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on October 17, 2007
This is the first-ever "complete series" set of any show that I've purchased and I knew from reading product descriptions not to expect anything in the way of bonuses or extras (save for the two made-for-tv movies which ARE included on an extra disc), but I have to say I was still pretty disappointed with how this package was put together. The box itself is quite a bit smaller than I'd expected, given that it's holding 7+ years worth of material; when I opened the box, however, my only reaction was "huh?". All of the discs are stuffed together into two loose cardboard "pockets" (meant to resemble the pockets on MacGyver's backpack or shirt? who knows?), and aside from ths the only thing included in the box is a bare-bones episode guide that's screen-shots, no cast or guest-star photos, not even any information on the air-dates of the episodes. On the plus side, yes, it's a great show and wonderful to have the full series and movies together all in one place. Still, knowing that Paramount has already put together a "collectors' edition" with all of the 7 seasons packaged individually, it's pretty underwhelming that a complete series box adds so little and leaves you with disc packaging whose durability I'd say is questionable at best. Hopefully there'll be enough people who feel the same way that Paramount makes a better effort next time.
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on November 13, 2007
LOVE the series. LOVE Richard Dean Anderson. Big fun seeing all the cameos of people like Teri Hatcher. That said.....

The packaging: I agree with Joan. The packaging is just sad. Considering the price of the full series, they should have done a better job with it. I'm trying to decide if I should buy something to store the individual DVDs in so they don't get ruined.

The content:I can understand the frustration of the people who purchased each season when they came out regarding the additional movies. I am in the same boat with Stargate SG1 and the additional material that will be included in the new package coming out. It drives me crazy that the studios keep screwing over the fans this way. Releasing limited product only in full series is unfair to the fans who buy all along. (It also drives me crazy when they release Special Editions in Widescreen but don't include all the Special features that are in other editions...). Guess it is just the almighty dollar speaking - if they can get you to buy it as it comes out, and then spend hundreds of dollars for the full series in order to get extra features......

Quality: Just be aware it does not appear that any of the episodes were re-mastered so the quality is not the best in the earlier episodes.
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on April 1, 2009
As you read this review you must keep in mind that most Macgyver fans already own the entire series. They more than likely have bought the DVD's as they were released as individual seasons. The best thing about this set is that it includes both of the Macgyver movies that can be found nowhere else. More than likely I'd say that they'll release the two movies on their own, so unless you have to have them right now I'd suggest waiting. Now, as for the Macgyver freak I'm sure this set is well worth the cost in spite of the relatively cheap packaging. I'd suggest buying a DVD case to store the discs in so that it doesn't take forever to find the disc you are looking for.
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on January 24, 2007
I've had my fair share of cringeworthy experiences with catching an episode of an old favorite show on cable - within ten minutes I'm wondering why I ever enjoyed it when I was a kid. "MacGyver" isn't one of them. Just about any episode from any season is enough to remind me why I loved going along for the ride back then, and I still do.

Of course, I knew even as a teenager that he was a bit goody goody - ordering milk at a bar, never eating junk food, trying to reason gently with an ex-girlfriend who just tried to murder him, and yet he doesn't always wear his seatbelt - but it's all part of the fun. So are the occasional plot holes, which of course are a bit more noticeable this time around. I also seem to recall thinking as a kid that the show became less about gadgets and more about teaching life lessons in later seasons, but I now see that even the earliest episodes often had morality issues and the later seasons still had quite a bit of gadgetry to their credit. It's really a pretty consistent formula across all seven seasons.

The only problem with this set is that, if you're a fan, chances are you already bought at least a few other seasons separately. All seven of them are worth having, in any case, whether it's cheaper to fill in the blanks one by one or buy the entire set here.
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on February 11, 2008
I agree with everyone that the studios are once again ripping us off. The TV movies SHOULD be made available to all of the fans who already purchased the individual seasons. I believe that fans would even accept the tv movies as a "disc only" offer (no packaging) at a reasonable price... for those contacting the studio.

Regarding "whole series" box-sets;

I think it's a good idea, but NOT an idea that truly works at the moment. My main complaint is the amount of discs and the non-standard (LARGE) boxes used for most series. Sure, it looks nice in the store and online, but it sure doesn't fit nicely on a shelf with the rest of your DVD collection. Try putting a couple "complete series" box sets on a shelf and see how quickly it starts to look ridiculous!

I prefer buying individual seasons, which fit nicely on a shelf (with the rest of my collection) and ussually have better packaging. Remember that some of the "whole season" box sets either have the discs laying on top of each other (loose) or simply sliding into little notches in cardboard (which scratches the discs).

