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on April 23, 2006
Sweet watch, I've been wearing mine for 4 months.

I'm an Environmental Engineering Student and I also currently own an Omega Speedmaster ($2100 graduation gift long ago) and a Titanium Pro-Trek Casio Triple Sensor Watch (Compass, Altimeter & Temperature $295.00) that I used for my previous job as an outdoors wilderness instructor.

Both those watches are extreme (the Casio being too rugged, big and bulky the Omega being very freaking expensive) for everyday use and wanted something that suited my keen personality, short budget and modern taste.

I never liked anything in terms of jewelry or watches from department stores or malls, but when I walked into MACY's during Christmas shopping last december at the local mall I saw these Eco-Drive watches for the first time.

It has always been my opinion that Citizen makes very old fashioned timepieces, yet the Nighthawk Eco-Drive is very different and far more classy than any other Citizen watch on the shelf. Some of the other newer Eco-Drive watches also look edgy and fresher. But the nighthawk captures a boldness with it's appearancethat is very timeless. Needless to say, I tried it on and was sold.

The features are amazing, apart from all the other "timekeeping-based and solar powered-based features you can read about everywhere else on the internet, the Nighthawk also has a multi-functional Slide Rule. This is not really praised or mentioned anywhere else so I will tell you what it is, what it does and why it makes owning this watch very cool!

With the slide rule you can calculate your car's fuel consumption, average speed/velocity and the time you will arrive at your destination, you can also multiply and divide numbers, calculate ratio's into percentages, integers and decimals, covert liters to gallons, pounds to kilograms as well as other metric conversions. The slide rule also performs a few more complicated calculations that involve airplanes and nautical vessels that are beyond my understanding.

At any rate, these calculations can be done by simply rotating the NightHawk's bezel and matching specific arrows at certain points along the dial. (If you don't believe me, you can download the Nighhawk's PDF manual and read up on it for yourself.)

In fact, it is easier than using a calculator and clears up the big mystery of what people used before computers and electronic calculators were invented; they used the "Slide Rule".

Being a grad student, I've read about the slide rules in a variety of classes but I never thought that I would own one on my next watch. I also would have never guessed that the slide rule is so efficient and easier to use than the graphics calculators we use in school.

The only negatives cocerning the Slide Rule feature on the NightHawk are the numbers on the slide rule dial are small and angled inwards so that they are tricky to read without tilting the watch around to get a good view of the numbers. Also the slide rule only approximates and produces whole numbers for some of the more advanced calculations.

Overall, I found that the useful geek-features, outdoorsman durability, everyday comfort and eco-friendliness to be well synthesized in the classy steel body of the Nighthawk Eco-Drive.
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on February 2, 2012
Verified Purchase
I've got a small collection of watches (Citizen, Seiko, Orient, Accutron, & Casio), and I've had another eco-drive since around 2002 which is showing its age. I recently bought an Orient Blue Mako, so I wasn't really looking to buy another watch. But this kept catching my eye and I kept finding nothing buy positive reviews so I gave in to temptation.

The watch arrived quickly and my first impressions were very positive. The face is very complex on first glance, but you quickly note the position of the main hour & minute hand and "get" the time very quickly. You can really stare up close at the dial though, there is a ton of detail (more on this in a bit). Overall the "look" of this watch is very appealing. I didn't mention I bought to my wife, and the first night I was wearing it she took a long look and said, "That's a really good looking watch. I really like that" (she normally doesn't pay any attention to my watches. She liked the way it looked so much, she didn't give me too much grief about having bought an Orient the week before!

The bracelet is very nice for a watch in this price range, it's all solid stainless links, but where the bracelet joins the watches' lugs it is just a folded link, not a solid link. The folder over clasp works well and is very secure. I have a large wrist and the bracelet is PLENTY long enough for me. I actually had to make it a smidge smaller with the micro-adjustment on the clasp. The bracelet is subtly brushed, and so far seems to be wearing well (I work at a desk & use a computer all day). There are some desk marks, but they're very minor. The Orient I just bought scratches much more easily, so I'm happy with the durability of the bracelet so far.

The bezel on this watch is a slide rule. There is a crown at the 8 o'clock position that controls the movement of the bezel. It's extremely smooth and seems to let you move it in very fine increments. You can use the slide rule for division, multiplication, unit conversion, and rate/time/distance calculations. It works and you can do it. It's sort of a neat party trick, but I doubt I'll ever find myself in a situation where I was relying on my watch's slide rule to save the day. This watch is billed as a flight watch so maybe there are still some pilots who do things the old-fashioned way and do their calculations by hand? If you want to know how to use the slide rule check out this video: [...]

