Customer Reviews: Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder, 26.5 oz.
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on February 3, 2008
This stuff is great. I vacuumed my carpet first (filling my canister with dust and cat hair) until no more dirt or hair filled the vacuum canister. Then I sprinkled this moist 'saw-dust' Zorb all over the carpet, then I used a Dyson accessory to comb it into the carpet. Then I wait for it to dry (about 30 min) and then vacuum it all up. What shocks me is how much MORE cat hair and dust gets vacuumed up. I got about 2 more huge handfulls of hair and dirt out of the carpet that simple Dyson vacuuming alone did not get. Dirt, dust and hair sticks to this Zorb stuff like glue. My carpet is so much cleaner! I used this bag in a 12x14' room.

Don't get me wrong, I vacuum my carpet every 2 days with my Dyson. Each time I vacuum it, I get at least 1/2 a canister of hair and dirt out (2 kids and 3 cats will do that). That's much better than any other vacuum I've EVER used...which would only require a bag being emptied about every 4 months. I love my Dyson. It doesn't clog and it sucks up dust right out of the carpet pad. Amazing!

Zorb works great. Smells great. Only slight downside, I did not realize I would have to vacuum my carpet about 8 times to completely get all of the Zorb and attached grime out of the carpet. Wasn't hard, just took about 15 more min than expected. Well worth the amazing clean floor. The carpet is even softer to walk on.
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on December 19, 2004
This stuff works great! My carpets range from 22 years old to 10 years old. It deodorizes, and cleans to renew your old carpets! Great for in between steam cleanings. Easy to use...just sprinkle on, brush in and let dry - dust, dirt and animal hair cling to the sawdust looking particles and it easily vaccuums up! In less than 30 minutes your carpets are dust free, dirt free and smelling great, there are no overpowering smells, just clean! It is great for allergies!
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on February 18, 2015
To begin with, I do not own a Dyson vacuum cleaner but I still love this product. I purchased the Zorb hoping (unreasonably, if you ask me) the stuff could remove a huge stain in our hallway left over from a liquid enzyme product we'd used to address our new puppy's major accident. There was no odor and no yellow stain, but there was a massive gray circle that only kept getting bigger the more liquid products I tried on it. Enter Zorb. For $12 I figured I could take a gamble--if it didn't work, I'd only be out a few bucks and I could always resort to calling in the professionals.

I dumped an entire bag on the hallway carpet and scrubbed it into the fibers with a scrub brush. Not exactly what the directions tell you to do, but I'm a gambler, so there you go. Then I left it to dry for several hours, came back with my cheap-o Shark vacuum, and sucked up all the residue except for the particles that clung to the baseboards and wall--those required a separate clean up, which would have annoyed me to no end had Zorb not surprised me with the unbelievable. The huge gray spot that had been mocking me for months was gone. And not just reduced or minimized--I mean totally gone. I couldn't really believe it, so I decided to wait the stain out a few days. A month later, here I am still without a stain. A miracle.

I can't say I'd want to scrub multiple bags into an entire room's carpet with a tiny scrub brush, and I can't really say how well might work on any other type of stain, but for the liquid enzyme stain, Zorb did exactly what I irrationally hoped it would. And for $12 that's a heck of a miracle.
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on May 6, 2009
I used this product on a college apartment that had 2 years worth of dirt tracked in from college kids and a very dirty lab mix traipsing through it all the time. The carpet had been ground down to a texture that seemed more like solid plastic than carpet. I had tried carpet cleaners at various times but nothing seemed to work. I would have had to pay the apartment complex a lot of money to replace the carpet if I couldnt find a way to fix it. I spread Zorb on the carpet and really worked it in, waited until it dried and vacuumed it up and WOW! The carpet wasn't perfect but it really took the years off. The color of the light colored carpet returned almost to its original hue and whats more amazing is that the texture of the carpet actually improved! It felt so soft and all the little bristles of the carpet were standing up again like it hadn't had years of being stamped down flat. If I had used this every month or so as carpet maintenance from the beginning I would have kept the carpet looking brand new. Whenever I've used it since then I've always been happy with the result.
Maybe it didnt work for some people because they didnt work it into the carpet?
Also, I saw this product bothered a users allergies. I can see how this could happen but I tend to have awful allergies and am miserable using most carpet products (especially the powders) but this one didnt bother me at all. I would recommend smelling or testing the product before using it on your carpet if you have allergies just in case.
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on January 3, 2011
My wife and I are on a tight budget, so I really wanted to feel justified in getting this. Our carpet isn't top-of-the-line, and it could really use a little refresh. My carpet is about 2 years old. We don't have pets, but we do have 2 toddlers that spill everything everywhere.

I divided a 4 ft by 4 ft section of carpet in half and marked both sections with white electrical tape. I followed the directions step-by-step in one section (which includes sprinkling the powder, grooming the carpet, and allowing to dry), and vacuumed the other section in my usual method. Neither section of carpet has any major stains.

