in preventing from dust from working its way around the side of the mask into your nose and mouth.

The breather valve has been added to reduce the effort in breathing through the mask. This is not the only function the valve has. The valve is positioned to guide your breath away from your glasses. This means that on cooler mornings that my glasses do not fog up. If you do work which routinely requires masks you will recognize this problem. Heat rises. With a mask without a valve my warm breath rises from the mask and fogs my glasses. The valve exhaust is positioned to prevent that. On all sorts of levels this mask has been carefully thought through both in design and construction.

By the way I have no relationship with 3M or any of its distributors. No one paid me to write this product evaluation. I appreciate the reviews written by others which guide me to better tools and more durable products, and help me separate good tools from cleverly packaged junk. I am returning the favor.
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on September 10, 2006
I use this mask almost daily. I have problems with scents like perfume, cologne, candles, cleaning products, etc. These masks allow me to be near these areas.
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