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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on September 25, 2005
The last few weeks have been golden for Marvel fans in the video game realm.

Not that we haven't had any nuggets of brilliance before. Maximum Carnage gave us comic book thrills with so/so graphics. Separation Anxiety continued the tradition.

Then along came PS2 and Spider Man 1 and 2. Great gameplay, great concepts. But something was missing.

Then came the TRILOGY of great games in just a few short days. Marvel Nemesis, X-Men 2 ROA, and Ultimate Spider Man. It's heaven no matter what genre of game you play; from fighting to RPG to arcade style action with INCREDIBLE graphics.

Marvel Nemesis is brilliantly executed; and makes for great gameplay whether you play 2 player, online, or story mode. Lots of fantastic characters to pick from. I've played as Spidey and Venom. The backgrounds are incredibly rich and well detailed. It does take some time to pick up the moves- I've heard some people ripping it for that. But learning them is half the fun of the game. It reminds me of playing MK 2 with my buds and having to learn the combo of buttons to do a Fatality move. If it was really easy to do the moves, the game would have no replay value.

I've also heard people rip on the darkness to the game, that some of the characters look murky or are in shadow. Well...when you fight at night, even the wildest of costumes are going to be muted a bit. This is Marvel Fight Club, slugging it out on a street or on the roof of the Daily Bugle. This ain't your daddy's fifteen cent comic books, this is down and dirty gritty life and death action.

I've heard people rip on the new characters, then rip on how they're using the same old recycled characters in another game. I wish people could make up their minds. This is one of the most original concepts I've seen in a long time for a fighting game. I think it's awesome that they've INVENTED new characters, tied them into a comic book, and introduced them in a new game.

Let me put it this way. I don't just throw fifty bucks around if I haven't researched it. I've played demos of this game. It's worth the money.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
One of my best friends were telling me about how the early reviews for this game were hitting the toilet, so I thought I'd just start an account to put my two cents in.

This game is AWESOME. If you're whining because you can't play as certain characters, just go into story mode and unlock them like I did. If your game won't save it, you either have a defective memory card or a bad copy of the game, because mine works fine. If that doesn't work for you, just wait a few weeks and somebody will post a cheat. Personally, I like it because it's not easy to win. This has been one of the first games in a long time that has compelled me to take it online. I don't know about these new characters, but I know the old ones, and it's kind of cool to pick fights with guys that have unknown skills and powers; it kind of adds a new sense of realism to the game. I've been on this game for a few days now and I haven't even opened Ultimate Spider-Man yet.

I haven't had this much fun with a game since Mortal Kombat and the Capcom fighters. This has been my second favorite game this year since Revenge of the Sith came out.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on January 6, 2006
A grand cast of Marvel's finest come together against 'The Imperfects' - a group of people who's traumatic lives lead them to an alien scientist who made genetically-enhanced psychos out of them.

This could have been such a good game. The character list is fantastic, the Imperfects each have well constructed back-stories and are as varied as the Marvel heroes themselves, the graphics are eye-pleasing and the fighting arenas are grand and fully interactive. Each Marvel character is represented as you'd hope them to be (e.g. Spider-Man and Venom can swing on their webs and crawl around the walls, Storm can fly and fry things with lightning, Magneto is relatively weak but, using his magnetism, can hurl tanks around, etc.) and there's a nice array of evil minions to kick around 'til your heart's content.

Sadly - as seems to be an ever more common occurrence with games nowadays - all comes crashing down with the controls. Their layout isn't bad (which is a good thing as there is no option to change it) and even the fact that this is a fighting game, yet has only ONE attack button can be forgiven (various aerial attacks, power attacks and grabs help change things up a little). However, the controls can be very unresponsive (the block button for example picks and chooses when it wants to block, when it wants to dodge and when it wants to do neither) and there is no target lock, which is a particularly frustrating problem when your character decides they'd much rather punch a nearby barrel and blow themselves up than attack the enemy getting ready to shoot you. This problem is then exaggerated by the erratic camera.

There are also a number of little things that will niggle away at your enjoyment of the game, such as not being able to skip a character's speech after they defeat you, a camera shot of a bad-guy flying through the air from a well placed attack distracting you from the half-dozen of his friends that are beating you around the head or the many number of times you find yourself too close to a wall and can only see a black screen.

This game has so much potential and I'd like to see EA go back and take a little more time over it should a sequel ever be commissioned, but for now, this stands as yet another example of a great game spoiled by rubbish player-interaction (Ghost in the Shell, Ultimate Spider-Man, True Crime: NYC, et al).
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on October 5, 2005
Overall this is a decent game but not a great one. My first impression of this game was to give it 1 star. However, the more I played the more I teased some of the subtleties out of it which brought it to the level of an average game. Its a fun button-masher (Kind of like a 3D Double Dragon) that will likely serve as one of those party games where folks sit around pounding on each other. However, there is a distinct lack of depth that may turn more sophisticated gamers off. Hopefully there will be a sequel and that game will build on some of the strengths of this one.

