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on July 22, 2008
I've been doing machine embroidery for about 5 years, and just purchased my first Brother machine (which I absolutely adore). Before that, I have 2 other machines, and I used card readers/writers by Amazing Box. My first one broke. The second one still works. But, these Amazing Box products are amazingly flimsy, light and cheap. The software barely works with any operating system, and trying to used the things was always on a hope and a prayer.

Then, because I want everything to be just perfect with my new and expensive Brother machine, I bought the PED Basic box with blank card media. I plugged it into my USB, loaded the software, and transferred a design from my computer to the card without having to even look at any instructions. The card then went into my machine, the machine picked out the design, and everything stitched flawlessly.

The PED Basic card reader/writer is small and compact, but has a good amount of weight to it. It feels sturdy and of high quality. It is fast and simple to use. So, even if I didn't have 2 inferior products to compare this to, I'd still have to give this box 5 stars.

And, you definitely can't beat the price at Amazon! Now, I just have to find an additional blank card, since I like to have 2 or 3 of them "just in case".
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on May 19, 2008
Not much to say about this... just that it works well for transferring embroidery files from your computer to the data card. Easy to use, basic program. Lets you do minor resizing of files, and you can look at a preview of what the design will look like once stitched.

I just wish that you could do more with this program, as far as minor edits, especially for the high cost... but I have another program for that now.

If you have Windows Vista, go to the Brother website to download a different driver for the card reader - don't use the included disc.
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on March 9, 2009
If you have windows Vista, make sure you download the software directly from the Brother's Website. It only takes a couple of minutes to download the software. The program is easy to use and I was able to find a lot of free embroidery designs to use with my SE350. The software reads PES files. You can google for free pes format embroidery designs and tons of links will pop up.
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on April 21, 2007
I have this item and it is a great help in downloading all the free embroidery designs you can find online. I have never had any trouble with it. Worth the money.
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on June 11, 2008
My husband purchased this for me as an accessory to my PE270D machine. It really makes transferring designs easy! It is easy to learn for just about anyone and you can even resize and view the colors for each design in the preview tab. I recommend this primarily for newbies to embroidery but of course it is great for all just for the blank card and ease of use.
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on September 27, 2008
I purchased a used embroidery machine (Brother PE170D) about a year ago. It comes with severl built-in designs, but most are disney, which does nothing for my teenage son. I used it very infrequently, mostly for basic monograms. Now that I have the PED Basic and I am embroidering all the time! The set up was very easy and it was ready to go in minutes. With all of the free and low cost designs on the web the possibilities are endless! I wish it'd bought it back when I bought my machine, although I'm very happy with the new low price. Great investment - you won't regret it for a second!!
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on September 24, 2008
I am amazed at how much this allows me to download! I thought I would only be able to download designs from the Brother website, but I was WRONG! You can get designs from almost any embroidery site with this!!! I love it! I've done so much with it, that it's basically paid for itself! I definitely suggest the investment!
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on December 13, 2015
First this is cheesy software to do basic stuff which you really dont even need to get the PED file format photos or logos onto your sewing machine! They are selling you a piece of junk cheesy totally unnecessary software to transfer files from a CD you bought or photo clip art that you downloaded from a website to your computer. First this cheesy software only works with Windows machines not macs or apple computers BUT LISTEN you DONT need the silly software to get those logos or photo clip art files to your sewing machine! There are jute simple files like any photo or anything else they are just files use your computer mac or windows to transfer them to your sewing machine. NO CARD Reader accessory needed or software! All you need to do is connect the USB printer cable that came with your sewing machine. Its a USB printer cable standard simple cable you can find anywhere. You plug that into your sewing machine then to the computer apple or windows and when you turn the sewing machine on you will see on your computer a "NO NAME" drive like when you plug a thumb drive in to your computer. When you see that no name volume open that folder drag the photos or clip art into the no name folder usually 3 o 4 at the most as it will say error if you upload to many. Then go to your sewing machine and click the button that looks like a USB logo on it "Looks like a 3 prong pitchfork with lightning bolt through it" press the button wait 5 to 10 seconds and voila! you will see your clip art or logos on the sewing machine.. Choose to save these images or photos or clip art to the sewing machine. No software needed! no fancy card reader box and save yourself a 100 buck! I am a photographer and I can't stand how camera companies make you think you need some stupid software that is useless to download and transfer files from the computer to the chip or vice versa. They are just files people your just moving them from one place to another like a thumb drive. Nothing complex no gizmos or software to buy! Also this card that the card reader uses has very limited space and is outragous in cost at 60 bucks for 4"M" meaning 4 megabits card.. They hide the fact that its only 4 megabytes by naming it a 4M card. Because as well a know I can buy a 16gig SD card for a mere 11 bucks but Brothers wants to gauge people to charge them 60 bucks! for a card that should literally cost 5 bucks if that. This software will only work on a Windows machines. Technically you don't need the software to put files on to the card or chip to put in the sewing machine so all you need is the card reader itself so you can use the card reader to put images on the card or chip disk from a Mac after you downloaded the files from the internet or a CD. There is no real need for the software itself. The software is more a simple interface to look at files which you can do an any computer anyways. People get locked into thinking they have to are forced to use the Cheesy brothers software. These are just simple picture files in their most basic forms. All you need to do is get them on the sewing machine via the square card or chip you plug into the card slot on the sewing machine. Techically you can I have not tested yet but connect with the usb printer cable a mac or a windows machine into the sewing machine with the square card in the sewing machine and see the square card as a storage device or drive and just dump the files onto it. Thus using the sewing machine as a card reader like the one being sold here. Its just a simple memory card reader like you buy for a digital camera for 8 bucks in the store its just built into the sewing machine so you should be able to connect the sewing machine to any computer and most likely read or see the square card inside the slot of the sewing machine. I am sure some will be able to do this on some machines and some may not. But the mere fact that Brother made a memory card shaped like this is ridiculous as all it is a Compact flash card like used in a digital camera. Even when these older machines where out they could have just put a USB slot and allowed you to plug a usb thumb drive into the sewing machine. But noo... they want to make some crazy propriety type weird sized card chip and charge you 100 bucks for something that should cost 5 dollars full retail price. Now people on evil bay are selling these things for 150 dollars! What a scam.. If plugging the computer directly to the sewing machine works I believe I will make a y tube video on how to do it to save all of you elderly people some money. Its a shame how people take advantage of elderly retirees with extra money. Its not right. they should charge maybe at the most 30 bucks for this device and make it universal connection like thumb drive. So sewing people can do what they do best sew not fix computers.