I brought my wife in and asked her to tell me which side I used the powder on. She couldn't tell the difference. It did smell nice in the room, but both sides look exactly the same. To me, it seemed the the Zorb side had a slightly darker hue, but otherwise I couldn't tell the difference either.

I do feel a little bit like a sucker for shelling out [...] bucks for a nice smell. I'll include photos of both sections of carpet in the "Customer photos" section of this review. Have a look for yourself. I shot the carpet with a Nikon DSLR and off-camera flash, white balance set to "flash."
review image review image
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on January 20, 2013
I LIKE this stuff, first use I tried just putting out from the package ( good way to waste a LOT )then I thought about it a bit and the second use I put it in a flour sifter from wally world for about five bucks and was able to evenly distribute this product on our carpets ( WITHOUT wasting it, one bag can go a LOONG way with using a sifter ) , I used a plastic 8" yard rake to groom it in, waited a half hour and then vacuumed it all up with our Dyson Animal. Amazingly our carpets looked better and the rooms smelt "clean", and even "THE SPOT" our animals like to call the restroom was not being used anymore ( this ALONE makes this stuff worth every penny ). Delivery was on time and of course right after I get this from Amazon one of our local wally worlds now has Zorb and for twelve bucks that's why only four stars - never fails but I just bought more and if the price goes down here I'd buy it again.

UPDATE well it has been a couple of weeks since using Zorb on our carpets and I am still happy with the results our animals have seem to forgotten that they used to use "that spot" as a bathroom - HOORAY FOR ZORB !
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on June 16, 2015
Top picture shows before, bottom shows after! It is the same patch of carpet, but the pictures were taken at a different time of day so the lighting is different- I hope that stills helps!

With two dogs, one of which being a 6 month old puppy, accidents are going to happen. I have always used Natures Miracle Urine Destroyer to clean up, but this is the first time it failed me. My puppy peed, I caught it and cleaned it immediately, but upon drying there was a large stain left behind (shown in picture). I have tried every trick under the sun since then, including using my steam cleaner multiple times; it won't go away no matter what, and the excessive cleaning was making the carpet in the surrounding area extra dingy. Did I mention it's also a high traffic room?

Enter this product: I paid $17 at Best Buy (the only place I found it locally) upon reading many positive reviews after a week and a half of struggling with the carpet. I have a full YouTube video showing before and after as well as the application if you would like to see:

To cut it short though: it works great! The first time I used it I was pretty impatient so I only let it sit for an hour, but I still saw a major difference in stains, freshness, and softness. I applied it again that night and let it sit overnight and saw a little more improvement! I would say it's sufficient just to let it work for an hour. Highly recommend! It's the only thing that removed all the excess gunk, urine stains, and detergent. Don't get me wrong- it's no miracle, my carpet doesn't look brand new, it's old and wasn't in great condition when we moved in, but it looks much much better!
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on September 2, 2005
I used the Zorb in high traffic area. It removes dirt and the carpet looks new after Zorb cleaning. I applies twice a year on the high traffic area like the stair and it keeps the high traffic area as good as the rest of the carpet.
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on April 17, 2015
I bought Zorb a view months ago when we purchased our new rug. I also Scotchgarded the rug right away. We live in the city so our rugs get a layer of city dirt on them despite regular vacuuming. It was time for a cleaning, and this stuff works! It lifted the dirt out of our medium gray, 100% wool area rug, and left a fresh, but not overwhelming, scent. A few notes: I vacuumed the rug with a clean filter prior to using. The sand like material is damp, so use rubber gloves to spread on your rug/carpet. To groom it into the rug, I used my mop head covered in cling wrap - worked great! I put my feet into gallon ziplock bags to keep from tracking Zorb throughout the house. I let it set for 1 hour to totally dry. Don't use a fan of any kind or the Zorb may spread. I applied it a bit heavier on high traffic spots. It vacuumed right up - I vacuumed twice. The rug looks great! I will use this again in 6 months!
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on December 23, 2012
Zorb is truly amazing. We have 15 year old carpet that is original with the house. It had gotten pretty worn and this summer we got two pretty bad pet stains from a couple of dogs we were watching for a friend. I used all sorts of cleaners that didn't really work and then had a professional come in to try and clean it. Even he said that pet stains would come back. My in-laws had just gotten a new Dyson vacuum that came with a bag of Zorb and when we told them the situation they encouraged us to give this a try. While the carpet was still damp from the carpet cleaning, we spread the Zorb as directed on the pet areas and worked it in really well. We then let is work overnight..about 12 hours.

The next morning, when it was all dried, we vacuumed it up and it was amazing...the pet stains were completely gone! I was a bit worried that this would be temporary and the stains would wick back up to the surface, but 3 weeks later, it is good as new. A fantastic product that I highly recommend.
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