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on April 15, 2006
While not the most powerful or accessorized BB gun, this classic rifle is still on the market for a reason. Good simple fun. It's elegant, uncomplicated, and VERY accurate. It's ideal for shooting targets at ranges up to about 30 feet or so. I generally shoot mine from 20 feet, and even from that distance it will pierce aluminum cans. Very easy; you just cock, aim, and shoot. This is good gun to introduce someone to BB guns and gun safety, or even for experienced veterans who just want to have some fun.

I'll break this down into pros and cons since those are so popular:


1. Accurate. I can't stress this enough; mine shot very straight right out of the box with no adjustments to the sight.

2. Quality. This is a very rugged gun and can take some abuse. Made almost entirely out of metal and wood.

3. High BB capacity. Just dump those 650 BBs into the opening along the barrel, close it, and you're ready to go.

4. Simplicity. No pumping, no CO2 cartridges or speed loader clips to fiddle with. Just 1 cock and you're ready to fire.

5. Low Maintenance. I've never had this gun jam on me or give me a problem. You probably will want to oil it every now and again, but I've even let that go for a long time and didn't have problems.


1. Not super-powerful. This is not a gun that will just blow holes in whatever you point it at, and it's not for hunting small game. It will, however, shoot through cardboard, aluminum cans, and similar materials from decent distances.

2. No accessories. No red-dot scopes, laser sights, tactical slings, or lights etc. I suppose you could attach those with duct tape, but why bother? The straightforwardness of this gun is part of the appeal.

Overall this is a great BB gun. Out of my entire BB gun collection, I favor this one the most because at the end of the day, all I really want is ease and accuracy. If you share this sentiment, then this is the spring air rifle for you!
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on January 24, 2011
Like other reviewers here, my son brought the gun to me after using it for just a few minutes saying that it would no longer cock. I knew about the ratcheting mechanism since I had been cocking it for him up until that point. However, when I took it from him and tried to cock it for him there was no ratchet or resistance. It felt like the cocking mechanism internally had broken. I then researched it and saw many reviews (not just on Amazon) of people having the same problem. Like me, those people were disappointed that the gun from their childhood memories was now cheaply made and broke so soon.

I am an Arkansan and don't live far from where these guns are made in Rogers, AR. So I called the company to tell them about my problem. The lady told me to try pulling the cocking lever up to the point where it stops and then pull a little further...kind of a hard pull. I did that and, sure enough, it solved the problem. My son had stopped 1 click short. It tricked me just as it has tricked others. So if you have this problem this is likely the solution.

Which bring me to my last point, and I hope someone from Rogers reads this. I, very politely, told the lady thank you for the solution and asked if I could offer a tip. I said "You may want to put a red card or something in the box with the gun detailing this solution since it tricked me into assuming the gun had broken. You are getting negative feedback online at many sites, including Amazon and Cabelas, for a problem that is not really a problem. It tricked me and has tricked others so you might want to try and make it clearer to avoid bad reviews". I assumed this tip would be appreciated. Boy was I wrong. The lady got a really annoyed and smart a$$ tone with me and said "Well it is on our website and if you do there it talks about it." I told her she "doesn't have get angry with me that I was just trying to help because your product is getting negative feedback that it actually does not deserve".

Whatever, customer service just isn't what it used to be I guess.

Bottomline is the gun works fine and is pretty accurate. I can hit my target with a good grouping. It feels like a sturdy gun except for the plastic cocking lever which feels cheap and can bend side to side when cocking it. This is especially an issue for children who are not as strong and struggle to cock it in the first place. The stock is wood as far as I can tell. I feel pretty good about the gun. I don't, however, get the warm fuzzy "this product is made right here in Arkansas" feeling since the company representative was rather rude.
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on February 14, 2005
I got this gun about 3 or 4 years ago and it is still working like it is brand new. My brother got one too and his still works! It has great accuracy and can hold a numerous amount of ammo. Takes awhile to get strength for cocking it over and over again but is still amazing. This is a great beginners gun and is a awesome gun to add to your colection!
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on December 27, 2011
Inexpensive (it often goes for as cheap as $20-$25 dollars)
Wood/Metal design
Relatively accurate up to 10 yds
Good weight and feel

Slow velocity at 350 ft/sec (great for younger audience)
Inaccurate over 10 yds
Made in China

Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder Gun (Brown/Black, 35.4 Inch)
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on December 11, 2004
This gun is pretty cool. A great gun for anyone whos just beggining. I developed marksmenship skills with it, and then progressed to some bigger stuff. Its a great gun, especially for people who want to have fun with an airsoft/BB gun and dont wanna spend alot.
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on August 21, 2013
I agree that when this gun fires, it is lots of fun, and perfect for a 10-year old. But should have listened to MANY many reports of these guns jamming after a day, a week a month. Bought this for my son and after 4 weeks, got a BB jam, had to throw the gun away.

