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on December 27, 2007
This is a reasonable gaming mouse, but has some problems which may be dealbreakers for you.

-adjustable weight (I like mine heavy)
-adjustable sensitivity, whether you like to twitch your wrist or engage the whole arm, you can create settings that feel good to you.
-BIG, It's massive, one thing that always bugged me about the Logitech G5 was that my hand wrapped around it, the Sidewinder is enormous, and my hand rests atop it, quite comfortably I might add.
-Detent scrolling, many mice have switched to smooth scrolling which is much less useful for weapon selection in FPS games.
-Macro button allows you to create macros in game, on the fly

-detents in the scroll wheel don't have as much resistance as I would like
-would like more weight (included weights allow addition of 30g max.)
-no tilting scroll wheel, my previous mouse had a tilting wheel which I used for leaning left and right in F.E.A.R. , however, as few games implement this feature, this isn't a major issue. However, I also used wheel tilting to switch between tabs in my browser (Opera), so I still use that G5 for general use and browsing, and have the Sidewinder strictly for gaming.

The addition of a tilting wheel would have easily boosted this to 5 stars. If you like tilting wheel mice for browsing, as I do, consider a logitech G9, which has an almost identical feature set, minus the macro button.
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on March 6, 2008
This mouse is not perfect but I would have given it a 4.5 so I upgraded it to a 5.

For my large hands this mouse feels just right. It moves well on my nylon mat that I use for a pad and I have tried it on a hardwood desktop with good results. The mouse has very good yaw and pitch movement and it is easy to adjust dpi setting on the fly.

It has a quick turn feature that works very well in first person shooters. you assign one of the buttons for quick turn around and as your playing if you want to check who's behind you click the button and you turn 180 degree's. If you need to change your direction fast because you can see your out numbered ahead it comes in mighty handy.

The top buttons have a good responsive click to them and I had no problem with learning the over and under side buttons, which I perfer over my old Logitec MX518 foward and aft configuration.

The weight of this mouse without adding extra weights feels about the same as the MX518. I choose to add 5 grams of weight to it and perfer it that way.

The mouse wheel has a micro feeling touch and a little too light for my taste, but I got use to it fairly quickly. The one feature I think would have made this a great mouse would to have put side push switching on the wheel for adjusting look around corners.

I think this mouse is well constructed and will hold up for a long while.

If you running windows/vista than it has two other buttons that bring up the game file and macro changing, useful but not really must have feature.

All in all a confident and very good gaming mouse.
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VINE VOICEon April 23, 2009
I have major trouble finding good peripherals. I go through keyboards like candy and mice like Gatorade after a long bike ride, so I was really glad to finally get my hands (literally) on a keyboard (Microsoft SideWinder X6 Keyboard) and mouse that I'm happy with.

A wired mouse was a must for me as the RF connection hiccups that occur occasionally, no matter how rarely, bug me horribly (though with the Bluetooth setup on my Mac I've had no real issues). I also have trouble with occasional wrist pain - a minor carpal tunnel issue - so finding a comfortable mouse was very important to me. And while the SideWinder mouse isn't perfect, I'm keeping it.

The first things that struck me about the mouse were the size (it's big) and the shape (it's weird). But for me, they work well: the unconventional size and shape allow me to shift my grip throughout the day while still being able to reach all the controls. This keeps the pain away better than any other mouse I've ever used, particularly those that force me into holding my hand in the same position all day long.

The scroll wheel and forward/back buttons are next up: I've found the buttons a bit too far forward for me (my hands aren't HUGE), though not far enough to make their position a deal-breaker. The scroll wheel is graduated, meaning it doesn't spin free like some others, but has excellent feel and weight to it. It also doubles as a button; I've mapped mine to the Vista Flip 3D function that shows all open windows. This is a function I got addicted to on my Mac (where I use expose mapped to a scroll-wheel press) as I tend to have a lot of windows open at once and can get a bit lost. My only complaint here is that I have trouble finding the perfect setting for scroll wheel increments - sometimes each step goes too far, but making them shorter can make scrolling long pages a pain in the butt (this can mitigated a bit by using accelerated scrolling).

There are a few more things make this mouse unique. First, there are three DPI switches on the top of the mouse which allow you to change the mouse resolution on-the-fly. The new resolution is displayed in a small LCD window on the mouse itself, and each of the three pre-set DPIs are changeable using the mouse software. Second, there's the weighting system: the mouse comes with set a of 5g and 10g weights (two of each) three of which can be inserted into the mouse body in a slide-out tray. Third, the mouse comes with three different sets of feet that can be easily switched out to find the optimum material for your mousing surface. The differences aren't huge, but I have found that picking the right feet makes the mouse slide easier. Finally, the feet and weights all store easily in a small box that has a slot through which the mouse cord can be fed; this makes it not only a handy storage container but an excellent cord control device.

