Customer Reviews: Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier, White
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VINE VOICEon January 15, 2007
I live in a coastal region that receives high levels of moisture and humidity on a daily basis. To top it off, my house has bathrooms which have no ventilation, so we've often had to deal with mold problems. The answer to my problems arrived in the form of a small box-shaped dehumidifier called "Eva Dry".

This device works tremendously well, pulling moisture out of the air at a reasonable rate. The 16oz reservoir takes about one week to fill up, when I leave it running constantly. I use it in my bathroom mainly, but once in a while my bedroom will feel damp, and it handles the 12'x14' space just as effectively as it does the bathroom. My only complaint is that it's not nearly as quiet as I thought it would be, and the power cord is kind of bulky for bathroom use; I have to tuck it all away someplace, and my only outlets are on the counter, so that's a bit aggravating. The product loses one star for that.

I recommend this to anyone who has ventilation problems and needs to be rid of excess moisture in small to medium sized spaces.
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on November 13, 2012
This little unit is extremely quiet, and has now been in my bathroom for 3 hours. After that short amount of time, there's 1/3 of a cup of water in the tank. Yes, I have a disgustingly wet apartment.

The only thing I can see that might be a negative is that the cord is a bit on the short side. This doesn't affect me, as there aren't any outlets in my ridiculously ghetto bathroom anyway, but if you live in a NORMAL place, you would not be able to set this on the floor if your bathroom has counter-level outlets.
I'll update this review after we've been running it for a little while.

***24 hour update***
The container is now about half full after just over 24 hours. Our bathmat is dry for the first time since August, and after the morning round of showers, the walls and ceiling were dry after about 45 minutes, as opposed to the usual 3 hours. Our bath towels, wash cloths, and toothbrushes are all dry as well. They usually never dry, which is really unpleasant. Needless to say, this little unit would be getting more than 5 stars from me right now if it were possible. Hopefully it will last quite a while. If it continues to work this well, we'll buy 2 more for the other really damp areas in the apartment.

*** 9 months later and still going strong. Still quiet, still sucks the moisture out of the air like mad. We have run it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since we got it. I did think it had died last week, because after we emptied it, it started to make an atrocious noise, but I unplugged it, flipped it over, and cleaned out the fan with some q-tips, and now it's good as new. If yours has started to make death rattles, clean it out!
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on March 12, 2011
Being an engineer and technician I have no problem with these little devices.
They all are cold on one side and hot on the other side of the device.
They all have a little cheap fan running to remove heat from the hot side.
Without that fan they will not work!
Changing the fan is easy and cheap versis throwing away a solid state device that is working fine, just in need of the fan.
You can get these fans in most electronic stores. You can buy them all over the Internet.
You might even find one that will fit it in a computer store like Fry's etc.
These fans last a year or two and the bearings lock up.
Don't throw away a $50.00 item for a $5 to $10 fan.
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on May 31, 2009
I had this machine for nearly 9 month.

It collect great deal of water, and I am very happy about that part.
If you live in apartment, it is just a perfect size.

If you try to set this one up in basement or large room, tank might be too small. But for NY apartment, they are perfect size and very quiet.

The major flaw of this machine is not unit itself.
But, its power switcher(whatever they called for AC adapter)

I happened to bought 2 unit, and one of them already failed.
Turned out, it was power switcher that failed and unit are both still functional.

After reviewing other people's comment about similar problem,
I suspect it is frequent occurrence.

Thus I will rate this one 3 star for cheaply made power units, and seemingly impossible to find replacement.

Otherwise, I would have given 5star.

Update August 2009:
Few month ago, I ordered 2 more unit about the same time friend of mine ordered 2 units for herself.
It appeared, they changed supplier of AC adapter. Newer version AC adapter seemed to operate better than older version adapter.
Will see in a year or so.

Update September 2009:
My other units AC adapter broke. So as far as 2008 model are concern it is 2 out of 2 poor AC adapter units.
Since their website are now online. I had contacted customer support telephone number listed on their website.
After little talk with customer support, I bought 2 replacement AC units with price of one AC units.
Supposed to get those shipped in a week.

Anyone who bought this units in 2008/2009 before they changed AC adapter supplier should contact customer support if those units went dead within a year.

Update October 2010 :

First 2 units I bought back in 2008 broke almost at same time... probably within week.

So, this product's main unit has life expectancy of about 2 year. Not too bad for this type of device given underlying technology for this type of device is lots more complicated and delicate than noisy compressor based device. this type of unit's life is most likely determined by condenser or semiconductor on its circuit board, and since semiconductor part will be continuously exposed to excess heat and humidity, I might be harsh to expect life beyond 2-3 years.. Mine does looks like condenser fault than actual fault on heat exchange semiconductor units. And two units died almost at same time, my guess is it was caused by same faulty condenser units.
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on July 18, 2012
I thought this product would be worth trying due to the primarily positive feedback; however as somewhat of a computer/electronics geek I did have my doubts as to how well such a product could dehumidify even a small room. I'm sorry to say that my doubts were confirmed.

