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on August 25, 2006
After a few days of use here are my comments for the C100T and Aerocinno. I am using the combo in a small office setting. The no mess of the espresso machine is great. The shots are really good and consistently good. The machine is very simple to use. Fill w/ water, turn on drop in espresso capsule, push button, and you are done. The only drawback I can mentinon is the capsules must be ordered from nespresso directly. In terms of cost they are significanlty more expensive than premium whole bean or ground espresso roast coffe (lavazza, petes, starbucks, etc.). So with regards to the espresso machine it is perfect for my office due to the no mess and no fuss cup of esspresso. Honestly, I love it. But in my home I will be keeping my Starbucks barista espresso machine due to the fact that it will take any espresso and at home it is easy to clean. The aerocinno is ingenious. It is the perfect compliment for any espresso machine with one caveat, the servings that it can make are only for one so if you are preparing multiple beverages are large single servings it must filled multiple times. If you overfill it, it will make a mess spilling over the sides. I am considering getting one of these for the home too due to the ease of use in comparison to the steamer attached to my espresso machine. In conclusion, I do reccomend this combo highly with the points mentioned above in mind.
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on August 29, 2006
I must first disclose that I am not an espresso connoisseur; I drink lattes and cafes-au-lait, and until the time my husband (a quad-espresso per day drinker) purchased the Nespresso C100, I had been a loyal Starbucks patron for at least 9 years. We've had the C100 now for over a month and since firing it up the first time, neither he nor I have stepped foot in a Starbucks. If you're not an espresso drinker and are afraid of the C100 PLUS a regular coffeemaker taking up counter space, fear no more. The C100 has two default settings -- one pulls an espresso, and the other, a 4-ounce "lungo" -- *and* its volume, unlike the C90, is also programmable. I've heard some people complaining about the noise Nespresso machines make, but really, have you ever listened to the noise -- and I'm not talking about the deafening and/or obnoxious music -- coming out of Starbucks?? As far as the quality goes, I haven't had coffee this good since my trip to Europe. It is consistent, never burnt-smelling/tasting (especially since the coffee doesn't sit around after being made), and does not require extensive doctoring to make it palatable. I now drink a plain ol' lungo, not a drink whose desciption requires a memory capable of beating the upper levels of "Simon Says." The only drawbacks, which are not enough to demote this rating to 4 stars, are the mandatory pod-ordering (and waiting), and the cost of accessories. If you don't believe me, go to Nespresso's website and see what a podholder costs.
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on October 15, 2006
I bought this machine after reading the reviews here and elsewhere on the Web. I agree with the good reviews. What people didn't mention, however, are:

(a) it makes a loud rattly whirring noise when you push the button to make coffee. I thought at first that I bought a dud machine, but apparently it's normal. It's not a pleasant noise but I got used to it.

(b) the instructions aren't really in English, they are multi-lingual and rely more on pictures. So it felt like rocket science for the first few minutes as I tried to decode what it meant. Eventually I gave up reading the instructions and figured it out myself.

(c) the espresso can come out quite cold. It's not super boiling hot when it shoots out, so unless you warm your cup in advance with some hot water, if you don't drink your espresso right away, that small amount of liquid gets cold quickly.

(d) the salespeople who say, "Each capsule only costs $0.49. Now, when was the last time you spent $0.49 on a cup of coffee?" are making a facetious argument. You are spending $0.49 for a tablespoon of very good espresso. If you tried to make a full cup of coffee (which you shouldn't, since this is an espresso machine), you will end up spending $2.00 or something like that. So, don't buy it thinking you will save money. Because if you are a coffee addict, chances are you will spend money on Nespresso AND still go to Peets and Starbucks anyway. So you are not "saving" anything. On a typical day, we go through about 3-4 capsules. So it can become a noneconomical way of enjoying espresso compared to making it the old way with beans.

(e) the capsules come in a variety of blends, but reading between the lines, the beans all seem to come from just 1-2 countries. It's not as wide or exotic of a geographic range as Peets or Starbucks. So the difference between the capsule colors/flavors is probably illusory. They all taste the same to me (then again I am not an aficionado).

(f) the capsules must be ordered in min. order of 50 (x$0.49 = $25). There is a mandatatory $5.95 shipping and handling. So re-ordering is going to be $30+ a pop.

(g) the machines must be routinely de-scaled and cleaned with fresh water. This maintenance bit annoys me.

Otherwise, it delivers what it promises. I bought it at Williams Sonoma to take advantage of its liberal return policy (apparently, lifetime warranty).
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on August 16, 2009
-C100T vs. Citiz-

We deliberated over 2 machines: the C100T and the new Citiz. After doing some research, we found some interesting facts.

The initial advantages the Citiz had over the C100 were:

1) Slightly smaller counter top footprint
2) Flip-up tray for tall Latte glass option
3) Auto shut-off feature
4) Styling, (although only slightly less ugly)

However after a bit more investigation we found some not so obvious advantages the C100 has over the new Citiz.

Firstly the Citiz although priced the same as the C100, does not come bundled with the Aeroccino like C100 does.