Pros: The Marvel characters are just plain fun to play, watching Spidey whip out the webs and throw a dude outta the arena is too much fun. Having Venom jump in the air, grab a spaceship and slam it into the ground like a football is priceless. Flying around as Iron Man blasting aliens is a hoot. The Imperfects were nicely done as well and their background cinematics were quite creative (Johnny Ohn is a blast). The game also definitely captured a comic "feel" and the sound/musical score are also top notch.

Cons: The depth of the game as a pure fighter cannot compare to say a Soul Calibur II or Tekken. The maneuvers are context based and seem to be highly dependent on timing. Characters often pause, leaving openings for enemies. Some additions like a high and low attack or a handful of programmable combos would be welcome. The camera seemed to lag behind the character too. This often lead to me running in a circle and getting blasted because the camera is looking the wrong way (especially when flying). The graphics on PS2 were not as nice as I anticipated (may be better on Xbox?). I also didn't care for the language, I've got little ones that may be in the room and I don't need them repeating the Thing's or Spidey's catch phrases. Lastly the arenas are large enough that your character turns into a spec in the background under some conditions. This makes control tougher and honestly you can't tell Spidey from Magneto when your dude is 3mm tall (and I have a 36" HD TV).
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13 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on October 8, 2005
When the word came out about Marvel Nemesis I couldn't help to feel this could be a very promising Marvel game. Who wouldn't? The press release (yeah I should know better) made it look great: 15 or more playable heros from several camps not just one: Avengers, X men, Spiderman and the Thing. So far so good. The team EA put together to produce this game looked good on paper also.

Could this be the game that put some of my favorite Marvel comic heros to life on the screen with a good story line, clean graphics and player models, good sound and a great combat/fighting engine? NO. NO. NO. This is nothing but a brilliant marketing plan that made a few investors some money before the word got out that this game is terrible.

I honestly tried to give this game a chance. I tried it for several hours and it was the biggest disappointment in something that had all the potential to be a great title. If you feel like making a few snickering rich guys richer buy this game so they can take even more more money with them all the way to Switzerland while laughing that they duped you bad.

DO TRUST the reviews out there online. Most of them tell the truth about this game. But before bought it I found ONE review from what appeared to be an old schooler like me. He like me didn't want to spend countless hours memorizing key combos and moves. He wanted to get in the game to play as quickly as possible. He like me didn't want to comb through a player's guide for hours before starting. It made sense.

But heres the truth:

Graphics are horrible. What are these people smoking that give the graphics for this game 4.5 out of 5? From even the online mainstream reviewers.

Sound: Not bad

Playability: Worthless. Repeated scenes. Camera mechanics are horrible!

Shame on you Marvel for allowing this sham to use your label. Your heros should revolt and attack the Marvel building for allowing this junk to promise so much and deliver this mess.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on October 2, 2005
Overall: This is a great game for fans. Fun gameplay, everything.

Review: (PROS) You can unlock Marvel characters, playing through a story that is at least entertaining.

The story starts off with you battling some smaller/weaker enemies, which is a good way to try and get a handle on your abilities before tackling the harder "boss"-types.

Their abilities are almost right on, making them kinda accurate to form. Makes it fun to play classic battles between Venom and Spiderman, etc.

RAGE~ whoever said Spiderman never went into a rage should check out the comics. Spiderman has said "ass" and has gone into amazing fits of rage where he nearly or has killed villans (Kraven, etc.). Also he doesn't have spikes in this game, I think whoever said that seeing is either the web-ball or the web-shield.

(Cons) Not enough Marvel characters. Would have been nice to be able to play more Marvel characters instead of EA's poor Imperfect Retards.

Needs more Arenas. There are only a handful of arenas to play in, which is a shame because you end up going to the same arenas over and over with different characters/scenarios.

The movies of the EA characters are pretty gay, I will say. (Johnny Ohm... in fact the character itself is pretty tough to stomach with his "Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!" and "You're Grounded!" one-liners that he always says due to EA not giving them more lines to start battles. And playing online you cannot skip over them.)

Most of the EA characters are overpowered. i.e. Johnny Ohm

It's almost impossible to beat Johnny Ohm with Wolverine, etc. online if the other person has *any* experience in the game.

When you go online, even after unlocking all the characters you have to start over again and unlock the characters by gaining "levels." (No biggie, just battle people online and you'll unlock by playing).

