Customer Reviews: Chamberlain PD752D 3/4-Horsepower Heavy-Duty Premium Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
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on December 29, 2005
We used to have a 1/3 HP garage door opener, and it gave us nothing but problems. We have a metal folding garage door with wood panels on the outside. Whenever there was overnight moisture, we would not be able to open the garage door. The door would become soaked when it rained, and it was very heavy.

Not a problem for this 3/4 HP garage door opener from Chamberlain. It opens our heavy garage door every time, and it's also very quiet. No loud mechanical or electrical noises when it's operating.

The box that it came in is not that large. It includes the railings in sections. The rail comes together from the pieces to form one permanent long piece. At first, we thought it would be very difficult to install this opener, but in fact it was very easy. We took our time to make sure it was installed right, and the total time was about 1 hour. The instructions were clear and the installation was surprisingly a breeze.

The only thing is that be aware that not all "universal" remote openers purchased elsewhere will work this opener. This opener uses the special SecurityPlus technology, so you should make sure any additional openers you purchase supports this. It does come with two remote controls though.

Highly recommended opener- don't make the mistake of buying a 1/2 HP opener and installing it only to find out that you need a stronger opener to open your garage door.
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on February 11, 2011
I purchased this unit when my 11-year old Craftsman 1/2 hp died. That unit was noisy, slow, and too young to die. The previous door opener I owned was 20-years old when I sold the home, it still worked fine.

Okay, so after reading the reviews on Amazon, I decided to go with another chain drive because the belt drives sounded a bit dicey with plastic gears or whatever. I decided on the 3/4 hp for 2 reasons, 1.) it was cheaper than the 1/2 hp with the wireless keypad (which I already owned), and 2.) I figured a little extra power might make it last longer, and will be compatible with a heavier door if we decide or need to replace the existing one. From Amazon, it was delivered in 1 day, even though I selected Standard shipping (3-5 day estimate), pretty cool.

Okay, so the Chamberlain PD752D instructions were better than I imagined, but still hard to read in some sections - requiring several attempts to understand what they were intending. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, but I still considered hiring this project out as I read install times of around 6 hours, which is about what it would have taken me if had not been for re-use of some of the old garage door opener parts (wiring, hangers, etc.). It's not a great project for a beginner unless you're very committed and well-tooled. The tools that were required for the project include:

- Two ladders, 6' and 8'
- Tape measure 12'
- American socket set (not metric)
- Wrench set (open / box end wrenches) - American
- Power drill / drill bits
- Rubber or plastic hammer (to snug sections of rail together)
you could also use a wood block to protect the metal end hitting with a regular metal hammer
- Wire stripper
- Bubble level (3' or 6')
- Phillips screwdriver, straight-blade screwdriver
- 2x4 board

Note as others have mentioned, that this unit is only designed for a 7' high door (without the extension kit). If you have a higher door, you'll need the extension kit.

Some have said this unit requires you to be in your driveway to use it. Well, I paid special attention to the antenna, making sure it was extended down from the unit straight. Anyway, my remote works from several houses away, so there's no distance issue with it. We have an aluminum garage door, so maybe it's worse with certain door types, but it's not the unit.

The motor unit itself is very quiet. I can barely hear it running through the garage door via our mud room. This is amazing compared to the old unit which I could hear from our bedroom across two floors and 50' of distance.

The Chamberlain PD752D has two 100-watt light bulb sockets which are amazingly bright compared to the old single 60-watt light on the Craftsman. However, the sockets didn't work with florescent light bulbs, deep sockets not compatible with florescent; I had to use standard bulbs. The lights stay on for nearly 5 minutes which is a bit too long, but gives you plenty of light and time to unload the groceries. I would prefer that you could adjust the light timeout, especially since it uses motion sensing. A timeout value of 2 minutes would have been plenty.

The wired, push-button control has a motion sensor (which can be turned off) which causes two 100-watt light bulbs to come on when you're moving around in the garage, kinda cool. The wired remote also allows you to turn off the light to save energy.

