Customer Reviews: Rust-Oleum 206540 Chalkboard Brush-On, Black, 30-Ounce
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on November 26, 2013
Ah, chalkboard paint. Let's see, where do I begin? *insert maniacal cackling here*

So I recently had the super bright idea to paint an entire wall in my kitchen with this stuff. Wait, don't judge me yet- it wasn't like I'd planned to let my kids at it with a bucket full of sidewalk chalk. No, I'd envisioned a stylish wall filled with beautifully scripted holiday menus, cheeky quotes, inspiring verses, and other adorable things. I wholly blame Pinterest for this temporary lapse in sanity.

Armed with the creative vision of Martha Stewart and the home improvement skill level of my German Shepherd, I purchased two cans of Rustoleum brand chalkboard paint and some allegedly smooth(hahahahaha) paint rollers. I taped off the edges and got to work smearing this stuff all over my wall. Two coats and a few hours later, I stood back and admired my shiny new chalkboard surface. I let it "cure" for a few days as per the package directions, and then decided to take it for a test drive.

I found a cute chalkboard drawing of a pumpkin via Google image search, and tried to replicate it on my wall. Given that I'm about as much an artist as I am a pterodactyl (which is to say, not at all, just in case there's any confusion), my pumpkin looked more like a sad, partially deflated beach ball wearing a toupee. Oops, guess I needed to practice a little more. No biggie! With the determination of a newborn foal, I grabbed my kids' chalkboard eraser and cheerily wiped at my drawing. EXCEPT IT WOULDN'T.COME.OFF. The surface was rough and difficult to erase. There was now a permanent, poorly drawn, sad-looking squash emblazoned on my kitchen wall.

See, what no one tells you when you buy this amazing, fancy paint is that unless you've used a really thick primer, your walls need to be sanded before you apply it in order to get a smooth drawing surface. And that you should probably then apply it with a foam roller rather than one of those fuzzy ones.

Since I couldn't just leave my wall looking like the side of an overpass, I realized my options were either to paint over it with the wall color I'd used elsewhere in my kitchen, or try to sand it. Because I definitely didn't have enough on my plate with three kids, a small business to run, and a ton of housework, and because I'm clearly not firing on all synapses, I chose the latter. I returned to my beloved home improvement store and purchased several packs of sandpaper and some more paint. (Not a mask though, because that would have been just plain logical, and ain't none of that happenin under my roof!)

I returned home with a vengeance and attacked the stupid chalkboard wall with this sandpaper. Now, if you've never had to sand a tall, vertical surface, let me just tell you that it's probably right up there with being waterboarded on my list of "Awesome Life Experiences". Actually, being waterboarded is probably more interesting.

After ingesting enough black dust to develop Coalworker's Pneumoconiosis and looking like I'd just crawled out of someone's chimney, my wall was nice and smooth. I wiped it down with a damp sponge to remove any residual dust, and then broke out a new can of chalkboard paint.

I began applying the paint with a renewed sense of joy, back to imagining how great my chalkboard wall was going to be once it was finished. Oh man, it was going to be AWESOME! And then I accidentally knocked over the can of paint and spilled half of it down the side of my kitchen table and onto my floor. Looking back, I think this was probably the point at which I totally broke from reality, but who knows.

After cleaning up this giant puddle of thick black paint (dish soap and water, for all you fellow clumsy people), I had pretty much lost all interest in finishing this stupid bleeping wall. Actually, I hated it. I began flinging paint onto the wall much the way an animal rights protester might fling blood red paint at old ladies in fur coats. That said, eventually, I did finish painting it.

I'm pleased to report that after allowing it to cure again, then rubbing a piece of chalk allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll over it, then erasing all that chalk, then cleaning the entire wall with a damp sponge, it's working great! I mean I wasted hours of my life and probably sacrificed any chance at pulmonary longevity, but hey, I can write on my wall with CHALK now. So there's that.

(In all seriousness, the product itself works great. Just make sure you sand your walls and maybe even use a primer first.)
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on June 9, 2010
I like this product, and my son certainly gets a great deal of use out of his chalkboard and loves it. It's great in the kitchen for taking notes, however I do have one small criticism. You know when you buy a chalkboard and you can take the duster and effectively polish the chalkboard black with it? Well, you can't do that with this product. Certainly a duster will wipe the chalk off, but no matter how long you rub, the chalkdust will never be fully removed and the wall will have a patchy appearance, unless you take a cloth, dampen it slightly and then wipe the board down.

Consequently I wipe the board down at the end of each day, so it looks clean. Another thing, I was told that one coat of this product is all that is needed. However I applied one coat onto the prepainted drywall and following the recommended drying period, the eraseability was even less satisfactory than it is currently. I ended up applying 5 layers of coat to get the finish I was happy with.