There is also a GMT face. You can see it on the left side (from 6 to 12) with white & red numbers. There is a separate, double-ended hand with a red-tipped and white-tipped indicator. Out of the box it shows the 24-hour time (white for 00-12 and red for 13 - 24). You can set this to a different hour to have a true GMT indicator. It's a nice feature, and looks interesting, but I don't find I pay much attention to this "sub-dial" really other than what it adds to overall appeal (for me anyway).

The performance of my watch has been good. It's quartz, so it will be more accurate than an automatic watch. It does not sync itself to any of the atomic clocks (like the Citizen Skyhawk does) so I expect I'll eventually have to adjust it for accuracy one of these days.

The lume on the watch is nice and bright - a blue color which is different from the traditional green lume. I haven't gone out of my way to to expose it to bright light, but it's easy enough to read in the middle of the night when I wake up. The lume overall on my Seiko Black Monster is stronger, longer, but this is no problem to see in a dark room even after 5+ hours. I think the size of the hour & minute hand really help; they're very thick and hold a lot of lume.

I am very happy to have this watch in my collection, but my wife gave me the "oh really" look since I just bought another watch about a week before this one!

* Looks fantastic in person
* Large enough bracelet for good-sized wrist
* Screw-down crowns for time/date & day
* 200M WR rating
* Solid links on bracelet (for all but end links)
* Good lume on numbers & hands - lume last a long time (plus cool, blue color)
* Eco-drive should last 10+ years (Citizen says they have examples w/ 20+ years on them now)
* Positive comments from the wife & co-workers abound!

* The date is a little small, could be a tad bigger & easier to read.
* Folded links at the ends (not solid)
* No lume on second hand or GMT hand(s)
* Uses mineral crystal, could scratch easier than sapphire
* No radio to sync automatically to atomic clock
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on December 7, 2005
This is the first Citizen brand watch I've ever bought, and so far, it's as good or better quality than more expensive TAGs I've owned. About the only thing missing (aside from a stopwatch, as noted earlier - but that's debatable if you're not a serious aviator) is a sapphire crystal, which would probably prevent scratches a little better than the standard mineral crystal. For this price, though, I'm not complaining.

I like the layout, the overall appearance and something else nobody mentioned - the band clasp is a very smart design. Not only does it have something similar to the Rolex "Flip-Lock" clasp, but the main clasp has what can best be described as a squeeze lock, which must be pressed together from the sides of the band to release it from the wrist. This thing isn't coming off accidentally.

I got the stainless version, but there is a titanium one available as well as an all-black version. The all black version looked kinda cheap and the titanium was more money, so stainless was the one I chose. Even though I'm not a pilot, the slide rule is functional (perhaps even useful, in some situations) and the instructions for it are easily understood. All that and a five year warranty. And I always equated Citizen with cheaper-made watches - I stand corrected. No regrets.
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on February 28, 2013
Hey guys, I bought this watch exactly a year ago February 16. It has ran terrific and hasn't had a single malfunction. So let the review begin.

First of all, the pictures don't do this watch justice. In my opinion it looks beautiful in person. I have received many compliments.

The weight of the watch is hefty but not too bad, gives it a good quality feel. The band it comfortable and if very appealing to the eyes.

The dial may look very busy and it is, but it's not that visible a meter and beyond away. Like I said its beautiful.

The crown and slide turn very smoothly and the crown screws down, reinforcing the water resistance. I've wore it in the shower, pool, while fishing, and etc. never a problem.

I have never timed it to see how fast/slow it runs. But it stays close (to the minute) and that's fine for me.

The only drawback I've noticed is the mineral crystal. Put a light scratch on it the very first week, but it's barley noticeable.

The watch fits very well on my 7" wrist and looks good as a sport and casual look. Also looks good in my opinion for dressy occasions.

Has a very nice lume. Overall this is a fantastic watch and is well worth the money in my opinion. I doubt ill ever sell it as it was my first real watch (not a fossil, or cheap Walmart brand). Highly recommended!

If I've helped one person out with this review then mission complete. Over and out.

