Customer Reviews: Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub
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on August 2, 2009
Save yourself the time and energy looking for a baby bath tub and head straight for this one. I'm so happy with this tub that I find myself making more time for bath time with my baby! First of all, it's just so darn cute. But seriously, here are my top reasons for loving this tub:

1) For the infant stage, no sling to mess with. Although a sling sounds nice and hammocky, you won't miss it. Sling issues from my experience include sagging, baby suspended over the nice warm water, not actually in it! Hard bumps for baby's tender back or bottom. None of those issues here!

Instead of the sling, it's much's back rests against the soft, oval padding you see in the picture. Baby is kept from sliding down into the tub by a removable ledge, which leaves more of baby actually comfortable and IN the water with legs free to move and kick, which makes bath time more fun and enjoyable! By the way, it will take a little muscle power (not a bad thing) to remove the ledge when baby can sit up.

2) For the 6+ months stage or when baby is sitting up, remove the ledge you have a basin large enough for baby to sit comfortably and play without knees knocking against the edges, yet it's not so large that it takes up too much space or baby feels insecure. I also like the depth. It can be filled with enough water without having to be filled to the brim.

3) It comes with a perfect little accessory: a baby whale strainer that is (a) cute, (b) functional, (c) fun toy. First of all, this baby whale is just adorable. Secondly, it's very useful during the infant stage, especially if you're not using the kitchen sink sprayer. Simply scoop up water and allow it to flow through the strain holes to rinse baby or tickle baby. Lastly, when baby starts grabbing, it becomes FUN for him or her. Curiosity, cause and effect, those lightbulb moment looks. Just priceless, and again it's so simple.

4) It fits in the kitchen sink perfectly. It also works on the counter top since it has non-skid type material underneath -still use common sense and stay beside baby & tub. It fits in the bath tub as well. So, where ever you want to use it, the tub should work.

5) Price - this tub is the best value AND quality I've found. Many other tubs cost more, but they have features that don't live up to expectations.
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on January 11, 2009
I used a Safety First one for 2 sons and didn't like the small crevices in the end where soap and slime could eventually collect. I also didn't like that the no-slip rest was too low and one little kick from baby and he'd slide down into the water with his back over the butt rest. I checked out a Eurobath, but it is much to large for kitchen sink/counter bathing and stooping over a tub to reach a slippery baby isn't easy. But I know some people always think higher price means better quality. (This isn't always true!)

After searching I came across this, the 'butt-stop' is more adequate for babies and is removable for bigger kids. The surface has no small areas making bleaching/cleaning easy. It also fits securely onto the sink, better than any others I've tried. The only downside is there is no sling for spongebaths when they still have their umbilicle cords. They usually only have their cords a short time so that is alright with me in the long run.

UPDATE: After daily use for 1.5 months I'm still happy with this tub. I've also discovered that it drains really fast which I love.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I'm now using this tub with a new baby and I'm still happy with it. It came out of storage in great shape, no brittle parts and the foam on the back still looks new.
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on September 10, 2010
This was our son's first bath tub and we are still using it at 8 months. I gave it 3 stars because it worked better at certain ages than others.

We had to hold his head from flopping to the side and he was too short for his butt to rest on the green butt-bumper so it was functional but logistically a bit tricky. We stuck it on the counter in our bathroom and because it wasn't as large as some of the other tubs, it was workable.

Before our son could sit up on his own this was the PERFECT time for this tub. His head rested comfortably on the green foam (although not too cushy, just a non-slip type pad), and his butt could rest on the green bumper to keep him from sliding down. The angle of the tub back was perfect so he didn't get water in his ears but we could fill the tub up to keep him warm. We still put a warm washcloth on his chest in the winter to keep him from getting chilled, but in a warm bathroom this wasn't necessary as their was enough water in the tub.

Now that he can sit up on his own, we took the green butt-bumper out and he can sit comfortably in the deep end of the pool facing either front or back. He can splash and play and we can still lay him down if needed.

