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VINE VOICEon November 2, 2005
Finally, the second volume of the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars by the Samurai Jack production team. Director Genndy Tartakovsky, obviously a fan of the Star Wars Saga, fills this series with more scenes that fans have waited for that even George Lucas hasn't delivered, for example: The "Knighting" of a Jedi, Windu fighting airborne, while Yoda fights an overwhelming invasion force on Coruscant, much more. The angular stylized animation is a visual feast for all generations. This volume continues where the first left off, with General Grievous, while the war continues, Anakin Skywalker undergoes his final rite of passage, while Master Shaak Ti and other Jedi try to defend the Supreme Chancellor from the General. Clone Wars Vol. II. aired just before the release of Episode III., the series efficiently bridges the Episode II/III. gap, the events in the final chapters (21-25) leading directly to the opening of the movie. Unseen events from the opening crawl are elaborated on like how the Chancellor is kidnapped, how Coruscant strike happens and C-3PO, voiced by the "real deal" (Anthony Daniels), revealing his new "suit." After the 3 minute chapters of "season one" the extended 12 minute chapters are better suited to the more envolved story-line(s).

A must-have for Star Wars and animation fans. Clone Wars Vol.II., like it's predecessor, is an excellent vehicle to introduce the uninitiated to "the Saga."
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on October 15, 2005
In the latest installment of the Star-Wars miniseries, Anakin Skywalker embraces his destiny as he crosses over to the dark side of the force. Gendy Tartovski beautifully illustrates this must-have DVD for Star-Wars fans and art enthusiasts alike. Tartovski's style is so original and brilliant, combining both worlds - the three-dimensional and the two-dimensional, but in a compelling way that makes the combination as genious as peanut butter and chocolate. The story explores every detail of Anakin's struggle to decide which road to take, as he learns the ways of the Force, and becomes more powerful during his journey. Fans of the classic battles in the Star Wars Trilogy will find much appreciation for the new ones featured this season, including such locations as the Gungan city and the hull of a star fighter. I recommend this series to all generations. Its difficult not be pleased by this interpretation of the Star Wars saga.
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on November 1, 2005
As the title of the review says, Clone Wars volume one ended the story of Attack of the Clones just as volume two begins the story of Revenge of the Sith and really does a good job at filling in the holes that are seen when Episode III begins.

How did Anakin get his new mechanical arm and the scar on his face? Why is Grevious coughing in Episode III? When did 3PO get his gold armor? All of these questions and more are answered in Clone Wars Volume Two and it is done very well.

The story is easy to follow and very action packed. Fast moving, I enjoyed this more than Volume One, and I loved Volume one. This is a must have for all Star Wars fans to have in their collection, if for no other reason than it explains a lot of what we see in Ep.III. The coolest part is that it ends right where Episode III begins so you get all of what took place before it. Cool
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 26, 2012
First of all, this is very, very different from the Star Wars: Clone Wars CGI show currently running on Cartoon Network. Tartakovsky's Clone Wars uses 2D animation, as opposed to the current show's 3D CGI. The episodes are actually a series of shorts (micro-episodes) intended to tell what happened right after AOTC and right before ROTS.

I like both versions of the Clone Wars. However, I think the visual imagery in the Tartakovsky version is more interesting. There are some really interesting and memorable creature designs, such as Yoda's Kybuck. I love that the show uses familiar alien species for new Jedi, such as the Ithorian Roron Corobb, Talz Foul Modama, and Wolfman Volviff Monn. Visually, they're far more memorable than any of the characters from the newer Clone Wars.

I also like that General Grievous isn't a pansy in this series. He's absolutely brutal. I found Grievous in ROTS to be more annoying than anything else, and even in the current Clone Wars find him merely tolerable. However, his introduction at the end of Volume 1 is absolutely chilling.

Unfortunately, because of time constraints, the Tartakovsky version obviously doesn't delve into character development or intricate story plots. On those aspects, I think the current Clone Wars excels. Volume 2 of the Tartakovsky series does tell the story of how Palpatine was kidnapped, but even that is more a prolonged action sequence than a rich story.

Overall, if you're a Star Wars fan, the Tartakovsky is definitely worth tracking down. I found both volumes used in great condition for around $20, so it's possible to get a deal. More than anything else, some of the new background characters and images are truly iconic.
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on April 17, 2006
Considering that the volume 2 was not originally conceived and it was after the first 20 short episodes were a huge success, Genndy Tartakovsky had a major challenge in following up with what he had already made with volume one.

