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on January 7, 2009
I HATED this gel back when I used to style my hair by twisting each strand around my fingers, (making me look like apoodle, what choice did I Have?).

Then I booked a cut with Ana on a whim in Dec 08. Who knew a cut was that important. I've been to another curly hair salon (am I allowed to name? Ouid*d in NYC).I hated the result. At Devachan, I was TAUGHT how to use the products and it's changed my ritual. I truly thought only I knew how to style my hair (naturally, after all my hair disasters).

Now, I style with One Condition (yes, it can be used as a styler! How cool is that!). I put it in my soaking wet hair & then scrunch the water out the sides with a men's wife beater. Then flip my hair upside down & scrunch water out, especially @ the roots so I don't have flat head. Then I SCRUNCH this gel INTO my hair, first the sides then back then over the outside of hair. This is the 1st time I ever wore hair products where I didn't saturate my hair and wait HOURS for my hair to dry before looking good. I am so happy I don't look like a wet poodle anymore! Oh and ESMERELDA highlighted my hair using the Pintura method (like balayage, hair painting the highlights on). She is like an artist. My hair always looked tiger stripey (and silly, really) but she gave me golden blonde highlights and broke up my base (it took 5 MINUTES to break my almost black base to a golden brown, unbelievable). Also, I wasn't nickel and dimed. I was told my highlights were $189 and that is exactly how much I paid for them. And she styled me afterwards, no surprise add ons. Last time I had highlights my hair felt like straw (highlights and curls don't usually mix). This time, there wasn't a single difference in texture. I feel so purdy!

WARNING: You will receive too many compliments on how good ur hair smells (enter conceited strut).

Just a hint, the reason you don't need so many products is these really hold the curls into thick clumps of voluminous large curls rather than thin strands of curls. If you try it this way or have Devachan teach you, I am sure you will love it. It took me 2 tries before I was like, ok I can do this confidently. OH AND I USE THE CLIPS AT MY ROOTS WHILE I DO MY MAKEUP. I can even wake up and go by spraying in a lil "Set if Free" and adding more One Condition. And I No-Poo once a week instead of washing everyday. I just wash my scalp everyday with conditioner (I use Lanza Healing Color Care Conditoner since I have a HUGE gallon and don't want to waste it. It works really good). I hope this helps someone!
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on May 14, 2013
I initially trialed the Deva Care line at my local Ulta. I absolutely fell in love with it. Purchasing on Amazon has always been way more cost effective. When I received the gel from Amazon it seemed watered down. Didn't think anything of it but I was using more. I then purchased the same product from Ulta again and compared. It was a completely different color and much thicker. I am pretty sure the one I purchased from Amazon was fake. Buyer beware
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on June 1, 2009
A lot of other curly hair product lines require that you use their special shampoo, their special conditioner, their special gel, their special leave-in conditioner, etc. in order for your hair to look good (and each of these things can cost $20 or more). I've tried a lot of different products for my thick, unruly, curly hair and nothing has worked better than DevaCare Arc Angell. I can use whatever shampoo and conditioner I want--including the cheap stuff from the drug store--and as long as I follow with Arc Angell my hair looks great! Even better is that my hair isn't sticky, nor does it have that plastic hair gel look to it. It looks natural and soft.
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on June 26, 2012
I have naturally curly hair and have always had to put lots of gel in it to keep it in check. I purchased this on a whim and just bought another 32oz bottle -- it really works well for my hair! I generally squeeze out extra water from my hair and then scrunch lots of this gel into my hair (sides, back, flipped)then wrap up my curls in a long-sleeved shirt for a while (sometimes even overnight). When I let my curls out they hold their curl all day and less frizz. The bonus with this gel is its lovely citrus-y scent. It's a favorite of mine.

Definitely recommended for ladies with natural curls!

UPDATE: I have since purchased this product again and noticed that the quality is different -- the gel seems thinner and does not have as much hold as before. I'm taking one star off for this. I think I may purchase it again in the future in the hopes that I just got a "dud" bottle.
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on July 10, 2011
Curly hair is gorgeous when styled correctly, a hot mess when no one shows you how to manage it. Drug store brands leave you flat, crunchy and sticky, and expensive brands leave you disappointed as well. DevaCurl Arc Angel is EXTRAORDINARY! Flip your head, put in as much as you like, squeeze with a paper towel and either air dry or use a diffuser with your head upside down, and voila! Gorgeous, bouncy, defined curls.


