Customer Reviews: Cuisinart 66-17 Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 17-Piece Cookware Set
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on December 8, 2007
I am an avid home chef & treasure high-quality cookware. These are great! They are thinner (but harder) than many brands, which I truly love. Lower heat settings can be used for comparable results in other cookware, which saves energy, money, & severity of burns if the user is accident prone.

Some things to know:

1. These pans are designed to be hung on a rack. Hanging does save your cookware from a lot of those small injuries caused to them by stacking.

2. The Quantanium non-stick finish is like Teflon on steroids! I use about 1/4 the oil/butter I normally used in the older versions of Teflon. As mentioned above, a lower heat setting is also necessary. These are very easy to clean (except the stainless steel "buttons" where the handles are attached - everything sticks well there).

3. Although they say "Metal Utensil Safe", DON'T! Save the metal utensils for your cast iron & stoneware.

4. Non-stick cooking spray tends to eat finish on pans. Preserve them by washing well with soap & water as soon as they are cool. TIP: NEVER, EVER put a sizzling hot pan in water or dump cool water into it! This causes warping that basically ruins the pan. Move the pan to an unused burner & let it cool naturally before washing.

5. With the small steamer insert, never fill the pan over one inch above the bottom of the insert. With the stockpot insert, 2 inches. This can be pushed to nearly 3, but the mess from overfilling is big.

6. Enjoy & care for these pans! You won't ever have to buy replacements for them as long as you don't abuse them.
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on August 27, 2004
I bought the 10 piece Cuisinart set about a month ago and ever since I've been expecting it to fall to pieces, burst, turn to dust, explode, vanish in thin air, etc. etc... anything that would give me a reason for the low price of 140$ which is 400$ in stores. The truth is, it's too good to be true. But it is! This is the best cookware set I have ever seen by far. Nothing will ever be able to stick to these lovely pots and pans, no matter what you do, so be ready to say goodbye to all the non-stick sprays, oil, butter and soaking and scratching. They don't even need harsh soaps for a moderate cleaning up. It is true that they can burn food, but the instructions say that these are not meant to be used at high stove-top heats anyway, use a low to mid heat and everything will turn up wonderful. They are really good for slow cooking and can also go in the oven up to 500 degrees, which is required for some food I like to make. The glass lids are useful when making rice or seeing the color of vegetables but they can spill if nor handled properly due to the design, which could certainly improve since they are, unlike the pots, not very easy to clean. My handles have never got too hot unlike my previous Faberware set. I adore the small skillet which is just the right size for a 2 egg french omlete, in general, the sizes are logical and all come in handy. It does say they are metal utensil safe, which is not exactly true since it's OK with a fork or spoon, but any hand held electronic gadget can scratch the interior a little. Also, although the dark gray outer finish is beautiful, it seems that the colour will be wearing of in time.

To sum it up, if you're willing to give some extra attention to this good-looking set (drying after hand washing, preferably hanging and keeping the lids clean) this is a deal you must not miss. BTW, It arrived very quickly and was packed great by Amazon. You won't be able to use any piece in this set at high stove top heats, so get a cheap large skillet for that kind of job, give away your old set and buy this one like I did. I doubt anyone will ever regret it. I would give 4 1/2 stars if I could due to the not-so-good lid design facor. Still, I love my cookware set, will probably be using it for at least 10 years to come and recommend it fully to anybody.

I've just gave away this set after 6 years of daily use. So, they didn't last for 10 years as I was predicting in my initially overly psyched review, but I still think it was a great deal for the price. Now that I have more money to spend and need a more professional level cookware set, I've replaced them with stainless steel Fissler pots and pans, which in my opinion, are the best you can get for any price, anywhere.
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on February 19, 2009
I purchased this 14pc set of cuisinart pots and pans, after many comparisons and shopping around. I was initially more interested in purchasing Circulon Elite, but I wasn't too happy with the sizes offered in the set. Anyway, I am extremely happy that I purchased this set instead and here's why...

The price is great! This is a high quality product! There are 14pc included and they are all in useable sizes, the only additional thing you many need is a 12"skillet, but I have been fine without one so far. The 4 quart saute pan is wonderful!!! And I absolutely love the steamer basket, that was a huge selling point for me because I steam veggies everyday! I am very impressed with everything about these pots and pans! The non-stick finish has been very durable so far, and extremely easy to clean. They cook evenly with no hot spots, etc. One important thing to note that makes this set different than most other hard anodized cookware, is that these are made with an aluminum core. So they have a hard anodized exterior and a non-stick interior, but the aluminum core makes them quite a bit lighter in weight to most other products. I consider this to be a positive thing, I don't need to break my wrist washing a pan. But if you use your pans as weapons, consider something else. =) The exterior finish is awesome, its a smooth hard anodized finish and very easy to maintain. Another review complained about the exterior, that "it looked cheap and no matter how she cleaned them they looked bad"... well, she's crazy!!! These look awesome!!! The clear lids are very helpful, although they do tend to get hot so using a rag when lifting is advisable. But handles on the pans seem to stay cool, no problem.