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on September 30, 2005
Great watch:

looks great--I get a lot of comments
doesn't need a battery
fantastic layout--a lot of info at a glance: date, local & zulu times
luminous hands
slide rule easy to use and numbers won't rub out (like on external bezel ring slide rules)

However, for serious aviators:

no stopwatch! You will want a stopwatch to go with the slide rule for basic dead reckoning
you'll need another light source to read the slide rule if you're flying at night

also, the crown has an occasional tendency to work itself loose and you can lose your time hack if you don't tighten it every couple days

The closest I've seen to the elusive "perfect aviator's watch"
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on July 30, 2009
Verified Purchase
Recently received my stainless Nighthawk, and I thought I'd share some of my "newbie" thoughts.Was watchless for a good period, giving over that niche to my cellphone. Hey it works but.... Prior watch was a citizen analogue/digital from 13 years ago (still works but non-screw back has allowed some of the internal base metals to corrode) The size of this watch is nice and comfortable. I'm large and have no problem foisting a 43mm watch on my wrist. Indeed when I had it sized it worked out that the watch slides just enough up and down my wrist. As noted in other reviews the crown can protrude into the back of the hand, but this minor "slack" prevents this annoyance. I considered getting a analogue digital Skyhawk but the rounded crystal, acces to crown and lack of luminosity of face disuaded me.The crystal on this watch is near 43mm and I would venture to guess the larger crystal makes it more of scratch or damage target than the more diminutive sizes (maybe) time will tell. I do miss some of the digital functions as compared to my previous citizen, but again to a large degree the ever present cell phone fills in these functions and arguably used just as much. I find the E6B slide rule to be great! I'm 57 and my eyes (actually only one has 20.20 corrected and the other cannot discern these gradations) did suffer some strain while using admittedly however I was cramming to learn how to use it and in probably pushed abit. The tipping conversion works great, (sales tax etc too!) Metric vs US measure swtichbacks work great as well. This does harken back to at least a feeling of "manual" labor and a time without batteries. By the way, I grew up not ever using a slide rule, and although the so-called manuals are frightfully devoid of thorough use of the E6B slide rule and quick search on the net (use E6B Flight slide rule as a search base) turned up PDF manuals and the like on use. I cannot however, no matter how good ones sight is, imagine that these would be used while piloting an aircraft. Way to picky for that application! None-the-less I find the E6B nice to have as a fall back (and for the time being I carry a cheat sheet in my wallet for reference) Makes for some good mental excercise away from the PC! The 24 hr function I use to read UTC (have a Grundig Shortwave reciever but I like to know the days begining in my head). Haven't taken any time zone travel since getting my Nighthwak but I imagine soon enough the shakeouts of these applications (combined with minute hand movement without disruption) will make themselves known. Time keeping looks fine so far. Still in the honeymoon phase, and hoping the bond will last............
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on February 4, 2011
Verified Purchase
I've had this watch for about 3 weeks now, and really love it! The comments about it being heavy are totally wrong to me. I'm used to wearing a heavy Swiss Army watch, and this is light in comparison. Several users have mentioned that the band feels cheap. From my own experience with other high end watches, I'd say that it does not feel cheap. It is not very thick and heavy feeling, but it does feel solid, and is very comfortable on the wrist. The links are all 100% solid SS, so you know it will last years. Also, love the push button deploy clasp. One other thing that I noticed that no one has mentioned, is that the whole bracelet is brushed SS, EXCEPT at the bottom 1/8th of the middle link it is polished. It really adds to the beauty of the band.

Some other observations that go against what others mentioned:
1. I can read the small numbers just fine and I'm 45 years old with about 15/20 eyesight, and don't wear reading glasses.
2. I've used the slide rule functions on several occasions. Tip calculator, large multiplication/division, converting lbs to kg and vice versa. It is a very cool tool.
3. The size on my wrist looks just right. It does not wear very big to me. I think the fashion is getting more towards larger watches, and this would be a maximum large watch for a 6" wrist, but for a 7" wrist, it is not overly large. I would even go 44mm and I think that would be my limit.
4. The lume is exceptional. I can still see it perfectly at 5am with no charge before going to bed.
5. The date window is just fine for my eyes. Just hold it a little closer to your face and you can see just fine.
6. Seconds hand lines up on almost all of the second marks, but there are a few spots around the perimeter that it does not line up. No big deal.
7. Time is right on, measured over 3 weeks against an atomic clock.
8. No chrono and alarm, big deal, don't really need that anyway.
9. Crown screws down nicely and feels fairly solid.
10. The only thing I wish this had was a sapphire crystal. But when it gets scratched, and after the 5 year warranty, I'll have them put on a sapphire crystal. But in the meantime, it really is a beautiful flat crystal that is proud of the top of the watch and bezeled at a 45 degree angle, making it look very nice.
11. The watch came from Amazon charged, so all I had to do was set the time and it has worked fine ever since. I left it on my dashboard a few bright sunny days to charge it while I worked out in the gym, and it has held its charge no problem.