The EA characters are retarded. EA should have put more than 5 seconds thought into developing these characters. Sure Paragon is an interesting character, but the others are just a sad excuse to try to break into the Marvel world. They all have similar back-stories and sure, its understandable that some mastermind has altered them all, but why go through some lame way of developing them? Quite sad.

No alternate costumes available. Would have been nice if they had included some.

Trying to figure out the combos and special abilities is tough.

Basically, this game is good and is fun. You can unlock characters, play online against whomever, and play against friends in vs. mode for good drunken fun.
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14 of 19 people found the following review helpful
HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon January 15, 2006
Remember all those countless super hero licensed beat 'em up's that plagued 16-bit systems? At first glance EA's Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects might not seem like that type of game, but make no mistake that it is: a repetitive and quickly boring beat 'em up with a host of technical issues. You can play as a variety of Marvel Comics heroes and villains, as well as six "Imperfects": cyborg-esque warriors created specifically for the game. The single player mode is ungodly repetitive as you battle hordes of generically created enemies. This gets boring real quick, with button mashing galore and repetitive gameplay. The destructable environments seem like a good plus at first, but you'll soon learn how much they actually work against you in a brawl, and it becomes more frustrating than it should be. The cumbersome control scheme adds to this, not to mention that the controls can get to be quite buggy as well. The graphics look sharp from a distance, but the game has an odd look to it like it doesn't know if it wants to look like Spider-Man 2 or Ultimate Spider-Man (both are great games that are much more worth your time than this), and the in game cut scenes look godawful. There are a few saving graces which save Marvel Nemesis from being a complete clunker, including a horde of unlockable content that comic fans will love. The Marvel heroes' super powers are nicely pulled off, including Storm's weather attacks and Daredevil's agility, and the online support is where the most fun from the game is to be had. Other than that though, there's not much else here to hold your interest. If you're looking for a great super hero game, check out the X-Men Legends series or the aforementioned Ultimate Spider-Man. If you're looking for a great beat 'em up, check out Rockstar's the Warriors; all of which are more worthwhile than this.
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9 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on June 22, 2006
The sole reason for buying this game is the fact that it is GREAT for vs. Its campy, cinema-style action is great fun and adds alot of excitment to playing with friends. Its like making a perfect super hero fight that you wish would be in the movie. sounds great right? WRONG. The fact that it has a great vs mode is not good enough. I CANT unlocke all the characters because this game is SO HARD to be. it also can become a button smasher if your not carful. Also in my opinion the worst part of this game is that not all the characters are evenly matched. Some, like elektra for example, are so well rounded with speed, strength, and range with great hand to hand combat that its nearly impossible to beat her with a slower close range character like the thing. Also the special attacks miss all the time. spidermans web blasts NEVER hit and the human torch is completly worthless in the game. On the other hand some never miss making it super hard to beat them. For example: Storm's thunder blots are nearly impossible to dodge. Its like they are heat seeking missles and you are a campfire. Granted, every character has a stage where their powers are at their peak. For example: I was using Storm and my friend was using Elektra. He beat me with elektra 17 times in a row in the mansion. We kept the same characters but changed stages to the parking lot and i beat him with storm about 10 times in a row. I guess thats a good thing...not sure why though...

in all its a terrible game...but its terribly fun....
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on July 25, 2006
This isn't much like the spiderman games that i'm used to, but it is definitely a lot of fun. Good storyline for a fighting game. The single player is challenging (but beatable) and uses most if not all the characters. There are plenty of characters, and most are different and have unique powers. There are two versus modes: against the computer or against a friend. The computer is pretty easy to beat. Each character has it's own pros and cons. Another thing i like is that the character levels aren't the same (anybody remember super smash bros?). In most games there are a lot of different people but they're mostly the same and your winning mostly just rides on your experience with their moves. In this there are some major strong characters unlocked at the end.

I actually got bored and a little dissappointed after playing this a couple of days, but a little while ago i started playing again and it is awesome. recommended for comic book fans.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 28, 2005
I am not a hardcore gamer, but I am a hardcore MARVEL fan. That said, this game desperatly needs a optional difficulty setting. The basic levels in "story mode" are easy enough, but the "bosses" know all the secret moves and aren't afraid to use them, meanwhile it gets really old trying to fight the same character for an hour because they keep slaughtering you. 2nd main complaint is they list all 18 characters in the booklet that are available to play, most of them you have to unlock. The promise of Daredevil, Venom and many others is unatainable unless you beat a considerable amount of characters.

The game play and design are spectacular though, aside from it not being very welcome to novice gamers. Hopefully the codes will be out soon enough.
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