Customer Reviews: Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick 12-Inch Covered Ultimate Pan
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VINE VOICEon March 14, 2008
This is a great piece of equipment for many cooking tasks; don't let the "stir-fry" moniker limit your uses of it. In fact, because of its large flat bottom, it doesn't quite work as well for stir-frying as a traditionally shaped wok, and the nonstick coating, while durable, means you have to be a little bit too careful when moving food around -- a true stir-fry should be stirred with abandon. But this large pan is good for all kinds of sauteeing, and because of the high sides its capacity is tremendous. Combined with the tight-fitting glass lid, one of the best uses of this pan is to make risotto for a huge crowd; it's also really nice for tossing almost-cooked pasta into a hot sauce.

A few minor notes: be aware that the pan is really very large, and quite heavy, and because of this it takes a long while to heat up. It can be hard to lift when full of food. You probably wouldn't want to use this for a side dish, to whip up a little sauce on the side, or to cook for one or two people. It can block nearby burners on a small stove. The silicon-covered handles are oven-safe to a degree, but they're not magic; coming out of a hot oven they will be painfully hot to the touch.
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on December 16, 2011
The actual dimensions would have helped me a lot if anyone - including the manufacturer - had bothered to post them. This is a 12" pan measured across the top. It is a 6.25" pan measured across the flat bottom. The sides curve up from there, to a height of 3.25". The handle is 7.5" long, with 4.5" of that insulated.

FOLLOW-UP (Dec 2014)

After a year of very frequent but careful use (no metal utensils) the pan surface is still in excellent condition. The shape of the pan is unusual but it has turned out to be very useful. No regrets on this one.
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on November 20, 2009
If you enjoy cooking, you know how useful it is to have quality cookware. Cheap cookware doesn't last, nor does it perform well (uneven heating, insulated grips that get very hot, poor grip design, non-stick surface that degrades, poor lid seal, etc). You can spend $15 on a pan that may *look* nice and seem like a bargain, but then you find in a year or two you're wishing you had a better one.

The best thing is to go all out, invest a nice chunk of money, and get a major cookware set by Calphalon, All-Clad, Paderno, Le Creuset, etc. But if you're budget conscious, this is a difficult thing to do. If you're like me, you buy your cookware one pot at a time, when you find a good quality one on sale.

I bought this Anolon pan at Macys when they had a one-day sale (got it a little cheaper than here, in store). The price presented on Amazon is actually quite good, considering the free shipping. I'm very happy with it. It is a substantial pan, that rivals pans from other makers at twice the price.

* Handle rivets on pan and lid are top-notch; no exposed screws or rough edges.
* Handles are rubber padded and insulate well, and can tolerate being in an oven up to 400 degrees (although they will get hot--you'll need a pot holder). This is super for when you're pan roasting meat (brown on one side cooking on the stove, turn the meat, then finish it in the oven).
* The pan shape is interesting, like a cross between a frying pan and a wok. Excellent for stir-fry. It has a good heated surface area and the curved edging is useful for arranging food that you want to cook slower or less.
* The lid fits on the pan perfectly, with a thick and even quality glass.
* The hard anodized non-stick surface is top quality, far better than something like T-Fal. It looks like it will last a very long time. It cleans up really well, too.
* "Restaurant Tested" -- apparently they conducted a field test with the cookware and had great results. Anolon does not provide any specific details about it... but if it isn't just marketing speak, this is a very nice testimony for durability.
* Nicely weighted. It is heavy, but not extremely so for this size. You don't want something too light weight anyway, as a lighter pan gets knocked around rather easily.

* The grips are well made, but I'm not sure how well they will hold up if exposed to repeated high heat in the oven over a long period of time. That would only be a concern if you do a lot of pan roasting (your alternative would be to just transfer the meat when you're ready).
* The edging on the lid is stainless steel, but it's not super thick--it may suffer dents if you're careless with it.

Overall, an excellent buy. It really feels and looks like a pan costing several times more. And as of this writing, almost all of the reviews are 5 star. It's no wonder! :-)
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on May 21, 2012
I live alone, so my opinions are not going to be valid for families or for for real cooks. These people will probably still need other pots and pans. In fact I have a complete Calphalon set if there ever arises a situation in which I need something else - but I haven't used any other pot or pan now for a couple months.

This thing is a grand compromise. It is a sort of frying pan, sort of wok, sort of pot. Like all compromises it isn't universally suitable but very nearly so.