Secondly, based on reading other reviewers, some have noted the Citiz have a tendency to jam. After further follow up, some said only when the pod basket is full, yet others have noted this not the case, it jammed even when the pod waste basket was empty. Further follow up showed the Citiz waste pod basket holds 8 used pods where the C100 as many as 12 or more before removal.

Additionally others have brought up the possible detrimental fact that its tall slim design can make the Citiz a bit tippy when loading the pod and not as stable to work with as the C100. After now using the machine I can see where that could be an issue as a bit of force is necessary to lock the lever down.

Yet another reviewer and owner of both machines said he purchased the new Citiz primarily for the optional tall glass feature then found the Citiz was more hassle to clean up because of its 2 or 3 additional parts; the C100 only has 3 parts to clean and clean up is a snap. As mentioned above we too consider the Citiz for its fold up tall glass Latte tray holder, however having now used the C100 with both short and tall glasses, it is really no big deal to hold the tall glass in place during the coffee extraction process.

With respect to counter top space, although only slightly wider in its stance to the Citiz, the C100 is not really large at all. Certainly much smaller than a stand alone drip machine and far smaller than a traditional espresso maker- about the size of a 2 slice toaster.

-The Aeroccino-
Personally I think this part of the system makes the entire coffee come together- for me without the Aeroccino, this is just a decent espresso machine.

First of all it is super easy to use, fill to the level, press the button and go. I noted during demos the Nespresso cafe folks would put the lid on downside up- at first perplexed later realize it is easier to clean up- clever. The other cool feature of the Aeroccino is if you do not want heated milk, hold the button for 3 seconds and the light will go blue instead of red- cold whipped milk for ice cafe- clever again!

Cooler yet Nespresso designed the little Latte whip and Cappuccino whisk to be held in place by magnets and there is a magnet in the lid to hold one tool when the other is in use- those Swiss are ingenious! In my opinion the Aeroccino does a better job than the integrated Latisima machine.

-Milk Types-
We were recommended to use higher protein milk as it will provide better results and based on some tests, the whole milk higher protein products do produce a really nice froth over slim milk. The machine produces Cappuccino froth amazingly fluffy while the Latte milk the Aeroccino produces is very rich and creamy. The C100 we have is made in Switzerland!

Highly recommended system!!
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on May 23, 2006
I walked into Williams-Sonoma for a wok and walked out with an Essenza from Nespresso, and it's worth every penny of the $229.99. The ease of use is unparalleled, esp for making a quality espresso. It's a no-hassle experience all around, and the Nestle coffee from Switzerland which is used with this machine is very good. I initially didn't want to buy this because you can only use the machine with the replaceable Nestle products, but then realized the flavor, ease-of-use, and quality of the product makes it worth it. If you want a cafe-style espresso, with quality crema, in just 15 seconds or less, give this one a try. I'm thoroughly enjoying the machine each day, in just my first week of using it. It's so easy!! How much is a real cafe experience at home, with Williams-Sonoma lifetime guarantee, worth to you? Kudo's for Nespresso Essenza and Williams-Sonoma. Cheers.
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I love coffee. I appreciate a smooth, rich cup of coffee and especially love espresso. The Nespresso C100 has satisfied my coffee thirst and espresso habit. This was a gift, so it is particularly meaningful to me.

The Nespresso C100 came beautifully wrapped in green with a silver ribbon. It was a medium sized box, and as soon as I had unwrapped it and read the directions briefly, it found its way to my kitchen counter and I had my first cup of extremely lush espresso. The old saying that 'great things come in small packages' is so true. It is small and compact and has a beautiful triangular shape. The titanium grey looks expensive and sleek.

Operating the Nespresso is relatively simple. There is a water reservoir that hold 4 1/2 cups that fits onto the back of the machine. You then turn on the machine, a small sliding on/off switch near the left side of the machine to heat the water. You choose your choice of coffee, which comes in capsules made by Nespresso. You have a choice of twelve differing flavors, all marked clearly in a small case. Lifting the chrome lever, you drop in a capsule, and press down the lever. There are two blinking lights on the front of the machine that blink until the water is hot. 187 degrees hot the directions tell us. You have a choice of a small cup or a large cup, and push the button. The machine stops automatically at a pre-set level. There is no cup warmer, so make sure you run hot water in and out of the cup to give you the best flavor. This was easy, and quick. It takes but a few minutes to brew the most rich, smooth espresso. When you lift the lever to brew shot two, the old capsule is dropped into the waste bin, which seems to hold about 10-12 capsules.

To make lattes while using the Nespresso C100, I used a heat and froth type device that I have. Very easy and and delicious. When I wanted a milk drink I tended to use a Manual Milk Frother to do it. Not perfect, but an easy way to make a latte with this.

The Nespresso C100 come with 12 samples of coffee. I went through a few varieties of capsules. The Nespresso system works on these capsules. You can select from many varieties. Once you have registered your Nespresso, you are a member of the Nespresso family and may order the capsules whenever you want. They are priced at $0.52 a piece.