As for the software, it's exactly what you'd expect. You can map all the buttons (except for the one which opens your games folder...stupid, that..though it is out of the way) pretty much any way you'd like, including making program-specific setups. I've had no crashes of the driver, and everything has worked flawlessly for me since day one. Please not that I have only used this with my PC, and have NOT tested it with any of my Macs.

If I could change anything about the mouse I might make it a TINY bit smaller, I'd definitely make the game-launch button re-mappable, and I'd add the ability to put the scroll wheel into a free-spin mode (like some Logitech mice). Overall though, the good FAR outweighs the bad, and I'm not changing mice anytime soon.
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on October 11, 2007
Sidewinder just feels good. Customizable weights make your pointer swoop across the screen with predictible accuracy. The 360 view feature gives my World of Warcraft character a great advantage with situational awareness. Thumb buttons are very easy to find. A well thought out mouse for gaming.

Took a bit to set it up, but works like a charm now.
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on December 31, 2014
I've had this product now for going on over 4 years and it's just as good as the day I pulled it from it's box. It may be a little big for the average user, but it's also been the longest lasting and most durable piece of PC equipment I've ever owned. Since owning it, I've moved 3 times where it's been banged around, it's received daily heavy use and even had coffee spilled on it and then fully washed in soapy water...not a single issue.
It's definitely a great gaming mouse and has a ton of features like on the fly dpi and macro settings for game specific toggling. It also comes with 3 sets of weights, 4 sets of feet for varying surfaces and a wire keeper feature integrated into the box kit to keep that extremely long wire in check.
At this rate, the Sidewinder will probably be the last mouse I'll ever have to purchase.
review image
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on December 27, 2007
I normally don't post reviews, but felt I owed it to the girl gamer community :)

This mouse is way too big for my hand and I am tall and don't have the smallest hands. SO if you are a guy and your hands are on the small side, you may want to stray from this mouse as well. My thumb barely reaches the two side buttons (4 & 5) I found I had to turn my hand awkardly on the mouse to be able to hit them comfortably. Even the middle mouse button is a stretch, but is sensitive enough its a little less cumbersome.

Its a shame because I really like the response time of the mouse and I like a heavier mouse and it moves really smooth for being heavier. SO I gave this one to my husband and went back to my logitek.

So if you have exceptionally large hands this may be the mouse for you :)
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on May 29, 2011
I remember back when I first discovered this mouse. I'd been using logitech mice and had become frustrated with my mx1000 and was looking for a replacement when I stumbled across the sidewinder mouse. I've been using one ever since. My original finally broke a few months ago and I bought another. I have large hands so this mouse fits comfortably in my hand. I just ordered yet another one for my laptop. My son also uses one. This mouse just feels right to us. I wish the scroll wheel had a bit more feedback and the side buttons were shaped differently but otherwise I'd leave it alone. I've noticed that this model is getting harder to find as ms is pushing the x3 and x8 variants of it. Until somebody comes out with a better mouse I'll continue to use this one.
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on March 10, 2009
The mouse does everything as promised per Microsoft's specifications.

1. Being a laser mouse, Not optical, It will scan on just about any surface I place it on, except glass, Yes I have 2nd PC on a glass desktop.
2. It is highly accurate and has shift on the fly DPI settings (400, 800, 2000) great for a 1st person shooter game. If you don't like the presets, it's customizable as well.
3. Teflon feet makes it move extra smooth, and as an added bonus you get two more sets of feet for desired surface tension and you can remove the feet by hand (No tools needed).
4. Weights, you can adjust how heavy the mouse is by adding weights up to 30grams, Example if you like a good solid feel to the mouse, add some weights to it, or if you want to move the mouse with very little effort then remove all the weights.
5. 7 buttons, (1,2)Top Left & Right buttons; (3)Click center scroll (metal) wheel; (4)DPI select (3 small buttons); (5,6)Two back space buttons (programmable via another button) on the left side of the mouse, these are placed in a vertical position which makes it easier for you to maneuver your thumb; (7)Programmable Menu button.
6. The accessories (weights & mouse feet) come in a small case which clips to the mouse cord and keeps it steady or out of your way.

Okay a couple of cons,

1.The center scroll wheel is made out of metal and has serrations in the center, But is is slippery (No rubber coating) and takes time to get used to and, it's not a tilt wheel (Use the thumbs buttons instead.
2. Being a gamer mouse, you may not wan't all those DPI settings or adding weights, or don't add the weights and leave the DPI settings alone.
3. It's a corded mouse.
4. Retail price is about $75.00,
shop around (I got mine for less then $40 on Amazon).

