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on January 10, 2011
"the Amazon description says nothing about this..."

When I bought 6 Jan 2011 the description said:

"SYLVANIA 65-Watt 130-Volt BR30 Indoor Flood, 6-Pack Consumer Value Pack # 65BR30 CVP 6PK"
"Voltage: 130 volts"

I _AGREE_ that Amazon should SHOUT that these are 130V lamps, AND that they will be LESS-BRIGHT and LAST LONGER when used on common 115V-125V supply.

But 130V incandescent lamps ARE a common practice for certain situations.

130V lamps on 120V power last 2.5 times longer!!

As a rough guide: if incandescent lamp replacement costs (salary, ladder, downtime) are more than the bulb, you will probably save money by using the next higher voltage bulb.

"for houses that don't exist (who has 130 volt lines?)"

Many-many homes now get 125V power. I have 124V. Standard 120V-design lamps burn bright and die early.

"...for houses that do exist they'll be dimmer than the advertised 65w."

Yes, although "65W" is not the light, it is the power consumed at nominal 130V voltage. Both power and light will be less at 120V, but life will be longer.

The Sylvania box is quite clear:

Performance === at 130V = at 120V
Watts actual: ===== 65 ----- 57
Lumens (light): === 640 ---- 470
Lifetime avg: ==== 2000 --- 5000

Yes, 73% as much light for 88% as much electric bill, but _250%_ as much life!

When replacement cost is small, such as home undercounter lights, 130V lamps are a bad buy.

When line-voltage is near 125V (which is very common), 120V lamps have short life, 130V lamps may be a better balance of life and light.

When replacement cost is large, when you have to pay a worker to go up a ladder, the reduced replacement labor costs can often justify the extra lights and power required to get a specific light level. Schools and factories often specify 130V because of high labor costs.

Suppose I want 12 foot-candles all over my 2-car garage. I need 5700 lumens. I can use nine 120@120 lamps or twelve 130@120 lamps.

I compute cost for a full year 24/7 (2.4 hours/day for 10 years will be similar). Each of the nine 120@120 sockets will eat 4.4 bulbs. Each of the twelve 130@120 sockets will eat only 1.8 bulbs.

The nine 65W (120@120) consume 582 Watts. The twelve 57W (130@120) consume 684 Watts.

rating: === 120@120 ----- 130@120
bulbs ======= $200 ---------$110 (at $5/bulb)
power: ====== $770 -------- $900 (at $0.15/KWh)
total: ======= $970 ------ $1,100
difference: ---------------- +$130 (130@120V eats more power for the same light)
bulb changes == 40 ----------- 22 (130@120V lasts longer for the same light)

$130 more operating cost but 18 fewer lamp-changes. If a bulb-change costs over $7.22 (labor or inconvenience), the 130V bulbs are cheaper total operating cost.

If your actual voltage is closer to 125V, then 130V bulbs may make sense even at $3/change costs.

In a kitchen, use the 120v bulbs. In my 124V garage I need the long ladder to reach the ceiling, and I'd rather do that less often.
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on January 12, 2011
I was a bit wary of ordering these bulbs considering the reviews of people getting bad bulbs, but the price was too good to pass up and I needed a bunch. I ordered 3 cases and have used 9 bulbs from 2 of the cases and every single bulb worked fine. I'm also not sure why the fuss about 130V since my understanding is that this will only translate into a slightly lower actual wattage, but longer life. Anyways from a practical standpoint, when I replaced the bulbs they were just as bright as the other bulbs we have. I'm glad I took the chance and will definitely order again when I need more bulbs. Also, Amazon packaged them very well with a lot of air-packing and not a single bulb was broken!
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on June 8, 2009
Instead of having to drive to Home Depot and waste gas, make a line, and pay sales tax, these light bulbs were delivered free and at a better price. They work just as you would expect from a light bulb.
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on August 29, 2013
Note, it's the 130-Volt! The difference in longevity between the 120v and 130v is years!

I moved into my house 3.5 yrs ago and the flood lights were still going strong even though I had them on about 9 hrs a day and my electric bill was very reasonable (14 flood lights). I was impressed but didn't think much of it. About 8 months ago one burned out and I figured they will all start to go so I picked up six, same brand, same wattage. Eventually another bulb went out and I replaced that two.