Let's deal with construction first. This is a top quality product. The coating seems to be perfect. I watched a number of commercials on TV about pans with a green diamond based surface that was better than Teflon. I don't really know because I bought this one instead, but it does do the one thing that the green pans promised. It has a very durable non-stick surface that is really non-stick.

The demos on TV might be possible with an absolutely new pan and perfect conditions and a polymerized oil surface. That is called seasoning and works well for cast iron and anodized aluminum. I don't think it works so well for stainless steel. Actually almost any pan can behave that way if you are careful. Take any new high quality hard anodized aluminum small frying pan like that available from Calphalon and treat it (season it) properly with just cooking oil and it will work as an omellet pan. The beaten eggs will not stick. They will slide around easily and you can flip the omlette over in the air.

But there are some limitations. Your omlette pans can never be used for anything except omlettes. Try to fry a few strips of bacon and the surface is ruined. You will have to start the seasoning process all over again. This is why people buy non-stick pans. With a low cost supermarket quality teflon pan you can use it for anything and it will be non-stick - sort of. What you want is a pan that you can just wipe out with a paper towel and it will be as non-stick as it was when new.

I had a full set of the restaurant quality Calphalon cooking gear. They really do last forever. They have no rubber heat proof handles so you can put them in the oven. The surfaces have no coatings so there is no coating to wear out. On the other hand you need pot holders for the hot handles and nearly everything will stick to the pan surfaces and must be scrubbed off.

I decided I wanted something which cleaned up easier than Calphalon. So I went into a period where I bought a new supermarket quality teflon frying pan every three months or so. This is a good solution if you are prepared for "disposable" cookwear. Pots I used mostly for boiling water for pasta and they therefore didn't need replacing.

I was looking for the best of both worlds. And I found it with this the "Ultimate Pan".

First of all this pan/pot has a much higher grade of teflon than anything you'll find in the supermarket. Secondly it it is coated also on the outside. When I read about this I didn't care very much. I was wrong. This is important. A supermarket teflon pan soon develop a crust of old cooked-on material on the outside that looks terrible. With this pan you can pour stuff out and it does't stick to the uncoated rim. An excellent feature indeed.

This pot/pan (or it it pan/pot?) is probably no good as a pancake skillet. I imagine I could cook one big pancake at a time. My solution? I stopped eating pancakes. The flat bottom surface is also probably insufficient for frying say four eggs at once. However it fries two or three just fine. I live alone so this works for me. It works perfectly for the classic two egg omlette. It also works fine for the three egg omlette that I'm told not to like but do. It's a little too big for flipping them in air, but I'm a big guy. Small women be warned.

I use it a lot for boiling water for pasta. I fill it with enough water for a half package of fresh fettucine. Works great. If I was making up a big mess of spagetti for all of my felonius friends guys like in the Godfather, this wouldn't work. But so far I haven't had to break out the big Calphalon pots. For one person - even a person as big as me - this thing works just fine and is super easy for clean up.

I bought it because I wanted to use it as a wok. As it happens I haven't felt the need for wokking lately. Pity, I'm sure it would be great. I can reprot that it works very well indeed for these new gourmet frozen meals from Bertolli or Stauffers. I just throw the the frozen meat pasta mixture in this pan/pot, cover it with the high quality glass lid, and cook for ten minutes. I rinse it out and/or wipe it out. No dishwasher. No sink. No scrubbing. Most of these frozen meals are designed to be prepared on the stove top in preference to the microwave. With this pan/pot there is no clean up penalty or speed penalty. This is the perfect device for the bachelor chef who could do actual cooking but usually doesn't.

It's worn out after about a year and a half. I'm ordering another identical one today.

The non-stick cooking surface doesn't seem to be non-stick anymore. I have cooked virtually everything in it and it alone. I stopped cooking pasta in it because I stopped eating pasta or the Bertolli pasta dinners. I have gone low carb. This means I am frying mostly now. When my oven broke I started using it as a stove top oven. Works great.
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on December 22, 2007
My needs were pretty basic when I was searching for a replacement for my Kitchen Aid 12" Teflon coated pan.

* 12" (since I got used to the size for cooking for 2)
* be a highly versatile pan (I planned to have one-pan-to-rule-them-all)
* high quality nonstick surface (Teflon didn't last long... just over 1 year)
* not super pricey

The Analon fit the bill exactly. It's great for everything I throw at it, large enough to cook for two, and is super nonstick (I can fry an egg with no oil, which was impossible with my old cheapo pans). I believe the awesome nonstick surface is from "hard-anodizing" the pan instead of putting on a coating, which eventually wears off. I might be able to compare in a year or so, but for now (used for about 2 months), the hard-anodized surface provides a MUCH better cooking experience than my old pan ever did. Since food doesn't stick, my cleaning time for the pan has decreased significantly.