Conformation! NOTE!! Confirmed I was able to connect the usb printer type cable that came with the brothers sewing machine the innos 1500D to the usb cable to the computer DIRECTLY not gizmo in between no card no card reader just the simple usb cable that came with the sewing machine to a MAC computer and I will do the same of a windows machine "Eww people still use windows??" to the sewing machine and voila I can download or transwer the files to the sewing machine all for free!!! FOR FREE not stupid 100 dollar softtware or card reader adaptor! YOU DONT NEED ANY OF THIS!
review image review image
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on February 8, 2008
I've enjoyed finding free designs on the net and downloading them to my computer and stitiching them out on my brother embroidery machine... great fun... easy to use!
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on January 12, 2010
I gave this product a low rating more for its value than its performance.
The product does what it is supposed to do, it allows you to transfer designs to your machine and in that respect you just can't do without it (Brother got you by you know what...).
The software that comes with it is at best 'primitive' and offers no editing capabilities what so ever. The user interface would be considered state of the art around 1990!
It only organizes your designs, and then very poorly.

Transferring designs to the card is also primitive. You can not add designs to the card cumulatively for it erases the card every time prior to writing to it!
Al in all, at its current price, a serious ripoff. Unfortunately it is all you got if you want to load new designs into your machine.
I feel that at $100++ it is way overpriced, the package's true value should be somewhere between $25 and $50.
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