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on April 5, 2009
I purchased this as an upgrade to the standard center channel speaker in a Take Classic system. As such, it has been an excellent performer with both music and video material, proving a solid anchor for TV shows, movies and concerts.

Overall, I can't recommend this speaker highly enough to anyone who is currently using other Energy Take series speakers. This goes double if you own an Energy Take Classic system - it's a no-brainer upgrade that's worth every penny.

Note: These also make nice left/front speakers as well. Energy makes very nice stands for them that compliment their look very nicely.
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on September 2, 2010
I'll try not to be long-winded on this review, but there's a lot to talk about with these speakers.

First off, my setup consists of a Denon AVR-1709 receiver, and I'm using the Energy Take LCRs for my Left, Center, Right, and Surround speakers in a 5.1 setup. After reading rave reviews on Energy speakers, I decided to dive in and purchase some - got these for $80.00 each on I'm still looking into a subwoofer; trying to decide on a price range, so I'll know what options I have.

These speakers are very well built and are HEAVY - must be about 5 pounds each. They are very aesthetically pleasing, and though they're bigger than most speakers, they still blend well with decor; a/k/a - my wife doesn't mind them at all. They come with their own wall/ceiling mount, but you'll have to buy the drywall anchors yourself - get some good ones; you wouldn't want this thing to fall off the wall. The magnetic grilles snap on and off with ease.

I'm past the break-in period now (approx. 200 hours?), and these speakers sound great. These are very warm sounding speakers - the tweeter does not overpower the mid at all. I appreciate the dome tweeters, which allows more variance in the listening area; you can sit anywhere and still get great sound. You will definitely appreciate the dual midbass drivers; they really make vocals and sound effects come alive; unlike some speakers which are really lacking in the midbass range.

These speakers are great for movies as well as music. Movies and television shows sound awesome, while music sounds crisp and clear - almost live even.

I've listened to many home theatre systems, and I have admit (though I may be a little biased now) that these Energy speakers are the best investment I've ever made in a home theatre system. If you purchase these, you will not be disappointed.
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on March 22, 2011
Being an audio buff for years, I am some what educated as to what I am listening for. These are very accurate, clear and produce a dynamic sound stage for their size. I am at a complete loss as to why these units are no longer being produced. I have these driven by a Denon Receiver with connections via 14 gauge Monster speaker cable while listening in a 14' X 10' room. Do these speakers some justice by coupling them with good speaker cables.
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on July 7, 2010
I received a Bose VCS10 for Father's Day and had a hard time saying to my wife and kids that this speaker was basically a let down for two reasons - 1. I didn't want to upset my family who gave it to me, 2. It's a Bose, it just has to sound good! Well, reality is it stunk!! I couldn't tell if it was on or off, it made no difference at all. I could barely make out dialogue within movies, etc. I spent hours making adjustments thinking it was me but it wasn't. I decided to send it back and try again. I researched center channels and decided to go with the Energy LCR - size (placing it in front of my TV) and performance were my concerns. I was also a bit concerned that I was mixing it with a bunch of different speakers. In a nutshell - it immediately blew me away...compact, great sound and outstanding looks! Oh, and did I mention it cost about a third of the price of a Bose (great deal via Amazon)??!!!...Buy with confidence, you will not be disappointed!!
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on March 30, 2010
I have been using energy products since around 8 months, i have bought at first an ESW-V10 Subwoofer which is an excellent subwoofer for the price. Moreover i have used the energy take classic satellite speakers which are surprisingly very crisp little speakers and music friendly speakers but that is above the 200 Hz frequency, below that you need to operate them at full "power" and you can make use of the 120 Hz frequecny capability but barely, i presume it is more above 150 Hz.