Anyway, if you are considering this cookware and are comparing it to more expensive brands, then save your money! You will not be disappointed with this purchase!
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on May 14, 2007
This is a beautiful set of cookware and, I think, a great value...I paid $189.99 for 17 pieces, 15 of which are pots, pans & lids and 2 inserts..for pasta and for steaming. I like that there are 2 of the same size lid. You always get 1 lid that fits 2 items in the set and I would always use them at the same time and only be able to cover 1. No worries with this set--there is 1 lid for each. Also, I did a lot of price shopping before I picked this one and it's the only brand that calls it 17-piece and gives you all cookware. Every other set I saw that was over, say, 10 pieces-- the extra was knives or plastic utensils vs pots and pans. If it was 17 pieces, 7 to 9 of them were bowls, utensils, knives, etc. Rip offs for the prices they charged. And finally..the outside is nice and smooth, not ringed or otherwise textured...makes for nice cleanup and hopefully they'll stay nice looking longer than their predecessors. The ONLY thing I'm not thrilled with is that the lid handles do get warm...even hot. The pot and pan handles don't, but the lids definitely do. But for the price and quality? I have potholders.... Otherwise I would give it 5 stars. What the heck..5 it is!
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on November 10, 2005
I have had the similar 7 piece set for about a month and have had a chance to use them enough to have an opinion. They are well balanced and perform well, especially the sauce pans and stock pot. The 8 quart stock pot is large enough for a family of 4-6. Cuisinart advertises you can use metal utensils, but when you read their recommended use card, it says metal utensil will scratch the surface. That is a misleading marketing gimmick in my opinion.

My main complaint with the Cuisinart cookware is they heat up very quickly due to the thin 3 mm thickness. The fry pans are the weakest items of the set. After side-by-side comparisons against Emeril's All-Clad Hard Anodized, I much prefer the Emeril brand. The Emeril pans are 5 mm thick and seem to cook more evenly and are not near as temper-mental as the Cuisinarts. They also have a feel of quality, unlike the Cuisinart pans.

For not much more money, I would look at the higher quality Emeril Hard Anodized 10 piece set (retails for $200); and sorry Amazon, the best deals for Emerilware are currently using one of those 20% off coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens N Things.
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on November 21, 2012
These pots and pans are lightweight, yet cook food very well. They replaced my old Costco set (hey -- those worked great for 10+ years). The 1.5 qt pot makes rice better than my old non-stick pot and even better than my AllClad pot (all stainless). Flawless eggs from the frying pan (which, it just so happens, can also use the steamer lid). The extra lids (ostensibly for the steamer and pasta strainer... but why put a lid on those vs. the pot?) are nice to have.

HOWEVER, there are quality and warranty issues -- see update below!

The larger frying pan is a bit smaller than I expected, and would not work to stir fry a meal for 3 - 4 people (ok for 1 - 2). Luckily I already have another large frying pan. If the frying pan was larger, this would be a 5-star set.

Good heat distribution, great non-stick properties and lightweight + easy to clean = 1 great set of pots. Especially when Amazon puts them on a lightning deal :)

** UPDATE Feb 2013 **
Just days after my return window on Amazon expired, I had a serious problem with the 2.8L saucepan and the steamer unit. Quite simply, the steamer unit did not fit properly and it scratched the pot (check out a picture at How can a set leave the factory without them ensuring each piece fits properly?? And that "limited lifetime warranty" Cuisinart offers? Well to use that I must:

- Packge up the pot and ship it cross-country at my expense
- Include a check to pay for return shipping
- Cuisinart will "consider" the request when they get my pot. After some
undetermined length of time, they either send me a new one or ship the damaged
one back to me at their discretion.

What do I do for a large saucepan in the meantime? That's entirely my problem! Cuisinart won't accept photos or any other evidence. Send the pot, pay freight both ways, and wait until we decide is their motto.

Wow -- when they say "LIMITED" wrranty, they mean VERY LIMITED in terms of how well (or rather, poorly) they take care of you when you have a problem.