I prefer the Ristretto. It has a chocolate flavor. It's a well-balanced sharp flavor but not overly acidic. Other flavors are Roma, a Southern Italian Espresso, rich and strong. Livanto, has a caramel and nutty aroma. Arpaggio is dark roasted and pungent.

The Nespresso C-100 is easy to clean and easy to use. It has a great taste and the variety of capsules is extraordinary. There is a large water storage container and it is professional and quick brewing. I look forward to my espresso in the morning, a great way to start the day. My Nespresso came with an attractive three ring binder filled with colorful directions and instructions on how to order the capsules. Nespresso is a class act. I love this machine and highly, highly recommend it.

prisrob 07-14-08
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on September 18, 2006
It makes a fabulous and consistent cup of espresso, with many varities of coffee to choose from. Its easy, drop in the capsule and simply rinse off the removable capsule drop area. I'm not sure if its easier than a traditional espresso machine. In a traditional machine, you simply pack some grounds into a filter, instead of using a capsule.

I emailed Nespresso and found out that each espresso capsule has 5.5 grams of coffee in it, or .19 ounces. Because there are 16 ounces in a pound of coffee, it takes 84 capsules to equal one pound. At $0.49 a capsule, Nespresso is charging $41.16 FOR 1 POUND OF COFFEE.

You must use Nespresso capsules with this system, and only Nespresso sells the capsules. So if you want to pay the equivalent of $41 bucks per pound, this unit is for you.
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on December 18, 2006
I tried espresso and cappucino at a demonstration of the Nespresso unit a few years ago and was impressed, but it wasn't until recently that I had a need for a new machine. I persuaded the (reluctant) husband that this one would be good for our vacation home as it was easy. It arrived (within two days of ordering from Digital Photo, don't know why they are selling coffee machines but they do a darn good job) and we are thrilled with the unit. It heats up in seconds and makes a beautiful cup of espresso. My unit didn't come with a frothing wand so I heat milk on the stove and use a frother I bought in Italy to steam the milk. I am extremely happy with the Nespresso. The coffee pods cost $0.49 each and arrive within three days of placing the order. It also makes "lungo" coffee, a bigger cup of coffee, and my guests have been very happy with that.
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on July 14, 2007
The first thing you need to know is that Nespresso uses proprietary capsules which you can only order from Nespresso. The capsules are $0.49 each so this is probably one of the most expensive "per cup" alternatives to Starbucks that there is. I use two capsules just about every time I make espresso, so each one of my drinks costs about a dollar. It's nowhere near as cost-effective, or green (I twinge each time I discard a capsule) as buying a pound of beans and grinding them myself. But, considering that I was ordering double-talls at `Bucks, that's still a savings of 65-75%, depending on how well you tip.

After researching the coffee forums for months, and with a little help from Consumer Reports, I came to the conclusion that the Nespresso C100 was the machine for me. I considered buying an expensive grinder (at least $200 for a decent one) and an espresso machine with the right pumps, and brass groups and blah, blah blah, for at least another $200. That's $400 minimum, not counting knock boxes and tampers and steaming cups and, and, and... But I figured that it would all sit idle, taking up all my counter space, because I wouldn't be able to produce a good, repeatable cup of espresso without years of practice. Not to mention the big mess to clean up after each cup. So I bought the C100.

I LOVE IT because IT'S SOOOOO EASY - and frankly that's what I need first thing in the morning when my head is still full of chopped brown paper. You just turn it on, make sure there's water in it, wait about 30 seconds for it to heat up, pop in a capsule and push a button. A four year old could do it. A middle-aged woman with a head full of chopped brown paper on her way to work (late as usual) can do it in about three minutes - counting cleanup.

I'm sure there are real connoisseurs that will scoff at the quality of the coffee - but I find it to be very good and more repeatable than even the same barista at the same coffee shop on two different days. I've tried several of the blends available (they do have a "green" option - 100% sustainably grown) and have a few favorites. The selection isn't huge, only a dozen or so, but I only need a couple to keep me happy anyway.

My bottom line - the Nespresso C100 makes very good, very repeatable espresso, very quickly, with very little clean-up involved, for just a little over a $200 investment. What more do you want?
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on March 28, 2007
I just recently came back from a trip from Italy and immediate hit the stores to find an espresso machine. I looked at various automatic espresso machines and pods but I decided on the Nespresso C100 and Aerocino combo for my home.

I wasn't intested in becoming a home barista so I needed an automatic system without the fuss and muss. With the C100, the quality of the shots are amazing and it requires very little effort. I'm usually rushed in the morning so being able to make a shot in a minute with no clean up is amazing.

The specs and build quality on the C100 is very good and the price is very reasonable considering the $1000-$2000 for the all-in-one integrated bean to cup grinder, presser and milk foamer. The salesperson mentioned you can run into a lot of quality problems with more complicated systems.

The simplicity is all to the capsules, which can only be purchased through Nespresso but the website is very easy to use. The variety is great and the price is high but reasonable (65 cents CDN). Most accessories are quite pricey but I would recommend the Aerocino which is a great option if you want to make lattes.
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