The main reason NOT to buy this gun is that when a jam occurs, unlike most other guns, you CANNOT simply clear the jam by passing a ramrod through the muzzle into the breech. You CANNOT disassemble the gun and clear the jam yourself. Unfortunately once it jams, you either throw it away, or yes, you can send it back to Daisy in Arkansas - but for me that is $20 shipping fee, obviously not worth it.

Read the tons of reports of jams: google this: "reviews cabellas(dot)com red ryder". And you'll see I'm not making this up.

Do your research, download your air rifle manual before you buy - and get any one of the following. In all of the guns I mention below, you can clear a jam merely by inserting a 1/8" steel rod through the breech, and pushing the deformed jammed BB into the breech where you can dump it out. You can buy a 1/8" steel rod at Lowes for $2. You cannot do this in a Red Ryder. Here's a list of some quality guns that CAN be cleared by the user, in somewhat order of those for children vs. adults: Crosman 760 Pumpmaster ($40, 625 FPS), Crosman 2100B ($53, rifled barrel and claimed 755 FPS), Daisy Black Grizzly 840 ($44, 335 FPS), Daisy Powerline 880($50, 36" length, BB 800 FPS claimed, rifled barrel)

I've had bad experience with the Crosman Copperhead BBs - many are deformed and cause jams in any one of my 3 guns. If that happens just once in a Red Ryder, the gun has to go to the trash. My working theory is that the Zinc-coated BBs may be better, so I'll only use those for now. Wish the Red Ryder were made differently - but no one wants to see that look of disappointment in your son's eyes when his prize possession breaks after only 4 weeks. Get him a gun where you can open the breech to remove a jam yourself.
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on December 31, 2006
Okay ive had mine for about a year. It still shoots like brand spankin new!!!!!! The cocking mechanism might be hard if it's your first gun but it more than makes up for that in everything else.I mean what other gun for the price carries 650 shots!!!!! Ok i know what your thinkin "when's he gonna get to the shootin experience?" well your wait is over!!!! drumroll please!!! It simply is AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!! Fantastic magazine capacity, exellent power, great authentic spring gun kick, and last but not least, the feel of the gun in your hands is completely AWESOME!!!!!! Imagine you grip the smooth solid wood stock and place your hand on the (surprise) solid wood foregrip and take aim at the cold aluminum can!!!!! You turn the safety off! "gasp" and let loose with a copperhead bb!!! FFOOOMMM goes your gun as the bb leaves the barrel!! POP!!! The bb smashes the into the can with the utmost ease!!! then it is silent... Well happy plinkin Folks!!!! Have a good One!!!
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on January 9, 2007
After having seen the movie "Christmas Story" so many times we all know the great lines in the movie ie (you're gonna shoot your eye out"), well... when Christmas morning came and my son opened the Red Ryder BB Gun, he was so excited he could hardly get out the words. He promptly, in his pajamas, fleece hat, gloves and Sorel boots (we live in Alaska) went out side in the snow with his targets and safety glasses and started shooting. The accuracy is very good, the wood stock is solid and we were very happy with this model. This is a wonderful BB gun of great quality and highly recommend it!
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on July 25, 2010
I purchased this for my son's 8th birthday, and soon discovered I needed one, myself, so we weren't trading off all of the time while I taught him how to use it. Buying a "regular" Red Ryder, I soon found the quality of the 70th Anniversary was above and beyond the plain one. The BB fill door stays shut, the lever action frame doesn't crush the keeper tabs on the stock, and the wood has better staining. I would buy an anniversary model for myself, but I want to keep his special, so...

Hope this helps makes a better decision for those contemplating the two.
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on June 10, 2013
It's fun and easy to shoot when it works. Unfortunately, 6 weeks after purchase, it fails to load. Called company, they suggested it was a jammed BB, but have tried various methods to "dislodge" the BB, and there is none to dislodge. Have taken to a more experienced gun owner, he had no luck either. Went on-line, apparently this is a common problem, and the only solution is to return the item to the manufacturer for replacement. Problem is that Daisy does not respond to their contact form on their website.
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