This is good full featured mouse, the plastic housing has a matte finish to it, cool red glowing lights on the bottom, illuminated display's on top. If you want a mouse with all the bells & whistles than this is for you.
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on September 13, 2008
I have pretty big hands, and the Logitech mice have always been great for me in most respects, except that I *never* used the DPI switching on the fly. I would like to remap those keys to a 'cruise up' and 'cruise down', which worked really well.

The problem is, that occasionally the mouse would 'reset' itself to a lower DPI, and I'd be mid-game trying to get it back. I'd have to go map the key to "increase sensitivity", then go back into the game and play again. It was truly annoying, and it is the single reason I won't buy another Logitech mouse.

I saw Microsoft's Sidewinder mouse and I took a chance on it -- it looked reasonable, and being the owner of several Microsoft Keyboards over the years, I don't have any problem with their hardware quality. This mouse is no exception.

The plastic may seem flimsy, but feeling the scroll wheel tells you the internals of it are reasonably well made. It has solid mouse buttons and they are comfortable for a larger hand like mine (it's not a HUGE hand, but big). The macro keys are something I rarely use because if you play competitively, you have to take out the 'cheats' in games. But all in all, it's a really great mouse.

The SOFTWARE. It's great. The scroll wheel (if you use it in applications rather than games) can increase scrolling speed the faster you scroll with the software. It's quite brilliant. The detents in the scroll make it exceptionally good for gaming, as you know if you switch weapons easily -- you feel it in the wheel. My hand has never accidentally hit the DPI switch -- not once. And if your hand does, it's a quick switch back and you can view the LCD to tell you exactly what you're sitting at as well.

All in all, if you're tired of Logitech's poor software and key remapping, you have large hands, and you want a good gaming mouse -- this is the one for you. Again, I never switch DPI on ANY mouse I've ever owned (and I've owned a lot) so if you play like that... you'll find the Sidewinder a welcome choice.

By the way, the Sidewinder X5 is not worth it -- this mouse has more features and seems better to me, so save your $30 or whatever and buy this mouse. Amazon shipping and support never fails me.
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on December 21, 2011
I used to be a huge PC gamer, but when the PS3 came out I almost completely stopped playing games on my desktop. Every once in a while I'll come back for Fallout or Skyrim, but for the most part I play video games on a large HDTV using a PS3. That said, I use my desktop computer almost daily, so this mouse sees a lot of use, though only a little (lately a lot more, with Skyrim) is gaming.

The SideWinder mouse is hands down the most comfortable mouse I've ever used. I'm not especially tall, but I have huge hands that have to grip most mice awkwardly because they don't fit my hand. The SideWinder is big enough that I can lay most of my hand on the mouse itself, and it's form fits my hand well, even if the are where most people put their palm is under my knuckles. I might not use the sensitivity adjustment much, but it's nice to have anyway. My favorite feature is the adjustable weight. I like my mouse a little heavier than most wired mice, but lighter than wireless mice. I love the lights on this mouse, it resembles something from Star Wars or a sci fi movie. The lights also help me find it at night, and several friends have mentioned how evil and menacing it looks. The scroll wheel is nice, although I would have liked if it was just a little stiffer. It's easy to scroll through documents in Word or weapons in Skyrim quickly and accurately. The weight and mouse feet box has a wire passthrough that makes it extremely useful on a messy desktop to make sure you always have slack wire for the mouse, and nothing tugs on the wire. It is heavy, so when you run the wire through it, it lets you adjust the wire so that there is enough slack that you can move the mouse but not too much so that it gets in your way. It also holds all of your extra weights and feet, so you won't lose them.

I am very picky about my mice, I have had dozens over the years and the one I've stuck with the longest is the SideWinder. I keep my sensitivity very high, so having a sensitive sensor in the mouse is a must, and this model works great, and never has trouble keeping up with me. The buttons on the SideWinder are well made and placed, they fit my hand well and I can tell when I press them physically and audibly. They are also reliable, after using this mouse for hundreds of hours they don't feel loose or cheap at all. The only downside of this mouse is a very small one. Every once in a while a hair or dust will get into the sensor hole in the bottom, and my mouse will act oddly. I just turn it over and clean it off quickly and it's good as new. This happens very rarely, but if your mouse is acting erratically this is most likely the cause.

I would highly recommend this mouse for any gamer or even casual PC user. It looks great, works great, and it has lasted longer than many other mice I've owned.
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