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on June 8, 2011
This is a big, heavy mechanical chronograph using a swiss ETA movement (Valjoux 7753). And it's a keeper.

First, there aren't a lot of 7753 chronos out there, even fewer in this price range. Most other mechanical chronos in this price range use the more common 7750 movement which puts the subregister (tiny dials for counting elapsed minutes and hours, etc.) in the 6,9,12 position and displays the day/date combo at the three o'clock position. If you like that layout better, Hamilton has a bunch of 7750 chronos for about the same price as this watch.

But if you prefer the 3,6,9 layout better -- the layout used by Omega on their famous Speedmaster Moon Watch and by Rolex on their Daytona Chronograph -- this watch is probably your best bet. Besides the mechanical movement and layout, there are a few other pluses to keep in mind. First, the size of the watch is put to good use as the luminous numbers remain un-scrunched or covered over since the sub-registers fit neatly inside the main time indices. This is unusual in chronos and it makes for a far more legible watch face than most. And the legibility is actually enhanced by the maroon colored face and offset, black subregisters. Second, the luminous numerals and watch hands are encased in a silvery white gold or rhodium, giving the watch a dressier look but also enhancing readability in lower-light situations where the white gold catches available light perfectly.

Two other things to keep in mind. Unlike most sports chronos, this watch has a non-screwed down crown. Meaning you can hand wind it without having to unscrew the crown. This is good if you like to nervously fiddle with your watch (which I do), but bad if you plan on routinely swimming with the thing. I simply take mine off if getting in the shower, pool, etc.

To sum up, this isn't the kind of watch I would have picked out for myself (it was a gift), but it has grown on me. It's a beautiful looking watch that keeps great time and ads a touch of class to the "Black face with painted on indices" world of sports chronographs. If you can get over the sheer size of the thing, you'll love it.
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on February 26, 2013
I've always considered Victorinox to be a high quality knife manufacturer (I've had their kitchen knives for years), but I did not know much about their watches. I came across this watch by chance and was mesmerized by the red face. I did my own in-depth internet research and discovered that these are in fact Swiss-made timepieces utilizing the Valjoux 7753 (cousin to the more popular 7750) and are highly considered by many.

Chances are that this will not be your one and only watch. I assume that this watch will appeal more to watch lovers / collectors. The red-face is the opposite of classic and traditional. But it is gorgeous. And it is big. At nearly 44 mm, it needs a substantial wrist to rest upon. It is sporty but can be worn with dressier attire. It's dial is not as detailed as the more expensive Swiss watches, but I think the color makes up for that. Another unique feature is the leather band. It is suede and is NOT jet black, but more brown-black to my eyes. I've worn it many times with brown suits and jackets and it looks fantastic.

Something worth noting is that the date is not set in the traditional fashion. There is a small recessed button on the side of the case at approximately 10 o'clock that is used to set the date. Simply push the button with a pin to change the date. Each click advances the number ahead by one. I assume that this is typical of the movement, but since it's my first 7753, I'm not certain of that.

I was patient enough to nab this watch during a Gold Box special over the holidays. As awesome as that was, I was prepared to pay the prevailing price for the watch. Either way, I recommend it highly!
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on January 18, 2012
First off, this is a beautiful watch manufactured by a reputable company. In fact, I own the blue dial version of this watch and so I am well versed on how it works and how it should work. It is in this light that I write this review.

There are two problems with this watch. First, it was shipped unsecured in a box that allowed the watch to bounce back and forth during shipping. Kind of reckless for so nice a watch. And though not obviously damaged, it might have caused issue #2. It keeps what I consider poor time. It runs fast 30 seconds a day. This is not a chronometer and so I understand not to expect chronometer accuracy. However, the blue faced version that I have had for 2 years keeps + or - 1 second a day after 2 years - and without ever needing service. This watch was 30 seconds fast out of the box and after running consistently for the past week, it maintains that speed. Therefore, I paid $800 for a watch that keeps worse time than a $50 Seiko Automatic. That is my main issue. However, I also need to warn potential buyers of the pitfalls of buying through Amazon.

