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on July 2, 2009
I have just recently bought this fan, based on my experience with my old fan that had propeller blades identical to depicted on all published images associated with this fan model. This shape of the propeller (with blades similar to elephant ears) is contributing to higher airflow, at the same RPM, vs. shape of propeller with blade looking like rabbit ears, and which is lately used on majority of inexpensive box fans sold under brand names Lasko or others.

To my surprise, the fan that arrived per my order, while having on the box a correct model number and image as on this web page, has propeller identical to less expensive Lasko brand box fans.

Lasko 20" Premium Box Fan 3-SPEED

In fact, Air King is subsidiary of Lasko, as I discovered while contacting the Air King.

In short, this fan went through a typical to current times "cost reduction reengineering" by someone who has no clue about air dynamics of propellers. As a result, the fan is noisier than before because it has to rotate faster, due to the new shape of its propeller blades, to produce a similar airflow, and is no different from all other box fans on the market, but is a twice as much expensive.

Do not waste your money. Note that I was told by customer service of the company that, from now on, this fan model will have the same propeller as supplied with Lasko brand fans. The company "didn't have a time" to replace this fan's marketing images. In addition, I found that warranty period on the fan has been reduced from 3 years to just 1 year.
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on August 22, 2007
I ordered this fan because the blades looked a little more like the old box fans that you used to be able to get 20 years ago. Back then the blades were wider and had a steeper pitch. When they said 20" they meant the diameter of the blade, not the size of the box.

Well I was partially right. Compared to the Lasko 3733 that I own and some unknown model of a Lakewood box fan with nearly identical blades as the Lasko, it moves a little more air and is a little quieter. Noise is hard to characterize. To me the Air King is quieter because the noise it makes is at lower frequencies and is easier to ignore -- It's more of a "rumble" than the "buzz" you get from the Lasko and Lakewood.

Much of Air King's slight performance advantage is because it is a bigger fan. The Box is 21" and the blades are 20". The Lasko and Lakewood have 20" boxes and the blades are 19" Is it worth twice the price as the Lasko and Lakewood? Probably not, but there isn't much choice anymore. It looks like all these fans come from the same factory.
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on July 2, 2008
This is the only American made aluminum box fan left and it has been discontinued. Get one now while you still can. This fan has average power, but still better then the plastic box fans being made today. I use it to circulate the AC in my room. The noise is average for a metal fan. Put it on any of the speeds and fall asleep. The blades are as shiny as a mirror. I have nothing left to add. With the oil ports and proper care it could last years and years to come unlike those new plastic fans.
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on August 5, 2008
This is a real box fan. Unlike the plastic Wal-Mart type fans that are cheaply built and easily broken, The P-25 is very rugged. This fan has a grounded 8 foot cord, heavy duty motor with oil ports so you can oil it, and has aluminum blades just like your grandma's box fan. This fan has recently been discontinued, so get one before they are gone.
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on May 5, 2008
This fan had only worked for one season then it sparked and I can smell smoke the next summer. I was very disappointed that it broke and almost started a fire. I bought it because it looked like the old fans. I have the Haier box fan that also looks like the old ones. This fan used to work really well but it wasn't worth it.
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on July 3, 2012
Even though I purchased two of these fans a while ago, they are still working great! Much better than the Lasko's. They are more money, but sometimes itmes that cost more for one reason or another are the better bargain. The motor on this fan I find to be better because it is stronger than the Lasko's I had before. So of course I recommend this fan to others.
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on October 21, 2008
that Lakewood has discontinued this fan, as well as many other quality products such as the ultra reliable 7101 oil filled heater, and the ultra classy RTO-16 "Aero-Flyer" fan.

The P-25 is the last great all-American box fan and will probably always be. It has classic 80's style deep plastic grills, a pressed steel motor with oil ports (not that die cast crap that you have to dismantle to oil), a deep steel box that allows it to stand up on its own when placed on carpet, an 8 foot grounded cord so it doesn't need to be close to an outlet, and best of all, deeply pitched mirror-like aluminum blades riveted to a steel hub.

If you own one, you know what I'm talking about when I say nothing currently made beats it. Modern box fans, right down to the feet that stick out the back of them, are worthless junk in comparison. They run loud and their motors run hot, many have the switch mounted to the motor, they have thin, fragile plastic blades so the puny 1-amp-or-less motors can actually move some air, and they have shallow boxes made out of thin steel that result in them being easily knocked over, or simply not being able to stand up on their own when on carpet.