Other random thoughts that come to mind are: +comes with a see-through lid (that actually creates a good seal), +heavy (if you like heavy pans).
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on October 7, 2008
This pan is awesome! My parents have had this pan for many years, and I asked them for one just like it for my birthday present this year. I am a 46 yr old avid cook who owns an entire collection of "All Clad" and non-stick "Emerile Ware" by All-clad, so I am used to good cooking pans. I can cook pasta, to perfect omelets, and a mean stir-fry all in this pan. Extremely versatile and well made.
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on May 1, 2011
Very satisfied with this Nonstick 12-inch Covered Pan.

I have cooked everything from a Ribeye to Stir-fry to eggs with no oil needed.

Great slowly sloping/rounded sides with flat bottom.

Very heavy glass lid with great 'gripping' handle.

Excellent 'gripping' handle also.

HIGHLY recommend........especially for the price!


1)The non-stick surface wore so BADLY on the bottom of the inside cooking surface and I do not use any longer for fear safety.
Very sad since this has to be my favorite pan of all time.

2)Also, Beware that the 'non-padded' part of the handle end gets very HOT.
They need to make the 'hanger' part of the handle covered also.
It is almost impossible not to touch this part of the pan when cooking (poor wording but I hope that you get the point)

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on November 5, 2009
I am very pleased with my purchase. I spent some time reviewing cookware because I decided to finally buy some decent cookware instead of using cheap non-stick options. I went onto consumer reports and found that Analon Advanced was the third best cookware brand reviewed by them, beaten only by Emerilware and Analon Titanium. These are very reasonably priced compared to others (Calphalon, which enjoys a lot of brand recognition). I bought this as a part of a 4 for 3 promotion and couldnt be more pleased with my selection. It is wide, deep, and just the right weight (not too light to be tipped off accidentally, and not too heavy to work with). I dont use it just for stir fry but cook most of my meals, vegetables and gravy chicken dishes in this. I love the glass lid that lets you monitor your cooking, and the comfortable and safe handle. It is very easy to clean and the only complaint I have is that I cannot store the lid on this pan upside down as the handle raises the lid so that it cannot rest on the rim of the pan. This makes it a bit of a nuisance to store in my small kitchen cabinet. I dont like stacking my nonstick dishes without separating them with lids because I am worried that the surface will get ruined from having other smaller pots and pans sit one on top of the other. On the whole though, that is a small flaw to live with.
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on April 14, 2010
This is one of the best pans I purchased. I am a chinese and cook a lot of stir fry chinese food. Most american pans are not good for this purpose. But this pan is great. This is not a perfect pan like those of 200 dollars. some of my friends bought a pan of 500 dollars. I think that is too much for a pan.

For regular daily use, I think this pan is good enough, at least better than most american pans I purchased before.
I have to say, after using the pan for 6 months, I did saw some small light scratches on the pan, but nothing serious. Overall, a great pan for stir fry chinese food.
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on April 24, 2012
It was time to replace an old Caphalon 12" "frying pan" that had lost all of its non-stick qualities, so I looked around Amazon at various reviews of this type of cookware. I decided to try the Anolon, and I am very glad I did! Having used it almost daily for the last 5 months, the pan is showing almost no wear at all; although I almost only use silicon or wood utensils, not even an occasional use of a metal spoon or fork has produced a scratch yet. What I like: the surface is almost not even what I would call a coating, such as Teflon - it seems to be a part of the pan itself (thus, anodized, right?). Plus, the same surface is applied to the outside of the pan (not the bottom), so any spill-overs are as easily cleaned with a soapy dish rag, no matter what I cook (mostly stir-fry veggies, shrimp, etc., but also eggs and sauces). NOTHING sticks! Lastly, the cover is snug and the handle is cool to the touch. If there is any downside, it is that the shape of the pan is SO rounded, that for scrambled eggs or omelets it's impossible to "spread" them thinly, and even for stir-fry the pan is SO non-stick it's tough to push veggies up the sides without them sliding back down. Also, the pan is a bit thicker than some I've owned, so it takes a bit longer to heat. I consider those minor things though. And although the cost is more than I have paid for pans in the past, I'm convinced you get what you pay for.

When my Circulon 8" pan bites the dust, I'm going hunting for an Anolon replacement!
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