I twice contacted Amazon and informed them of my desire to keep the watch but get it timed. They ignored both emails. I then sent them a request to return the watch. They sent me the necessary mailing information but implied that there could be issues that would prevent them from honoring their refund policy and that it was not guaranteed. This gave me pause, though it was right out of the box and onto a watch winder - which they knew.

And so, I thought I might use the warranty company. However, I was responsible for shipping and the repairs could last up to 8 weeks.

This seems like a bad deal all around. I will have to have FedEx package and ship this with verification of it's condition, and then hope Amazon honors their return policy. After this, some poor schmuck (of which I might include myself) will get a used watch in hopes that his demands of accuracy are not as stringent as mine.

Sometimes a deal is not worth it's face value. That is certainly the case here.

Buy this watch and you might get something less than what you thought you'd get. Heck, you might get my watch!
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on October 8, 2010
I bought the last one it seems. Great Watch, great price!

It's large and easy to read. It's also beautiful. No Battery, it's mechanical/ self winding with design features that go back to the 1800's. Lot's of WEB info. Check out ETA 7753 on Google.

Comes in BLUE and BLACK also. But Deep Maroon is best for me.

Hate to say this, but it really does "Run like a Swiss Watch"...ugh.

Probably my last watch...
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on January 15, 2012
So I have had this watch for about a week. I like to say thank you to the other reviewers of this watch and the reviews written in the different face color versions. I probably would not have chosen the maroon face, but I couldn't justify the extra cost for black. I prefer the black, but definitely not worth the extra money. I actually now prefer the maroon face out of all the other colors, and the blue face the least. If I'm going to own a swiss army watch I feel it is natural to have a watch with the classic swiss army colors. I was more interested in the movement than anything else. The movement is smooth and accurate. I never owned a 45mm sized face (the description is wrong not 43.5mm). I feel it is a very good size not, not too big. I actually find it to be very light. The band is great with the double clasp. The leather band will last a long time and it is very comfortable. I definitely would pick this one up if you are looking for a sporty casual everyday watch. It is going to wear well and hold up for years to come. Plus the fact that you are getting a movement that is also used in Omega's and Breitling's is amazing at this price. The movement alone coasts about $560. I wouldn't be worried about buying a watch not backed by the manufacture. Currently this model is being discontinued and is the reason that authorized sellers probably sold their stock to Amazon. The 2012 version is exactly the same, except for the face oh and about $1000 more. Amazon covers you for 2 years and well worth the price break. Most likely if something goes wrong it will be after the 3 year warranty. The only negative and minor at most, and it has been said before in reviews, the lume is not that great. My TV remote does a better job at retaining a lume. Just keep in mind that this is a high caliber movement and it will need to be maintained. A 3-5 year cleaning and adjustment will cost around $260-300. Overall a definite buy, but keep an eye on the price. It seems to have $150 swing on Amazon. I don't understand why their pricing can change so dramatically from day to day.
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on September 22, 2009
A really beautiful watch, and it keeps the time better than 2 other automatic watches that I own, and it's just as accurate as a more expensive montblanc that I have. My friends also love it.
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on January 8, 2012
I took advantage of a recent price decrease and American Express points to buy this watch. The watch is excellent. I will comment on few points.

The readability of the watch is excellent. This is a watch where the size is not superfluous. The size is needed to avoid the clutter. The numbers and main hands are luminous. In my tests, the luminosity lasts overnight. Plenty of people do not like the tachymeter scale. I like it because it is perfectly functional in a chronograph (it is used to measure speed) as opposed to mere decoration in non-chronographs. The crystal is sapphire and it has a non-reflective coating. The non-reflective film is decent, but not great. I have seen other non-reflective crystals where the coating is so effective that you almost believe there is no crystal there, and that you can touch the hands and dial. The coating in this watch is not that kind of coating. I have seen that high-grade coating in Mido and IWC watches. Anyway, the mild anti-reflective coating in this Victorinox is enough to allow reading the time front wise, with minimal glare, allowing enjoying the beauty of the dial. Looking the watch at an angle, reflections are not avoidable.