----The orange cup with holes in the bottom was a hit at every age and we'll use it long after he fully outgrows the tub.
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on September 24, 2011
My baby is so comfortable bathing in this tub. However - you must remove the green wedge and clean underneath. Major mold will build up if you don't.
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on May 23, 2014
I do like this bath. It's cute and spacious. We have used it since my son was a newborn. It is large, and did not fit in our small apartment sink. So we have always had to place it either in the bathtub or on the counter next to the bathroom sink. The removable seat is a very nice accessory. It keeps your child sitting where he/she needs to be when younger, and can be taken out completely when they child is older. The tub also has a foam backing to keep the baby from having to lay on the cold, hard plastic. The tub came with a toy that I'm sure my son will love when he's older.

One problem with this tub is that when my son was young enough to still use the seat, I never thought to remove it. When I took it off recently because he can now sit on his own, it was disgusting!! There was mildew growing on the tub and the plastic seat. my son had been bathing in mildew water for who knows how long. He is always congested and coughing, and while I know it could be due to completely seperate reasons, I can't help but wonder if this tub contributed. I used bathroom mildew remover to clean the tub, and rinsed thoroughly. I rarely use the seat anymore, but when I do, I am sure to take it out immediately after the bath and dry it off seperate. this seems to have eliminated the problem.

Another issue I have with the tub is that to empty the water out completely, you have to turn the tub on its side or upside down. There is a plug and a hole for a drain, but the lip of the drain is higher than the tub, which means you have to turn the tub to get the water to go to the drain. Kind of hard when the baby is still in the tub. I like to let him play in water for a few minutes, soap him up, rinse the soap off, drain the tub, refill it with non-soapy water, and then do a final rinse. This is impossible with this type of drain, so I usually just have to pick him up for the final rinse, which usually results in me getting somewhat wet also.

I had a hard time choosing the number of stars for this product. I do like the tub. It is not so awful that I just threw it away and bought a new one. We use it daily and it has held up to the use. I can work around the drain design. But I can't get over the mildew problem. I just feel like it's not a safe product with the seat on. So if you buy the product, be prepared to remove the seat and dry it after each bath, or you will get mildew. Other than that, it's a nice tub.
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on November 1, 2010
This is my second baby bath tub. The first baby tub that I had with my first son was awful. I had bought it because it was compact; it could fold up. But when we used it, it couldn't support my newborn. He bobbled all over and we ended up washing him on the counter. This precious planet tub is awesome because it has a soft rubber support to rest baby's bottom on and a foam back support to keep baby from slipping. My second son has NEVER slipped in this new tub (both sons weighed the exact same at birth, by the way). The legs are a little wobbly (as someone else mentioned previously), but they fit perfectly over my kitchen sink, and the tub does not wobble. I also like the drain whole in the bottom of the tub. I leave it open while I bathe my baby and I can rinse him with the faucet and the water just comes out the bottom, so I do not worry about drowning baby or filling up the tub with too much water. If you are unsure what tub to buy, this is the one. You only need to hesitate if you do not have a standard double-sided kitchen sink.
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on October 5, 2015
We purchased this product before we were expecting, knowing that it was neutral gendered and would be perfect for a boy or a girl. When we had our first child, a 9 lb, 11 oz baby girl, I was SO nervous! I didn't know a thing about babies. My eldest sister helped me give her her first bath and complimented our whale tub. She said it was so nice that the green padding in the base would help prevent baby from slipping. By the third bath, I had it down.

As the weeks have gone on, our little one has really loved her tub. She began holding her head up at 4 days old and was doing so independently within a month of her birth. She loved kicking and splashing in her tub. She has never cried in the bath. We use a turtlemeter thermometer and she thinks of it like a little toy with which to play.