Overall, I'd say get this watch if you can get it under $250. It is money well spent. With a 5 year warranty, that is an incredible warranty from amazon. Not even Tag Heur/Oris/Brietling/Rolex have a warranty like that!
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on August 9, 2009
Verified Purchase
This watch looks much better in person than pictures because it has certainly depth between the bezel and the dial you can't aprecciate in the pictures and it gives a better look to the watch. By other side it matches perfectly with this page description (The 43mm case diameter includes the crown protections, the normal designation should be excluding the crown and it is 41mm, but it looks bigger than other watches because it doesn't have a rotating bezel or something like that, it's all dial window). The only thing I would like to change on this watch is the mineral crystal by a sapphire one. The slide rule, the eco-drive and the dual time function works just fine, the only thing is you can't set two diferent time zones with half of difference between them. For example Caracas, Venezuela (-4,5) and Amsterdam, Berlín (+1) because the minutes for both time zones must be the same.

When I bought this watch some things make me doubt of buying it, the first one was the look of the stainless steel, I didn't want it with a bright finished, in the pictures you can't aprecciate that very well, for my happiness it isn't bright. Second one was that in some reviews people say it is very hard to set the time, the manual explains how to do it step by step so if you can read you can set the time on this watch and the third one was some people say it is very heavy and that sometime after wearing it, it becomes uncomfortable, it's true it isn't a light weight watch, but I have been wearing it for 6 months without taking it out and it haven't become uncomfortable to me. So if you like titanium watches for sure this one is going to be heavy weight to you but if you are ok with stainless steel watches this one is just great for you. Last one was the case diameter, I was worried it was so big and look ridiculous, actually it's big but it doesn't look ridiculous it looks really great.

It's just a great watch and a good choice if you want a really good watch at prices below some other expensive watches like tag, omega, breitling, etc. This one is for you.
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on September 29, 2008
I originally ordered this watch two years ago and never let it leave my wrist until a month ago when I took it off and put it in my golf bag. Well, somehow it managed to get lost and I've been devistated since. So here I am ordering another one.

This watch is a high quality stainless piece (or titanium if you can find it) that is just as heavy and substantial as it looks. The case is huge and makes for a rather imposing watch. I looked and researched for 2 months before purchasing this watch the first time. Every jeweler I spoke too recommended that I forget the Tag, Tissot, Omega, and various other brands in favor of Citizen. I was sort of surprised. Well it is the best quality watch I've had with no winding, no battery, and no fuss. Beyond having the bracelet adjusted, there was nothing to it.

I cannot wait to receive my second watch! Even now I still cannot find a watch that serves my purposes better or looks as good doing so. I highly recommend this watch, you will enjoy it.
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on April 17, 2007
It get's 4 stars because, well what would you expect, the slide rule is accurate to 2 decimal places. And it could have given you 3. Oh well. If you are using your watch to calculate your arrival time you probably don't really care if you are off by a few minutes.

Ok, why is a circular slide rule cool? First, lots of common calculations are really just ratios. Kilometers to miles or statue miles to nautical miles, pounds to Kilograms's. This watch has the markers in the slide rule, so you just align one mark with the number you want to convert and look at the number that the other unit of measure is over and there you are. You do have to keep track of the magnitude of the answer but that's not hard. You can do sq roots but it's a pain. Basic multiplication and division is easy. Doing the approximation for a tip at restraunt, just set the percentage over the "10" mark, and look for you bill at the inside ring, read the tip on the outside ring. No need to even adjust the watch. You can easily set it up before dinner. Note: if you stare at your watch while trying to read the tip value, you may get called "rude" by your date! Better to just overestimate...

Downside, if you do not have perfect vision, you'll have a hard time reading the sliderule. Don't even think about doing this while you are driving. My eyes are fine with it in good light.

On the other hand, the time hands and numerals are plenty large enough and easy to read. The luminescent marks seem to stay bright for about an hour, which is good enough for us casual night hawks. Otherwise you need a watch that has tritium and who knows whether that will pass airport security these days.

One other thing is that the 24 hr inner hand can be easily obscured by the main watch hands. So this feature not very handy as a second timezone clock. It will help you remember the military time, but at say 11:00 you can't see the underlying hand. Not a big thing, and I suppose if you set to say 8 or 9 hours difference it might be more visible.

All in all, a cool watch, even if the slide rule control is built for a lefty.
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