I thought I was buying a quality product from a company that would back it up with quality service if there was a problem. Clearly, I was WRONG! Next time, I'll go back to Costco. That Kirkland-brand set did great for 10+ years, and if there is a problem, I can ALWAYS go back to my local Costco.

Last time I buy Cuisinart products online (perhaps at all)!! What had been a 4-star rating is now 1-star because of the (a) poor quality control on the pot/accessories and (b) low value of their warranty given the steps one must take to make a claim.
review image review image
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on March 6, 2014
I am usually an analytical shopper, and try to read other buyer's opinions to make a sound decision. My wife bought this cookware set based on brand/stars, and we are terribly disappointed with the quality of the product. As other reviewers already mentioned, the glass cover will shatter easily. We were having lunch the other day, and heard a loud noise from the kitchen. The glass cover was totally shattered, even though the pan was not placed over direct fire. It seems that pressure derived from the moisture is enough to break the glass. Unacceptable quality, considering the prize we paid for it. I will try to upload a picture of the broken cover.
review image
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on July 22, 2011
I bought a set of Cuisinart teflon non-stick pans due to the fact that there was supposed to be a lifetime warranty. Well when the teflon coating started peeling, I contacted customer service 1-800-726-0190 and was assured that if I sent them back they would warranty the pans. I stressed that they were several years old and the girl said that was ok. I spent $30 to FedEx the pans (sent back all pans in the set) and was also required to enclose a check for $10 to cover return shipping.

After about a month, I had not heard anything, so I called and they had no record of receiving. I related the fedex confirmation and they said to give it another week to update my file. I called back in a week and the girl said that there was a note in the file saying "costomer abuse". I asked what that meant and she said she didn't know. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was referred to "Daniel". Daniel said that he would look into it and it was up to "corporate" and he had no input. He said he would call me back in 24 hours. Daniel did not call back in 24 hours, so in 48 hours I called and asked for him. He still said that it was up to corporate - I said that was not good enough; I have $40 more dollars invested in the pans. I told him that I have never seen a pan that eventually did have some peeling and wearing off of the teflon and a "lifetime warranty" should be honored. I also asked for a supervisor higher up.

A day later I got a call from "Dena". Dena (clanging pans sound) said the the customer abuse was using too high of heat which caused the teflon to fail - she also said that it was evident that metal utensils were used. Neither of which are true, the pans were just old and wearing out, but we bought them initially because of the lifetime warranty. Dena stated that if they just replaced pans for everybody that they would go broke replacing pans and they were NOT going to warranty my pans. Due to my constant whining, she did agree to ship back the pans (received but damaged with dings on the edges), refund my $30 shipping and the $10 check (have not received yet). My response was since she was going to ship my pans back at a cost of $20 (probably their cost to ship) and write a check for $40, wouldn't it be wiser to invest that $60 and send us a new set of pans that have a (Cousinart cost) of $60. She said "Look, we generally don't refund the original shipping, so NO". I also told Dena that I would post a positive Amazon review as well as a negative Amazon review whichever was needed. She said that was my right. So here I am with the negative - I will never buy Cuisinart again and ther warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on...
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on April 7, 2007
The interior of the pans is NOT anodized aluminum, but "Quantanium". It's an excellent non-stick surface, and so far my set works fine. However, if you're concerned about overheated Teflon and the chemicals being released into your food, you'll have to pay more to get a real anodized aluminum set.

Quantanium is not safe over 500 degrees F. It does contain PTFE, the same chemical in Teflon, which is potentially carcinogenic. Fumes from cooking are harmful to animals. And lastly, the non-stick layer is very thin, and will eventually come of. I bought my set thinking I was getting hard-anodized aluminum for a steal, but it seems you DO have to ante up for Calphalon or a more expensive brand to get the real stuff.
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on March 5, 2006
After 9 months of owning this set and cooking with most of them almost every day, I can give an honest opinion of how they worked out for me.


Excellent heat conduction. Stays hot, cooks evenly, and transfer from oven to stovetop and back is very convenient. Good, tough pots and pans at a great value. I like the large skillet and pots, especially.


The nonstick coating is not really there anymore for the two frying pans. Though these have never been in the dishwasher or been scrubbed with anything heavier than a sponge, the nonstick coating has slowly burned off in patches, and now, though it hasn't peeled or flaked, there are spots where the food will stick and nonstick spray or oil must be used. Unless I use some kind of spray, pancakes, for instance, must be made in the large 2-handled skillet.

This is a pity because I was very careful not to overheat the pans--they have really been babied. I will probably buy Cuisinart again, but these two pans will need to be replaced within a few months. They are not really useful anymore for anything except veggie burger patties.
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