The most difficult part of the install was getting our built-in car remote controls to work with it. I'm a computer programmer and it took me an hour of reading, research and testing to get this to work, yikes. I have a 2002 car and my wife has a 2007. I couldn't get either of them to work. After reading several blogs, I figured out that both cars have a system called HomeLink made by Johnson Controls. The way to identify it is that HomeLink has a tiny little home-shaped icon near the red LED light. HomeLink has a red LED light near the 3-button controls. The Chamberlain instructions were non-existent with respect to programming with a HomeLink car remote. There are only a like a gazillion cars on the road with HomeLink installed, it would have been nice to include those instructions, or at least put it on their support web page. The Chamberlain receiver is some kind of rolling codes designed to prevent hacking into your garage - which my old unit didn't have.

First, test the blue wireless remote control that came with the Chamberlain to make sure it works. If it doesn't read the Chamberlain directions try to get it to work. Both of the wireless remotes received with my unit worked the first time I tried them (they are pre-programmed at the factory).

Here are the 3 easy steps to program your car remote to the Chamberlain receiver:

1.) Reset the Chamberlain receiver and reprogram your remotes:
1a.) Erase all the remotes from the receiver unit, by pressing and holding the learn button on the motor unit for 10 seconds. I think the 100-watt light flashes or something to indicate it's cleared.
1b.) Now reprogram the blue Chamberlain remotes to the receiver unit using the instructions (simply press and release the learn button on the motor unit, then press and hold the longest button on the blue Chamberlain wireless remote for about 6 seconds or so until the 100-watt light blinks, let go of the button).

Don't proceed until you get the remotes reprogrammed to the receiver unit in 1b.

2.) Train the HomeLink system (in your car) as follows:
2a.) Reset the HomeLink in the car by holding the two outermost buttons simultaneously until the HomeLink LED indicator light flashes for 20 seconds. This is essentially like rebooting the HomeLink.
2b.) Hold the Chamberlain-supplied blue wireless remote control within a 2" of the red HomeLink LED, don't press any buttons yet.
2c.) Press the HomeLink remote button (in the car) first (I had to try all the buttons, only the far right one seemed to work for me).
2d.) Then, press the Chamberlain large button on the blue remote (used to open the garage door). The HomeLink red LED starts to blink. If it doesn't start to blink, start over at step 2b, it didn't work. :{
Note that your garage door will open or close in response to this because you're holding down the button on the blue Chamberlain remote - which is designed to open the door. If it doesn't activate the door, something is wrong with the Chamberlain blue remote, program it to the receiver first.
2e.) Once the HomeLink red LED starts blinking, celebrate, but keep holding both buttons down. The red LED starts flashing faster then stops eventually. Then let go. Now, you would think you'd be done by now, but no. You've just trained the HomeLink unit to the Chamberlain; you still have one more step.

3.) Train your HomeLink car to the Chamerlain Receiver as follows:
3a.) Press the learn button on the side of the motor unit. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the same Homelink button you pressed in step 2c, hold it for about 6 seconds. The 100-watt lights on the motor will blink, let go of the HomeLink button.
3b.) Now, press the HomeLink button on the remote, the door should open. If it does, it's really time to dance.

Needless to say, my old remotes (from the Craftsman) are not compatible with this new unit.
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on July 25, 2006
After getting a quote from my local garage door installer to put in a new garage door opener, I decided to do it myself. He wanted $1200. The directions were written well and I was able to use the mounting brackets from my old unit. I also used the existing wiring so that only took a few minutes. The biggest surprise was that when I tested it, it was super quiet. I have a really heavy wood sectional garage door, and you can barely hear it opening. Took me a few hours but I saved a ton of money.
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on July 4, 2008
How can you beat $169 for this machine?! The material quality is pretty good. It was fairly easy to install. It took my son and I about 3.5 hours (and I'm a mechanic). I would rate the difficulty at about 2.5 wrenches (1 wrench means most people can perform the task at home; while 4 wrenches means leave it to the pros). You decide if this task is for you. See the video I took to see what I mean by "jerky." In all honesty, I haven't contacted Chamberlain about this yet. It is possible I have an adjustment to make. If that's the case, I'll update this review promptly.

UPDATE: Ok, here were are 3 1/2 months later. I originally set the chain tension to specs and now I've let it settle and re-adjusted it, again to specs. It still bucks and jerks a little. Is it enough to really irritate me? Nope, it's a minor annoyance. I just want you to know that this is the experience I've had with mine. I may still buy another one for my other garage door.
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on January 10, 2007
I looked around and did some research and decided to buy the Chamberlain.