The true answer for whole season sets will be the increased capacity of the BLU-RAY format. Less discs, nicer box (standard size), etc. Until then, I plan to buy seasons individually.

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on January 16, 2009
What I was able to see of the first 1 and a half episodes of this complete series was great--just like I remembered it from the 80s. However many of the DVDs in my initial order were scratched, spotted with some kind of residue, and utlimately unplayable. I was only able to make it through the first 30 minutes of the first disc before the DVD damage interrupted my veiwing. Upone receiving a replacement set from Amazon, I discovered that this too contained DVDs with scratches and spotted with a residue as well, rendering discs in the replacement set being unreadalbe as well. So, like other reviewers, I agree that the cheap packaging done by the manufacturer is to blame as DVDs should not be unreadable right out of the box.

I have contacted Amazon and they are issuing a refund and launching an "investigation". I will wait to re-order these until I am certain that I won't receive un-playable DVDs.
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on March 18, 2014
This is an excellent classic TV series. You will enjoy watching this and can share this with your family. It is a very family friendly show. The print quality on the DVD is great and you will not be disappointed. This is a rare series and is very hard to find. It is definately work picking up on Amazon if it is still available.
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on August 31, 2007
This has been one of the best purchases we have made for our family. Our children enjoy watching Macgyver turn ordinary objects into the extraordinary to help him get out of a scrape. I have enjoyed reliving my childhood in which my husband and I watched these same shows.
Rhonda Funk
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on September 14, 2012
*** This original review is for the Macgyver Complete Series DVD set which comes packaged in a single bigger box. Read through for the review of the OTHER set called the Macgyver Complete Series Pack Gift Set, which is simply the individually available Seasons 1 through 7 boxsets wrapped together in cellophane.

To avoid disappointment and frustration, my recommendation is to get the Pack Gift Set + the 2 movie disc separately rather than the one-box Complete Series set.

***original review of the 1-box Macgyver: The Complete Series set***
I got this a little over a month ago, but unfortunately, was busy and only just opened it up recently (past the return period). I have to agree with the other reviewers who commented that the packaging on this is terrible. When you open the large main outer box, there are 2 smaller boxes inside the main outer box. The discs are contained in these 2 smaller boxes. The problem is that the discs are only separated from each other by half-height cardboard dividers (the cardboard dividers are only half the height of the diameter of a disc), and the discs are loose to move around in the box. As a result, more than half of them are scratched up, and can't play without stuttering and freezing.

In addition, even when I'm lucky enough to get whole episodes or discs to play without glitches due to all the scratches, the video quality is pretty atrocious. I fully understand that this is 480 resolution and not 1080p high definition, but I have a LOT of DVD discs and they definitely aren't this blurry. The quality is bad enough that it looks like the discs were mastered off someone's video cassette copies recorded off the TV broadcasts back in the 80's when the series originally aired.

As I said, unfortunately, due to working out of town and being busy, I did not find all this out till after the Return window, but I'll advise anyone considering purchasing this set to AVOID it like the plague.

I'm not sure what the video quality of the other MacGyver set is like, but at the very least, the keepcases should ensure that your brand new set of discs doesn't arrive all scratched up.

***add-on review of the MacGyver: The Complete Series Pack Gift Set

The 3 IMPORTANT points to note:
1) since this set is simply all the 7 individual season boxsets packaged/wrapped together in cellophane, each disc is safely secured in the numerous slim plastic keepcases. That means no scratched up discs unlike the other set.
2) this set DOESN'T include the 2 movies. You'll have to get that disc separately ($5.99 on Amazon at the time of this revision of my review)
3) the Pack Gift Set usually lists for around $100-$120. The 1-box Complete Set usually lists anywhere between $8x to as low as $6x on occasion. Based on the fact that approximately 80-90% of the discs in the 1-box set I received were scratched up AND that many of these were scratched up enough to make the playback stutter and/or freeze at some point, the 1-box set isn't worth the savings. Save yourself the frustration and get the 7-season Pack Gift Set (+ the additional 2 movie DVD).
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on October 11, 2009
I purchased this set as a gift for someone else. I was initially skeptical due to the amount of negative reviews related to scratched/damaged/unreadable discs. I was happy to find the set I purchased arrived in excellent condition, without blemish to any of the discs. Have been testing them out on a pretty cheap dvd player and haven't had any problems viewing them thus far. Based on the packaging I see how some people may end up with damaged sets, but at least in my case they showed up fine.
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