The movement is a Valjoux 7753. It is similar to the more common Valjoux 7750, but it has a quick set button for the date at 10:00 o'clock. The quick set button is a great idea; however, you need to press it with a pin. I use a stylus from my Palm Pilot (yes, I still have and use one of those) to press the quick set button to change the date, to avoid scratching the button and the case. The accuracy of the watch is great. In my benchmarks, it has gained less than 10 seconds in a day, which is standard in good mechanical movements. The long seconds sweeping hand is part of the chronograph (i.e., it is controlled by the start-stop button). The long seconds sweeping hand and the large dial allow to measure ¼ of a second. Again, in this big watch, size has a purpose. The seconds sweeping hand is so long (approximately 2 cm), that, if you pay attention, you detect very subtle "jerkiness" in the tic-tac. This random ticking would not be detected if the sweeping was smaller. In fact, the seconds hand at 9:00 o'clock (which is the seconds hand that is always in movement) looks very fluid and smooth. I enjoy studying the watch to detect the very minor randomness in the ticking. I find fascinating that every tick measures the same time, yet the angle of the seconds sweeping hand is slightly different every time, and in a day that randomness amounts to only 10 seconds off. In general, the whole chronograph machinery is pure beauty.

The movement can be hand-winded. The crown moves easily, without much force. The buttons for the start-stop chronograph are large and appropriately stiff. They can be pressed easily, yet they are not so soft to be pressed by accident.

The watch is big (45 mm in diameter) and feels heavy, but it rests flat on the wrist and it is comfortable. The leather band is flexible. My only problem is with the butterfly buckle. I have very small wrists, and the leather band is rather long. This causes the buckle to press my wrists, due to the asymmetry caused by adjusting the buckle to the shortest position. I would not have that problem with a regular buckle. I will get used to the butterfly buckle, no problem. The leather band is good quality. I sweat little in my wrists; thus, the leather band should last years.

Bottom line
I am very happy with my watch, specially the fact that I did not pay much thanks to the American Express points. The watch is beautiful. I think I will enjoy it for years.
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on October 25, 2012
I received the watch a couple of days ago, from then, I was trying to see how accurate it is, but I don't own a winder that I can put it into and test. however, I test it by it's own by wearing it during the daytime and leaving on the night. I think on the first day it gained more like 10-15 seconds which I believe is perfectly fine, and nowadays I think it is about 2-5 seconds per day, which is totally within the regulations, I mean, we all know that this is a base 7753, not a chronometer grade, right?
For the price I got it, I am very happy, Also one more thing, when I open the box and see the smaller, new "victorinox" swiss army box, I was extremely happy because I was expecting an old swiss army product like shown in the picture but what I received was a "victorinox swiss army" watch.
Other than that, watch is large in size, that's what I wanted but beware people, if you don't want a large watch, this might not be for you.
I can try to update this review if I come up with something important but I'm totally happy with my purchase so far.
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on February 6, 2011
This is my first expensive timepiece, and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. Very comfortable and keeps very good time. This watch also looks amazing, I am constantly getting complements on it.
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on July 6, 2012
This watch is great. I was a little worried at first because it came in an old swiss army box. It came with the Swiss Army old Dial Face and not Victorinox SA but after speaking with Victorinox I felt okay about my purchase. Keeps time great and its only off +2 to +4 seconds a day. Wife even likes it ! I love spending $700 on a watch with a Valjoux 7753 movement that people are buying watches for 3000-5000 for. Amazon shipped it overnight for free !
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