I would recommend this tub with the seat in it for a newborn baby up to about 12 lbs. Once our daughter was 13 lbs, she has trouble staying warm in the tub with the seat attached. It simply wasn't deep enough for her while she was lying down and she only got her bottom half wet unless I poured water over her, and the chilly air would then make her cold.

With the seat out, she needs to be sitting on her own so there was a two month gap where we did not use her tub, and instead bathed her with me in the big tub.

Once she was a successful sitter, we returned her to this tub for warmer nights, so she could sit and play in the water. She loves it!

After a bath, I would recommend not only using the drain in the tub, but turning this whale tub upside-down and and then turning it from side-to-side to drain it, as the water tends to get trapped beneath the green padded area. You can also remove the seat to clean under it. Using dish soap and a scrub daddy sponge, I am able to quickly clean the tub in-between uses.
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on February 9, 2013
My 2 months old grew out of the Pujtub and we decided to give this a try.

+ very reasonably priced
+ FUN design (but mostly for parents, especially early on)
+ Great rinsing cup/toy included (orange whale)
+ good non-slippery surface for the head and back.
+ good infant stopper
+ the tub "grows" with your child - remove infant stopper when she is old enough to sit.

- Infant stopper is difficut to remove. I have to use something for leverage and apply a good amount of force to pop it out. Why do you want to pop it out if the baby is not yet sitting? --> because water gets trapped under it and mold WILL grow! So I have to remove it after every bath to dry the whole thing properly.

- The drain does not close/open very smoothly. Again, have to apply force for this, but I suppose this way the water is actually kept in the tub.

Other notes:
Some reviewers complained about the drain being on the bottom and thus difficult to drain if the tub is sitting on a flat surface. We have enough counter space in the bathroom (and it's a very average size bathroom), to put on bath on it and this way the drain is conveniently positioned over the sink.

The baby is only submerged to low waste level (the back is covered with water due to recline in the tub), but from researching other products, it seems to be a feature of all infant tubs. Have to keep pouring water on the baby to keep him warm.

My baby is not sitting yet, will be interesting to see how he does in this tub when he can support himself and how long before he outgrows it.

Overall: good tub, no regrets!
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on July 2, 2016
I should probably give this 5 stars but I'm a picky person and rarely anything is perfect to me. What I want to say first is please read instructions! If you lost the instructions or never had one, you can find it on the Fisher-Price website. I lost the instructions that came with this so I cannot take a photo of it but I will find it on Fisher-Price website and post it here for you all. I noticed a lot people commented about the mildew issue underneath the green seat ("baby stopper"). It is EASILY removed by pushing/pulling outward to the sides of the green seat (by whale fin). It should pop up without too much effort unless you have arthritis or some hand injury. If you take out the seat to rinse and dry after each bath, there should be no mildew issue.

We use this for my nephew who is almost 2 months old. He sits perfectly fine in it. No need for those net/sling/hammock. The tub comes with two green legs but we aren't using it right now because our sink is too wide for it. Our sink is about 17 x 22 inches. It still sits sturdy on top of our sink without the legs. Eventually we will install the legs when it's time to move it into our bathtub (or using another sink), otherwise I believe it would tip over!

Other Thoughts
-Although water drains fairly quickly, some water remains in there
-Baby was apparently comfortable and no cries
-Not sure how well this will grow with the baby, and I do worry how well the legs will support him as he grows
-Depending on your sink size and type, it won't sit well on top of it
-To keep baby warm, we kept pouring water on his chest and kept a cloth on his chest ( I do not have any other baby tubs to compare but water is semi-shallow)
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on August 30, 2013
Baby loves it. His loves siting in there and enjoys the bath. I have not seen a baby love a bath so much.It's a perfect size for my 7lb son.

Cons: had to drop 1 star due to some discoloration where the material did not quite set right. it showed up after the first wash. Another con is to install the legs. Make sure you have a very long screwdriver. the legs will be secured but like any plastic, it does not sit flush .
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