A major change this volume presents is that we now have five episodes only but twelve minute length (which actually makes the same 60 minutes volume one had). The new series focus on the previous events to the very beginning of Episode III (Lucas asked them to do the actual crawl of the episode III), which means that if you watched the film and wondered how did Grievous kidnap Palpatine, that you can find here. Being this the case, you can imagine how limited Genndy's team was this time, they had to work now based on what Lucas wanted them to show different from volume one in which they were able to explore other aspects of the star wars universe during the clone wars period.

After the end of volume one in which we got to see a sneak peek of what Grievous would be, the character became very popular, these new episodes have him as the major villain (you will sadly see that the Grievous from Episode II is nothing but a mere shadow of a pretty cool character shown in these series). Many important events take place here: we see Grievous kill some Jedi masters, Anakin becomes a Jedi Knight, you get to see more of the brother like relation between Anakin and Obi-Wan, (my personal favorite) the trial of Anakin in a remote planet where (as Luke does later) he has a vision of what he is to become later, and of course the invasion of Coruscant by the separatist forces led by General Grievous.


A documentary called "Connecting the dots" is included which basically explains a little how the main story points for this volume came out. New video game trailers and demos are included as well as the final trailer for episode III. A short film called "Revenge of the brick" was added as well, presenting an alternate story with Lego ships and characters. The series are presented dubbed in both English and Spanish and subtitled in English. Close caption where available.
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on April 8, 2015
This is show is pretty awesome, I'm 23 and it still appeals to me. It's awesome to see something make up for those horrible starwars episodes 1,2, and 3. Any starwars fan who hasn't seen these should check them out. May the force be with you.
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on April 17, 2006
On May 19th 2005, the Star Wars saga was deemed "complete" with George Lucas saying there will be no more movies. However, that does not exclude an animated television series. Return to the adventure of the Clone Wars in Vol. 2 of this emmy award winning series. Vol. 2 In my opinion is better than the first and that is saying a lot. There are only 5 episodes on this volume as opposed to the 20 on the first volume, but, these episodes are longer and more story driven. All together this volume runs an hour just like the first one. The bonus features on this dvd are also better than on the original season. The Lego short film "Revenge of the Brick" and several trailers have been included as well as a making of and now two playable xbox levels from Star Wars Battlefront 2. This volume of the Clone Wars reveals a few interesting things about key characters from the films such as C3P-0 and Grevious. We also see Anakin facing the Jedi trials. And finally, this season leads directly into Revenge of the Sith. Now the saga is complete. Buy this dvd if you enjoy Star Wars. This is as good as it gets next to the big screen flicks. Thanks for reading.
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on December 7, 2005
I don't know that the dialogue is much better than the movies, or even if the plot is much better than the movies. However, the action is incredible. The animators of these had the freedom to do things that lucas could only dream of. And they seem to have gone to town with these ideas. These animated shorts are wonderful and well worth the price of admission. What happened in the clone wars? You find out here. How did General Grevious get that raspy voice? YOu find out here. THis series fills in the blanks in the movies in a fun creative action packed way. Once you get past the fact that you are watching animation, you will love these, even if you are not a star wars fan.
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on May 27, 2013
While these episodes were originally aired in 5-7 minute spots on Cartoon Network, this disc does a masterful job of lacing them into a seamless movie length film. The Jedi are powerful, the Clones tactical, the animation stylized and cool.

No Clone Wars history would be complete without this series. It introduces Dirge, and Asaja Ventress. We see Anakin become a Knight. We witness his growing dark side. Now these were shorts, so the dialogue is brief and the character development is limited, BUT it does exist. AND this series has the Jedi using the Force with real POWER! The fight scenes with droids are incredible. Every other Star Wars adaptation has watered down the Force Skills brought to bear in this show. Probably why I love it.
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on December 8, 2005
I'm not sure if I read this correctly, but is "Volume 2" of the Clone Wars really the end? I hope not! They should pick off where the Episode VI ends and continue the galactica saga.

Anyways, I highly recommend Clone Wars: Volume 2. The character of General Grievous is explained much better in the animated series. And of course, this volume takes straight into Star Wars Episode III with the space battle over Coruscant.

There are some interesting things to see:
1) Yoda is at the height of his powers

2) You'll see why General Grievous has that bad cough in Episode III

3) You see more details on the Anakin/Obi-Won relationship. In the movie, they say they're great friends, but you don't see them hanging around too much.

4) And in general, you'll actually see the Clone Wars take place. Sure, they could've showed more battles, but taking into consideration how short the DVD is, they do a pretty good job showing bits and pieces of everything.

Great stuff from the Cartoon Network.
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