Now recently i got the Take TWR (for fronts), Take FPS (center), and Take LCR (for rear), they are still in the break in period (if we can still call it break in because i couldnt resist turning the volume up). I did get them after they became (obsolete in terms of production) so better price, which is good, as any product that you buy is obsolete in electronics anyhow ;)

I can say that the quality for the price seems to be excellent according to my modest experience especially when compared to similar products in the market with double or triple the price range for similar specs. These Take LCR are very good for rear channels in medium to small rooms. The packaging and finish is very good. I do have a comment though on the cloth cover, it seems to be black but slightly grayish and thus seems to be dusty sometimes. other then that the accessories that come with it are helpful and save money since you can put it on a desk, hang it on a wall without the hastle of buying a seperate mount. The sound is very nice, getting better. Frequency range in the low end assisted by the subwoofer cover the gap that i had in the Take classic series. I cant judge the crispness compared to the take classic yet, need sometime after break in. Energy seems to be on the right track in terms of value for money without the sacrifice for the basic quality which is what a consumer wants. No sacrifice in quality for an acceptable price without feeling someone is stealing from him/her.
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on May 19, 2010
Based on the excellent reviews that they've received, I purchased a set of Energy Take Classic 5 satellite speakers for my home theater-in-a-living room project. Then, I came across the Take LCR's, and I began to research them, too. To make a long story short, I ultimately decided to upgrade the front and center channel speakers with the LCR's, and to use the Take Classics as the satellites in a 7.1 system. This gives me the Take Classic center channel speaker as the only "spare" speaker that remains unused. I chose a BIC V1020 as the sub for this system. Holy cow, this sounds great. My living room is about 16'x18', and there is crisp, detailed sound everywhere. The sound that comes from the LCR's is as if the action and talent is standing at the front of my living room, and the satellites fill in the rear in an outstanding fashion.

I went to the trouble of wall mounting all of the speakers, and I installed in wall speaker cable, so that there are no exposed cables anywhere, with the exception of a short length that's visible between the wall exit through a cable bushing and the speaker terminals. Fishing the wire for the satellites was a PITA in the outside walls, but there are a few tricks that make it a bit less so. I do industrial and pro AV work in my own business, so I knew what to expect. Holesawing holes in my basement floor was also not the most fun thing to do, so I'd suggest that this type of install be left to those who are capable and have the right tools.

Using the furnished brackets, the LCR's sit close to the wall, and it was difficult to arrive at an exit location for the speaker cable that would not be visible, yet allow sufficient space for wire management without kinking. I wanted to "loop" the cable so that I'd have a longer section of wire available if I needed to remove the speaker, vs. coming directly out of the wall and into the binding posts. At one location, I had to remove and relocate a light switch, so I had to cut and patch drywall, too.

In the end, the LCR's look great next to the 55" Samsung LED, and they sound awesome.
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on June 30, 2012
I got one of these to act as the center speaker in a 5.0 setup that consists of two bookshelf speakers for front left/right, two ceiling mounted speakers for rear left/right, and this, all powered by a Denon 2309 receiver. I have not gone through the "burn in" period, but this is already the best sounding speaker in the setup. Clarity is very good in the ranges one really needs from a center channel speaker, and it handles transients (clicks, pops) in the audio cleanly. I will come back after the burn-in period, perhaps, but I don't anticipate that this will provide anything less than excellent audio performance.

I do have some gripes, however. First, this speaker can be set up several different ways, and Energy has commendably provided sturdy and handsome hardware to accommodate these different setups. The documentation for HOW to implement these setups is very bad, though. The book includes information about various wiring and placement concerns in numerous languages, but the actual nuts-and-bolts diagramming contains no verbiage whatsoever, and the exploded diagrams are far from self-explanatory. If you've ever used IKEA assembly instructions, it's a lot like that -- but maybe worse.

Second gripe: the tech specs were silent on this issue, so I had assumed that these speakers would share the same binding posts with the Take Classic speakers. But no: these speakers have spring-loaded posts instead, and the holes are too small to accommodate my preferred banana plugs. So I had to take the banana plugs off, straighten out the bare wire, cut it to a length that would go all the way through the post (but no farther), and wedge the bare wire into the posts. With my speaker wire, this was a fairly tight squeeze through the speaker's mounting bracket.

However, in a few weeks, I won't remember any of that. I've got a great-looking, great-sounding center-channel speaker, and I got it for cheap.
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