Customer Reviews: Kellogg's Cereal Cup Assortment Pack - Wellness (6 Flavors),Pack of 60
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Flavor: Wellness|Size: Pack of 60|Change
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on January 12, 2007
This is really a great way to have breakfast at your office or practically anywhere. However, they don't give you an equal distribution of the various cereals. Here is the breakdown (from the side of the box):

16: 2.1oz Frosted Flakes

8 : 1.5oz Froot Loops

12: 2.8oz Rasin Bran Crunch

10: 1.5oz Apple Jacks

10: 1.5oz Corn Pops

4(!): Cocoa Rice Krispies

The main reason I got this over using regular boxes was that I wanted a variety of different cereals. However, there are way too many Frosted Flakes and far too few Rice Krispies. Kind of takes the "variety" out of variety pack.
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on September 6, 2007
You will get 60 cups of cereal. Each cup gives you enough cereal and space to pour a 6-8oz of milk. It is very convenient to have the single serving on the go cup. I would of gave a 5 if the quantities were even.
16- 2.1oz Frosted Flakes
10-2.8oz Raisin Bran Crunch
10- 1.5oz Apple Jacks
10-1.5oz Corn Pops
8-2.3oz Cocoa Krispies and
6-1.5 oz Froot Loops
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on February 27, 2007
Silly me - I thought 60 containers meant 15 of each of the four types of cereal. Instead, I got 22 of the plain Special K (my least favorite of the four) and only 4 of the Kashi (the one I really wanted). I'll eat them because I paid for them and they are convenient but I won't buy this "assortment" again.

Unless you're a big fan of Special K, don't bother.
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EDIT: I edited my original review today because the contents in the assortment have changed. I just got a new box and inside there were:
13 - Frosted Flakes
10 - Apple Jacks
9 - Cocoa Krispies
8 - Froot Loops
8 - Raisin Bran Crunch
6 - Corn Pops
6 - Frosted Mini Wheats

I don't know why they don't make the distribution of each type more equal (8 or 9), but they don't. I imagine some must be cheaper to make or something. Still, at least the ones with the most (Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks) aren't my family's least liked ones and it is a little more evenly distributed than it used to be. We used to always have leftover Raisin Bran Crunch and with each new shipment, the backlog of those got bigger and bigger. At least the upped the Cocoa Krispies allotment!

Warning: boring review follows! ha ha: I was interested in buying these individual servings of cereal for my family and wondered if the cups, bowls or little boxes were cheapest per ounce. The cups hold more than the bowls and boxes(usually about twice as much based on cereal type). I mean we would have eaten 2 bowls if it was really cheaper that way.

I went to the kelloggs site to compare how much cereal was in the cups versus how much in the individual bowls or the little boxes. The bowls, cups and boxes all seem to end up costing fractions of pennies of one another ounce per ounce. I didn't add up all the kinds per variey pack and see which grand total costed pennies more or less based on ounce (I am not THAT frugal), but picked corn pops and frosted flakes to compare. The prices for all the kinds are very comparable, so if your wondering which type to buy, it doesn't really add up to much difference. I do check these things because sometimes the big "value" sizes are actually more expensive per ounce/gram than the little sizes. Those marketing people are tricky!

Therefore, if you want to have more little bowls or you pick the cups (that have more in each), you can make your choice and know you won't be spending way more either way. I skipped choosing the boxes because I liked the convenience of the bowls, but honestly the carboard boxes are probably better for the planet (but anyway, I will save some energy, water, and soap by not washing bowls!) Now all they need to do is sell a cute little dispenser for my counter and I will never go back to boxes!
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HALL OF FAMEon August 3, 2006
The various cereals included in this 60-pack box are health-promoting and very convenient. Each cup (more like a medium-sized bowl, really) contains about 2.5 oz net weight of cereals. Some have more calories than others, but all are quite tasty. I eat these with skim milk so I hope my cholesterol level can come down soon.

My complain is these are packed into a large box and some of the cups at the bottom were crushed from the weight and probably rough handling during shipment. Out of the box, two cups were completely gone and one cup had the thin cover open so I wasn't sure if the food quality was still acceptable so I had to throw it away.
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on April 7, 2007
Like the writers of many other reviews I read, I got a disproportionately high amount of plain Special K - around 30 of my 60 bowls. I got no bowls of the Kashi cereal. The net weight of a bowl of plain Special K is 1.5 oz, whereas the other cereals weigh in at around 2.5 oz. Special K is also the cheapest cereal to make of the four, making it extremely suspicious that many shipments of this "assortment" seem to be unbalanced in its favor.

I'm pretty upset that I purchased a "4-cereal assortment" that ended up containing only 3, and an undesirable mix of those. Be warned; based on the reviews here, you're likely to have a similar experience.
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on August 16, 2006
I take these to work along with little minature milks I pick up at the convenient store. They're quite filling and get me through to lunch just fine. And they're not too bad for you either. Considering they're all the "sugary" cereals your Mom complained about when you were a kid. In fact the one with the highest calorie count (280) is the Rasin Bran, and that's something that would actually be considered "healthy". All the rest fall into the 160-220 range.
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on January 7, 2016
Just ordered for the new year. Happy with the box. Happy with the fast shipping. Happy with the assortment. All sealed. Not as Pictured with the addition of Krave but I don't care. We love cereal around here.
Here's what I got:
14 - 2.1 oz Frosted Flakes
8 - 1.5 oz Froot Loops
8 - 1.5 oz Apple Jacks
6 - 1.5 oz Corn Pops
6 - 2.5 oz Frosted Mini Wheats
6 - 2.3 oz Cocoa Krispies
6 - 2.8 oz Raisin Branch Crunch
6 - 1.87 oz Krave with chocolate inside (not pictured on Amazon)

For those curious, I could't find an expiration or best by date.
Just ate one and it's crunchy and fresh though.

Note: I wanted to add that I saw these at the local brick and mortar stores and they are $1 a piece. Yikes! Amazon has the best price.
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on February 18, 2007
I'm a big guy. One of these just doesn't cut it for breakfast. But they make great snacks throughout the day. The packaging makes it very convenient to keep a bunch in my credenza at work. Sometimes I reuse the bowls to make hot oatmeal. Just remember they're not microwave safe. Don't ask me how I know! They just aren't okay?!

Unfortunately, I've learned that I'm not a Special K fan which rules out half the shipment. I'm referring to the regular Special K. The berry version is quite tasty.
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on November 24, 2015
Received package early which was great but Krave was substituted for Corn Pops. Already didn't care for 2 of the cereals now this makes 3. That's 50% of the order we don't like. Requesting replacement. Want original items ordered.
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