The installation was very easy since I used some of the hardware from my old door opener, even though I really took my time (total of 6 hours)and installed it by myself. Instructions were written out very clearly so you cannot get confused. I had this new opener for 3 months and its performance is outstanding, it is very quiet and lifts the door without any problems although the door is all wood and is very heavy.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 1, 2012
If you're replacing an existing garage door opener then this opener is the way to go.

I'm replacing a mere 10 year old Marantec opener because the replacement remotes and new infrared thingy would be as much as this new Chamberlain.

Spend some time and read the installation manual 4-5 times BEFORE doing anything. Get familiar with the parts and installation sequences. Don't skip steps to save time. I guarantee you'll be going back, disassembling, and reassembling again.

I removed the old rail, chain, and motor unit. Keep your wiring intact, it can be used again for the wall control and safety sensors. I was able to reuse the ceiling hanging brackets and the door bracket. The header bracket will have to be switched out.

Installation was quick & easy, with a few minor bumps on the way.

Attachment of the spreader bracket is no where in the instructions. I called Chamberlain and they confirmed that this step was missing. I attached the bracket before stringing the chain. Within 5 minutes Dotti at Chamberlain called back and found another manual with the correct procedure. She went over the next few steps with me to assure the chain was correct. I couldn't believe they actually called me back. It's refreshing to see this level of customer service in today's society.

The rest of the installation was a breeze.

Using the existing wiring and new brackets, the safety sensors were done in about 10 minutes. Remember to match your colored wires...white...gray.

The wall control unit was a cinch as well. They even included plastic anchors and the proper screws. I really wanted a motion sensing light in the shop, now I have one built-in. The sensor turns on the opener lights when we just step into the shop, and leaves them on for 5 minutes. Plenty of time to grab something from the freezer, or a tool from the chest.

I used the existing ceiling brackets with some added pieces included in the kit. You'll need a second person to help hang the motor from the brackets. Don't be that guy who falls off the ladder and watches, in horror, as the motor unit smashes violently into his testicles. Get a helper.

I did have to make force and travel adjustments. Not a big deal, but it can be frustrating. You don't want to turn the set screw more than a full turn at a time. Sure, it will take long to adjust the door, but you avoid having the door fly up and smashing into the stop bumper at a high rate of speed.

The motor operation is quiet and fast. My original door opener was only 1/2 HP, while this Chamberlain is 3/4 HP. I also keep my door lubricated, not just the rollers and tracks, but the hinges on the door panels. They might be aluminum, but you be surprised how quiet the door is with just a few sprays of CRC lubricant.

Even though I didn't need a 3/4 HP machine for a 7'x16' aluminum sectional door, I did want all the additional features. I needed 2 remotes, bright lighting, and a decent wall pad. If you look at the $160 Chamberlain unit, it only has one remote. For virtually the same money, I get everything I need, in one box.

Total time, 4 hours, which included homemade meatloaf, smashed taters, and iced tea.
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on November 25, 2006
The garage door opener worked fine. Very easy to install but the Amazon documentation for accessories is lacking or wrong. I ordered the extension kit for a "chamberlain chain drive" but found out after receipt that there are 2 different types of chain drives. The correct kit for this model is a 7708CB which you have to search for by model # in order to find it on Amazon. I also ordered the keyless CLK1 which is listed as an accessory for this drive. It is incompatable with this opener and I had to return it. The correct compatable model is a Chamberlain 940D. Amazon doesn't carry that model and since the descriptions for other keyless openers did not give enough information to insure that I would not get the wrong item again, I ordered it elsewhere.
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on July 31, 2006
I have had the 3/4 horse model in for several weeks now. It performs flawlessly. I am using is on a 18x8 door with high wind bracing, very heavy door. Once I got it adjusted, as instructed, it performs very well.

It did take several hours to install as I was working alone. Get help with the install and it will go alot faster.

You might need to pick up some additional hardware for supporting of the unit, especially if you have a high ceiling.

Also, the dual lights really add to the amount of light and makes this a more desirable product over a single light unit.
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on January 9, 2007
I am using these openers on 9'x8' solid wood carrage doors. I have had in use for over a year now and have not had any problems thus far. Great product.
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on February 18, 2006
This Chamberlain opener replaced a Genie screw drive opener. The Chamberlain was simple to install and unlike the Genie produces little too no noise. When I open the garage door now all I hear is the squeek of the door rollers and hinges. My wife and I are very please with this purchase.
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