It's a good product. but if I could get a custom chalkboard made, that would be better. Obviously that exercise and cost would far outweigh the ease of painting the wall with this stuff, so while this paint may be more convenient, be aware of the limitations of this product.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 21, 2014
I purchased this paint for a framed-in chalkboard project for my kids. Before buying this paint I had unfortunately tried the spray-paint first... bad idea. The brush-on paint is the way to go for sure. I learned a few lessons along the way, and ended up with a good board. If you follow these tips, you'll end up with something good as well. Here are the observations:

* This is probably the biggest trick of the whole thing - use a foam roller brush. Whether it be whiteboard paint, chalkboard paint, or magnetic primer. Do Not use a roller with any nap whatsoever, you don't want a textured surface. A foam roller will give you the closest thing to a smooth surface. The foam roller can be found here: Quali-Tech 612-WV6FQ Roller Lite/Rollerfoam Roller Combo-Kit

* I used a magnetic primer first, so I could apply magnetic stickers and learning toys to the surface. Keep in mind you'll need to apply several coats before you have a surface that will have enough iron to allow magnets to stick. The paint is basically a black'ish paint with tons of iron particles in the paint. It's a real chore to stir up. The magnetic primer can be found here: Rust-Oleum 247596 Magnetic Primer

* You'll need to apply several coats of the chalkboard paint with the roller. It may not say that, but in order to create a good barrier that will go for a few years, take the time and apply at least 3-4 coats. You won't have to wait long for it to dry, incorporate a fan if necessary.

* Make sure you season the chalkboard. Basically just cover the board with chalk using the broad side of a chalk stick - then wipe it off with a dry towel or eraser, and you're good.

Don't make the same mistakes I did. Don't use spray paint. If you follow the steps above and roll carefully, you'll have a nice surface for your board.
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on July 1, 2013
I made a chalkboard paint wall in my kitchen using this paint. An entire wall is the school kind of color green chalkboard. I get compliments on it every time someone new is in my kitchen.

I use it every day.

A few notes:
1. Sand. Then sand some more. The wall you paint needs to be extremely smooth, because chalk is difficult to erase from bumps and divots.
2 Use a good roller. The instructions provide a good nap length. Do not use a brush; this is not one of those paints that flattens out on its own.
3. Let it cure. Give it the full three days to dry, and do then cover the whole thing in chalk. We waited another three days before wiping that chalk off.
4. In order to *completely* get all of the chalk off, you will have to use a damp cloth. This was always the case for chalkboards when I was in school, so I don't see it as a problem.

I actually painted this wall for the first time about four years ago. We had to put a hole in the wall for a wiring project, and we're repainting it because I love it that much. It has held up nicely otherwise.
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on October 13, 2010
I have never actually used this stuff for its intended chalkboard purpose. But I've used it many times to coat table and counter tops, and it is fantastic. I usually start with MDF as the base material and apply a coat of primer. On raw MDF it's best by far to use oil-base primer. Then two coats of the Chalk Board paint applied with a roller (smooth surface nap), about 12-24 hours apart. The resulting surface is almost indistinguishable from real slate. It seems to be extremely durable, and although it has a little roughness, it is still quite easy to wipe clean. I have also used the Chalk Board paint to rejuvenate an ancient store display counter that had gotten very banged up over the years. I didn't even attempt to remove all the dents and imperfections - the Chalk Board paint made them unnoticeable and produced a very rich looking surface on which to display wood and pottery items. When applying it's very important to stir well and to keep stirring periodically. Also, the surface will look awful as it dries, but have faith - you will have an attractive surface when it dries. Also, I'm probably not allowed to mention the alternate brand name of chalk board paint (there's at least one commonly found), but I've tried the most common alternate and it is NOT nearly as good as the Rustoleum. In fact, I'm writing this review because I was not able to find Rustoleum in black locally the last time I needed it and went to the trouble of ordering from Amazon and waiting the couple of days to get the real stuff.
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on February 21, 2015
this is a photo of my wall right after finishing off the second coat!
The most important part about these paints is that you need to follow all the instructions very carefully for it to work.
If you don't wait the amount of time before drawing on it or adding another coat it's not going to turn out right. You need lots of patience for this!
Make sure you rub chalk over the entire board then wipe it off before drawing
Cute project and super simple!! Only used half the can for two coats of a space about the size of a door
review image
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on March 25, 2015
bought this stuff to bring life to a fridge when me and two friends bought a rental to live in with a free fridge, after 4 hours of scrubbing it still looked like crud so we got this stuff and I went to town with some spray paint and some chalk board paint and the results are pretty sweet for our basement bar fridge take a look @ how it works with crayola sidewalk chalks. Its now a fun conversation piece and something for me to do when everyone is drinking ( don't drink ). one can covered the whole fridge well but this might be due to the fact the fridge had a mild textured exterior to begin with.
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on June 3, 2011
We turned one wall in our kitchen into a magnetic chalkboard for the kids. We had read previous reviews about the magnetic primer not working that great so we did 5 layers instead of 3. Also, be sure to have it shaken at the store instead of having to stir it by hand. Then we followed up with 2 layers of the chalkboard paint. We followed their application tip, waited 3 days then covered the entire board with chalk and erased. It works great. We have all our travel magnets decorating the top of the board and the kids have play magnets on the bottom. It writes well and erases well. We have been very pleased with the finished product.
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on October 27, 2008
This stuff works, just make sure your surface is smooth. For a wall that has been painted several times, perhaps by cheap labor before you owned the home, you should heavily sand the area of wall you intend to paint and maybe even coat it with plaster to get a new wall surface.
If it's rough you can't really write/draw anything small and it's really hard to erase.
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on December 28, 2014
I used this for another craft project for my infant son. I made him a sign for his jungle/monkey themed room. I will say this, it works but it's all about how you apply this paint. First off, what ever you are painting this stuff on to must be TOTALLY SMOOTH! I use a roller and it came out ok. Also, you will need to paint several coats, I did 3.

Looking back I think I would have used the spray paint version. That would have come out a little smoother.
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