- Easy to set up
- Small
- Virtually silent other than a faint fan sound (measured <60dB 3' away).

- Power supply (large "wall-wart" style) gets quite warm
- Does not remove much moisture from a humid room

I ran this unit in a small 10x10 bathroom for 12 hours and found it only removed a couple of teaspoons worth of water. I then ran it in a basement office room 15x12' in size with a relative humidity of 76%. After 24hrs the unit had removed about two ounces of water from the humid air.

I don't like the larger power-hungry loud units but I don't see any other choice when these small peltier units are simply unable to handle the dehumidification task for even a small <100sq ft room.
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on July 12, 2009
I bought the Eva dehumidifier a little less than 2 years ago and it seemed to work great. I had it in an average size bedroom. It was fairly quiet and it was just the right size for my needs, as it would fill up after about 4 days. It shut off when full so no worries and was really simple & quick to empty. I was surprised at how much water it actually would accumulate - it holds a pint. I put a little hand towel under it just in case but there was never any significant leaking. On a wood nightstand, I just didn't want any moisture damage to the wood and there never was.

I would have given the product 5 stars if it had lasted a couple more years but it didn't. I know it didn't cost a lot but I think things should last a little longer than 2 yrs and now when I go looking for a new one, I have to assume I'm paying $50 for something that will work < 2 yrs and contribute to our landfills.

I started looking for a new product and I'm sad to say that the reviews for comparable are not very good. In fact, I noticed the same problem in reviews for other brands but those brands didn't even last a year! It seems to have been the same problem; one day the thing just doesn't turn back on. Mine got full so it automatically shut off. After I emptied it, it didn't turn back on. I waited a few days with it unplugged, I made sure the plug connection was good but it still doesn't turn on. Reading other brand reviews though, it seems those stopped working within days or a few months. Maybe I should be happy almost 2 yrs?

I liked the size, ease of use and fairly quiet fan, plus it didn't look that bad or bulky sitting on a nightstand. Maybe mine was a lemon and another one would last longer. I hope so because I haven't found anything better and even if I pay for a better quality, more reliable product, I haven't found one which has all the positive attributes this one had.

I should add that this unit just sat there and never had any misuse. It didn't get dropped, knocked over nor did it experience any power surges. There are many other things I own that go through abuse and I would be surprised if they lasted 2 yrs but this one I would have expected a little bit longer life from.

Again, it may have been an unlucky fluke for me but you may want to consider when buying that it may not last 2 yrs. Hope this is helpful.
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on July 5, 2007
fan is not quiet enough to run all night in bedroom.

Dehumidifying a bedroom is a problem - If you get a typical dehumidifier, the compressor is so loud that you can't run it at night. So you only run during the day, and hope things aren't too clammy by morning. The Eva-Dry sounds promising: By using a thermoelectric cooler, it avoids the noisy compressor, and thus offers the potential to run all night without the noise problem.

Unfortunately, the fan on the eva-dry is so noisy that you can't run it all night, and the cooler is so weak that even with two of them they don't dry the air enough to just run them during the day. So it was a of no use to me.

This product is *only* useful for dehumidifying a *very* small area (closet, bathroom) that is *very* humid. Many of the reviews said this very thing, but I took a chance that two of them would accomplish something. The loud fan was an additional unpleasant surprise.

Thumbs up to Amazon for the easy return policy. I was able to try out this idea with minimal hassle.
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on January 9, 2007
We needed a small dehumidifier for our 5th wheel trailer in the winter. It takes up very little space and does not use much power, but takes out the dampness and keeps the trailer dry. I am very pleased with this product.
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on May 3, 2013
I had problems here in Brazil for the last 6 months, having to deal with humidity and nothing could help.
I bought 4 of those mini R2-D2 and they work marvelous... I'm removing around 300ml each 2 days from each room.
It is saving my music and photo equipment.
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on June 8, 2012
I bought this item for a small bathroom with a mildew problem. I put it on the sink counter and let it run continuously. The reservoir would accumulate about 6oz of water a month, despite 4 showers a day and the mildew problem continuing to worsen. I finally gave up and started using a full-size dehumidifier which fills up (2 gallons) about every 3 days. I was hoping to avoid having to use a full-size machine because of space constraints but it seems to be the only way to get this job done.

I can't imagine this machine working for any purpose because it just doesn't have enough of a surface area where the air is sucked in to really do much good. Maybe if you bought 5 or 6 of them and put them scattered around the room. But, seriously, this thing was pulling approx. 1.5 oz per week, as opposed to 6 gallons from the full-size dehumidifier.

Don't waste your money.
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