(Tip: it never gets crunchy because it's all natural. I have long hair so I use more. For the paper towel part, I stack 2 and re-use 2 or 3 times before tossing. I keep a paper towel roll under the sink to keep things simple. I also keep a few paper towel sheets in my luggage for travel.)
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on January 13, 2016
If you have curly or wavy hair, Deva Curl is the best product on the market. Now that we have started using it, curls are more defined, smoother, and springier! This bottle does last a good long time. I wish there were a cheaper alternative, but at least this is a product which works exactly as promised. And definitely youtube the T-shirt turban. Your curls will be amazing in the morning even if you look ridiculous going to be with a t-shirt wrapped around your head!
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on April 8, 2014
Let me begin by stating that I have never written a product review. Ever. I often say, "oh, I should totally review it!" but life gets in the way and I don't get around it. But this time, the seller got me so darn peeved that I felt I owe it to curly women everywhere to put this warning out--DO NOT BUY FROM THIS LYING, CHEATING SELLERS.
I purchased this product form ASAP several times in the past without complications. The last shipment I received, I used about 2 months after I got it. That's because I always like to keep a stash of products, so I don't run out. Well, I was at a trip in NYC when I first used this bottle. When I first opened it, flipped it over to squeeze out the gel, liquid came out! The product was watered-down! what is this--China?!?!? Give me a break! I was stuck on a trip without my gel. Ya'll know that is awful, right? I know there's a Deva store in NYC but I wasn't going to tell my entire family--sorry, I have to go across town for gel. So, I suffered in frizzy silence. When I got back in town, I emailed them and asked for a refund and that I do not plan on sending the product back for two reasons--1) its been used for several days in NYC (I just used tons of the liquid form...barely worked and 2) I'm not going to take time from my busy schedule to stand in line at the US Postal (OMG are you kidding me?!?!) or pay UPS/FedEx for the mistake of the seller! I even told them that if they reimburse me, I'll let it go, and won't write a review, and I'll even continue to purchase from them, because I'm sure its a fluke. Well, the jerks...they said--return it and we'll see about a credit.
long story short--I'm not going to mail it back, I'm just going to stop buying from them. And you should do. Lest you end up with a liquid version of this gel. Crooks!
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on September 9, 2012
I was excited to try this but alas, I was extremely disappointed. It makes my hair very frizzy and my curls are not defined at *all*. I tried it with frizz reducing cream, as I usually use gels, and still my hair was frizzy and undefined. It also seems to have a weird residue and I'll have to wash it today after using it for 2 days (usually I only wash my hair a few times a month). Yes it smells good but smell does not make my curls appealing! I'm actually going to try and return it and try a different product. I have much better luck with Garnier Fructise natural gel.
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on November 16, 2014
So I have 3b/c botticelli curls. Well, let me rephrase that, when I have product in my hair. Without product, due to years of abuse, I have cotton candy hair. I have tried hundreds of curly hair products - some super cheap, some pricey. I have found some that I like a LOT, but I think this is the first that I LOVE! It does everything I want. It gives amazing frizz free definition and leaves my hair super soft and bouncy. It gives me 2nd and probably 3rd day hair (I haven't tried 3rd day because I love clean hair). My hair even stood up to my 5 year old daughter "playing" with my hair (and she doesn't play nice). The smell is nice, though after the second day it sort of smells perfumey and gives me a bit of a headache. I use the no poo, then the conditioner in the shower and leave most of that in. Flip my head, add gel and scrunch with a paper towel, add a little more gel and scrunch. Then I add some clips for volume and let my hair air dry. Here is the problem with that; it takes my hair 2-4 hours to dry that way. I don't have time for that. I don't like using a diffuser because my hair doesn't dry as pretty and it has more frizz. Here is another BIG problem, (and it is possible I just don't know the right method/combination yet) I have to use a lot of the gel. I have used this bottle 3 times and it is 1/3 gone! I cannot afford to buy this stuff every 2-3 weeks! It truely does melt in my hair, but then I can't differentiate between the gel and water, so I use more. I tried using less today and I ended up using more than the other times because my hair seemed frizzy. Maybe I should try adding a second gel into my routine to stretch it farther, but that kind of defeats the purpose. Another thing to mention- I was worried about using this as the videos directed. I usually wash my hair first in the shower and wash my body last. That way I don't get breakouts. I, so far, have not had a problem with the conditioner or gel causing a breakout. It does get on my body, and I am not crazy about that, but I try to just rinse it with water and it seems fine. I don't feel sticky or anything. Anyway, if you're on the fence about this product and you have the money, watch a video on youtube for the right method and give it a try. It really is fantastic!
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on December 27, 2013
I prefer the light defining gel. I ordered this by mistake, thinking that I was ordering the light gel. This product still works for me, in combination with the light gel. It tends to weigh my hair down if I use it alone. My hair is thin for curly hair, so I have had better results with the light gel. I do love the DevaCurl line, however. A lot of their products are amazing.
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