Then the bulb I had just replaced went out. I was puzzled. Why were the original bulbs still going strong (3.5 yrs) and the one I replaced had gone out. So I took the new bulb and one of the old bulbs, put them side by side and started to read. The only difference was the volts, old 130, new 120. So i went on the internet and the mystery was explained. Not only do the 130v last longer by years, they also use less electricity.

The folks we bought the house from were in it for 2 years. All the flood lights are the same so that leads me to believe they didn't replace any either until I replaced the first one. So, in my estimation, some of the flood lights that I have not replaced are still doing well after 3.5 yrs and maybe even 5.5 yr. No 120v bulb has done that (know from my old house.)

So, yes, 130v for me all the way. The 120v does burn a little brighter but nothing that is noticeable without a hard stare. For me, though, longevity wins.
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on July 27, 2011
When I received these bulbs they we in a Sylvania box that had been re-taped with package tape, not that big of a deal. However when I open the bulbs I say that none of them were stamped with the Sylvania marking that I have become accustom to. As a matter of fact there were no markings at all on he bulb, save for a made in china, voltage and wattage around the Edison screw. I will not buy these again.
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on August 26, 2012
I have a series of six ceiling lights in a roughly 50 square foot area, so they are all close to each other. There are different brands and types of bulbs being used. This Sylvania product is the poorest performer and ugliest.

It has heavy branding on the surface, so you can easily see the marking, even from an angle. It is dim by comparison and I believe that is due to the extremely poor diffusion of the light (you can easily see the glow of the filament compared to all other bulbs. That means that the bulb has little diffusion of the light across its' surface. This is much like comparing a clear bulb to a frosted bulb.

I'll have to switch these junko's out, throw out the rest of what I bought, and get something suitable to a home environment (these are probably acceptable in a warehouse environment). Unfortunately, Sylvania has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I cannot take a risk on their other grades of bulbs.
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on May 21, 2014
I got a good deal for these 65 watt bulbs.
I purchased them for use in a three lamp fixture which I also purchased from Amazon. Half of the bulbs you could hear the filaments rattle about. It is not worth the hassle of sending all the bulbs back. My other package of the bulbs was damaged the same way and they were packed in the same shipping container as my lamp (which was in perfect condition).

I recommend to avoid buying bulbs online unless they are LED based (which has no filament).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 15, 2015
These light bulbs that are rated at 130 Volt are very hard to find nowadays at stores - thankfully, Amazon carries them. Long ago 130 Volt bulbs were called "Long Life" light bulbs...and that's because they last longer versus bulbs rated at 120 Volt. Many incandescent bulbs rated at 120 Volt (the most common one) can go bust when there is a voltage surge of a few points. But with these Sylvania 65-Watt 130-Volt BR30's, unless the surge is very big, they won't be affected enough to pop. Basically, the higher voltage rated bulbs such as these have slightly thicker filaments and can withstand surges better, therefore last longer. Yes, there is a slight downside - with these bulbs plugged into your 120 volt circuitry, they will be slightly less bright than installing a 120 Volt bulb of the same wattage.

I am glad these bulbs still exist, so that I have to change bulbs less frequently.
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on January 12, 2014
Not sure if it is from shipping or if they are just broken when shipped but two of the six bulbs were broken. One didn't work right out of the box and the other stopped after a few days. Don't find out they don't work until its too late to return. I wouldn't purchase again.
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on April 19, 2016
We bought a new house and the lighting in each room is different. Some rooms have different types of recessed lighting, some don't even have lighting and the switch is connected to an outlet. Anyway, one of the rooms has recessed lighting and a couple of the bulbs were out so I figured I would buy a box that way I'd have extra in case more went out. Unfortunately, one of the bulbs didn't work and it happened to be the first one I grabbed so I lucked out on that one. Not a big deal since I didn't need all of them at once but I contacted Amazon and they said they would send out a new box right away and that they did. I sent the old box with the bad bulb back and almost three years later I haven't had to replace any of the bulbs again. However, this is in a spare bedroom that isn't used a whole lot so take that with a grain of salt.

- Good price
- Looks great
- Lasts long

- The first box I received had a bad bulb but the second box was fine.
- They don’t replace themselves.

Overall I’m satisfied with these bulbs. They were a perfect replacement. Even though I don’t use the room that they are in a whole lot they still have held up well over a long period of time. Would definitely purchase again, but it seems like I won’t have to for a while.
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