The P-25 is none of that. It's classic. Runs quiet for how much air it moves, the motor stays cool, and it's not going to be knocked over unless you're really clumsy, and even then... if it is knocket over, you probably won't hurt it.

Furthermore, since it's discontinued... if you have one, do your best to keep it running. With maintenance it will never fail (I think that's why it was discontinued). It doesn't take much. For cleaning it, use whatever you have at hand. Blow the dust and stuff in the motor out with an air compressor or suck it out with a vacuum cleaner when it looks bad through the vents in the motor. Make sure it doesn't run long with a lot of hair or dust on the blades, grills, or motor. The grills are easily removed for cleaning the blades and motor. Glass cleaner can be used to make the blades shine, but be careful using things that may make aluminum oxide appear on the surface, unless you don't care about how shiny the blades are. If you do, you can go the extra mile and polish them with compounds that are intended for aluminum, just don't bend the blades. The grills can be cleaned with an air compressor or vacuum cleaner easily. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, add oil to the motor regularly. SAE-20 (3-in-One Motor Oil) works great, but you can use regular 3-in-One oil or synthetic 10W30 in a pump oiler with a small nozzle (yeah, that's right, motor oil works rather well for electric fans). How often to add oil depends on how often you run it. If run 24/7, add a drop or two a MINIMUM of once a year, preferrably once every 6 months. If run 12/7 (when you sleep) a drop or so once a year should be more than enough. I don't recommend adding a whole lot at any given time. One or two drops is usually more than enough. Also, later models of the P-25 tended to come with manuals that said that the motor is permanently lubricated. IGNORE THIS. It's FALSE. In fact, NONE of the modern fan motors are permanently lubricated, as they have the same type of bearings as motors made as much as 50 years ago. The cheap ones can be oiled, but you usually have to dismantle the motor, oil the bearings, reassemble it and whack it back into alignment. The P-25 has oil ports, so use them.

And I close this relatively long winded maintenance section here. If you follow what I said word for word, your fan will last just short of forever. And something to remember... even with a reasonable degree of neglect, your P-25 just may outlive YOU.

I don't really have much else to say. I lost all respect for Lakewood when they discontinued this fan. Since then I have not bought a single Lakewood product, and will not unless it's a P-25 fan or 7101 heater. Any time I need a box fan again, for cheap, it'll be a Lasko/AirKing.
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on September 18, 2015
NOT as pictured. Image on web page shows fan blade with one straight edge and one curved edge, which is a better design used in more expensive products ($51.40 for this one), so was eager for this fan to start cooling our room. What arrived was the cheaper and less efficient flower petal blade (two symmetrical curved edges that meet in a point), which does not move the air as efficiently. Lasko uses the petal blade on its cheap $20 fans. In fact, per the shipping label, the "Air King" is actually a Lasko fan, so now that I know that, it's not surprising that the cheaper blade is used. Disappointed, but this fan is different in five ways that some people might find important. First, it has a grounded (three-prong) plug (cheaper fans have polarized plug only), (2) it is deeper than the cheaper fans (5.5 inches instead of 3.5 inches) making it sturdier and heavier and less prone to walking, (3) it is rated 1.0 A (cheaper fans are rated .8), (4) it is a bit louder with a higher pitch than the cheaper fans, and (5 ) it has a different grill design, which would make the grill less prone to bowing in like the cheaper fan. So, if those factors matter, this fan might be worth the extra $30, but not for us, so we'll go to Ace and pay our $20 for the cheaper version and go for dinner after!
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on February 16, 2015
The last fan I purchased was one of these. It ran for approximately 3.2 years before the rear barring failed, which seems to be a repeating theme with these fans. I've also seen this model also fail the same way in about a year.

Air King fans used to be the go to brand for a quality box fan. Since acquired by Lasko, their products have turned to junk largely. Others mention the size of the blades shrinking over time, which is correct, so don't believe the photo.

To Air King: You guys need to take a look at how you used to manufacture these fans, and return to the original product with the larger blades, and better motors and barrings. Please consider using something more long life. I'd rather spend a little more for a well designed product than waste money on this model again.
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on August 22, 2012
I purchased this fan for my job as a welder, One of the requirements of a shop fan is that it has to have a three prong cord for OSHA, Which this does. I used to have the cheap fans and they would last maybe 6 months then get soot in the motor and quit. I havent used this fan for long, but from what I can tell it appears heavy duty. the frame box is much sturdier that the 15 dollar fans. The wind output seems be a little more than the $15.00 ones. So far I have to give it 5 stars. It was delivered in excellent condition from FedEx. I'll give more feedback in 6 months after I've had more time with it.
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